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Mail Order Brides: Fact Vs. Fiction | Debunking the Myths and Misconceptions of Online Dating Sites

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Society has a funny way of twisting innocent and sincere concepts into something disgusting.

In the case of mail order brides, what was once a romantic endeavor by unmarried men to meet their potential bride overseas is now seen as a shameful and deplorable act.

There is so much ugly stigma associated with mail order brides that the term has become an unfair stereotype, demeaning the men and the women who’ve met through online dating sites and are now happily married.

But beneath all that scandal lies still the genuine desire of all men and women from around the world to find true love.

In order to restore their image, let’s talk about the common misconceptions of the international matchmaking industry. Let’s compare the facts of online dating sites against the fiction. Let’s discover the truth about mail order brides.

The Humble Beginnings of Innocent Affairs | How Did It All Begin?

The concept of mail order brides started on the American frontier in the 1800s. There weren’t many females in the frontier, and the few women that were there were mostly Asian immigrants. (The unequal number of bachelors versus maidens created a demand for immigrant women.) Since love finds a way, it’s natural for the men who worked in those remote regions to settle down with the immigrants and start a family.

Other lonely men who needed a wife attempted to attract women from the American Heartland and the East Coast. They wrote and published personal ads in magazine and newspapers with the hopes of drawing in eligible women seeking men to marry.

Interested women would write back to the men and include photographs of themselves in their letter. Most of these women were single; some were widows or divorced. Many wanted to escape their life in the cities, to achieve financial security, or to simply discover about what life on the frontier could offer.

All courtship and “dating” was done via mail until both parties agreed to marry despite never having met one another. This was how the term mail order bride came to be associated with the practice. So you see, the industry didn’t start as an awkward virgin’s sultry hobby on the Internet. It began as a by-product of American expansion.

Dispelling the Dubious Embellishments on the Brides’ Desires | What’s There to Gain?

Some cynics think that women from other countries are only after an old widower or divorcee’s wealth. Others say that the foreign ladies just want to get a green card in order to become an American citizen, and so they exhibit themselves in online dating sites and hope to be whisked away by a lonely American man.

Sure, women of other countries may prefer foreign men over their own, but that doesn’t mean they want them for selfish reasons; rather, foreign women seek foreign men to find genuine companionship and true love.

It’s not always the case that an American will bring back his new found love to live with him in the US. Half of the time, foreign women will choose to stay in their home country and invite their men to move in with them.

And for those saying baseless things about the ladies leaving their men after getting green cards, do they even know how the green card application works? The US immigration system has laws that protect against marriage fraud.

To give a summary of the long application process, an immigration official monitors the relationship between the man and his “mail-order bride,” who must, within 640 days, prove to the official that their love is genuine before the bride is granted a green card. The process protects not only the man from fraud but also the woman from potential domestic abuse.

The Risk Goes Both Ways for Men and Women | How Safe Is It?

Speaking of potential domestic abuse, there are several stories of marriages with foreign brides where the women were abused, mistreated, and even murdered by the very same men who courted them!

Disturbed men target these poor girls because once they have migrated to the man’s country, they are cut off from their family and friends in a strange, foreign land. This is why the US immigration has strict policies about international marriages. And this is known world-wide. Women from abroad aren’t stupid. They know the risks, but they still dare to love because they can’t find love in their own country.

For men, the risk of fraud is real. We won’t deny that. There are websites out there which will continually ask for money in order for members to chat with “women” yet will always avoid letting actual meet-ups to happen. That’s a red flag for online dating sites. If you see a site which doesn’t give you the option of meeting the women in person, then most likely that site is a scam.

This is why we exist. Our goal in is to ensure that people in search of true love get what they want from the agencies they are subscribed to. We make it our mission to find the best and safest online dating sites for men and women. Our reviews are aimed to filter out fraudulent sites from the genuine ones. In, we will take care of you.

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