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Dating Asian Women in China

It is unsurprising to find that dating in China is very different from dating in the Western world. If you’re in China, and find yourself wanting to date a Chinese woman, here are some things you can do to make sure you don’t end up offending her or anyone else. If you do it right, you can guarantee that you will have a great experience dating a beautiful Chinese woman.

Of course, each individual and couple is different, and the basics of dating are the same no matter what country you’re in. But there are certain specific things you need to take note of. Chinese women and their families are very traditional, and if you risk offending her, you may end up offending her entire family.

To give you a hand with this, here are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing to date a Chinese woman.

Dating Chinese Women

When it comes to dating Chinese women, something to take note of is the fact that Chinese women do not go out on dates simply for the sake of dating, they go out on dates for the intention of getting married. Part of the reason behind this is because of the “Sheng Nu”, or the “Leftover Women” phenomenon, where Chinese women are pressured to get married before they reach the age of 27. But nowadays, more women are choosing to marry for love, instead of pressures from family and peers.

Chinese women also prefer men who have a house and a car, not because they are materialistic, but because they believe that men who are have these are capable of providing a stable life for him and his family. It is also common for Chinese women to be very interested in knowing the specifics of your job and your family. In Chinese culture, men are expected to be the foundation of a family, and by having a stable personal and professional life proves that they are able to provide the stability that Chinese women are looking for.

Of the Traits of Chinese Women

There are many reasons why men would want to date or marry a Chinese woman. They have many traits which make them ideal partners. We have listed some traits below which indicate why Chinese women are heavily sought after by Western men.

When it comes to managing finances, nobody does it better than Chinese women.

Chinese women are the experts when it comes to managing a household’s finances. They are amazingly thrifty, and can make a hundred dollars last a week and a half. However, their thriftiness does not mean they are stingy, when the right occasion calls for it, they are remarkably generous to their family and friends. They simply know when is the right time to be thrifty, and when is the right time to be extravagant with their money.

A Chinese woman will never do anything to tarnish her reputation.

Chinese women are very conscious about how she is perceived by her family and her community. She will never do anything that may potentially affect her or her family’s reputation in any way. They are always poised, charming, and respectable within her social circles. In addition, she always takes great care with her appearance and clothing, never leaving her home unless she is dressed well and looks good.

They will always be health conscious.

Health is very important to the Chinese culture. This is evident in the fact that Chinese women retain their natural beauty regardless of how old they are. And if you find yourself being with a Chinese woman, you will find some drastic changes in your lifestyle.

From your diet to your physical exercise, a Chinese woman will make sure that your lifestyle choices allow you to have a healthy and happy life. This is because she wants the both of you to live long, happy lives together.

Chinese Perspectives on Dating

The parents will have a heavy influence on who she dates.

China is a country full of culture and heavily influenced by generations of tradition. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that this traditional influence also applies in the world of Chinese dating. The parents and grandparents typically set up dates that meet their standards for their daughters.

If you are dating a Chinese woman, it’s very important that you make a good impression on her family. Even if she is more independent, she may still take her opinions into consideration, even if it’s on a more subconscious level. In addition to this, if a girl introduces you to her parents, this can be considered as a very serious step in your relationship, almost equivalent to an engagement.

Another reason why familial influence is very prevalent in Chinese dating culture is because dating the wrong person can bring disgrace to the family as a whole. So if you really want to make a good impression on the Chinese woman you’re dating and her family, make sure that you don’t do anything that the family might consider as potentially damaging to her and her family.

Casual sex is off the table.

Casual sex is not very common in Chinese culture compared to Western culture. This is because Chinese women are raised with the belief that sex is something that is to be saved for someone who they will spend of their lives with.

If a Chinese woman chooses to have sex with you before marriage, she may consider sex as good as a promise to get married. It is very unlike the Western world where casual sex is the norm. Chinese women prefer to be intimate only with the man that she chooses to spend the rest of her life with.

Rules of Etiquette for Dating Chinese Women

The rules of dating a Chinese women are the same as dating women of any other nationality. Respect her, and be a gentleman to her. These basic rules are bound to make you attractive to any women, regardless of nationality. However, there are a few things in the dating culture of China that sets them apart from other dating cultures. Listed below are a few things to note that are specific to dating Chinese women.

Physical affection is rare.

Chinese women do not really like to engage in public displays of affection. Because of the conservative and traditional nature of Chinese women, public displays of affection are looked down upon, and may be seen as a source of disgrace for the woman and her family. You have to be patient in order to hug or hold a Chinese woman’s hand, because these actions are not usually displayed on the first date.

Gift giving must be done right.

Like other women of any nationality, Chinese women love receiving gifts and flowers, as this is a good way to express your affection for them. But if you choose to give your date flowers, take proper care as to what kind of flower you choose to give her.

Do not give her chrysanthemums or white flowers, because in Chinese culture, this is flower commonly associated with death. Don’t give her clocks or shoes, because the Chinese pronunciation for these items are associated with the words ‘ending’ and ‘evil’.

You should also avoid giving her anything in groups of four, as this number is associated with the Chinese character for death. The best kind of gift to give a Chinese woman are chocolates, perfumes, lotions, or small pieces of jewelry.

Chinese women expect men to take the lead.

As mentioned before, in Chinese dating culture, the man is expected to take the lead when it comes to handling their dates. The man must make the decision regarding where they will go, and what they will do. Whether choosing what to eat, or dinner conversation topics, the man is expected to take the initiative. This is because Chinese women like men who can be a source of support, and taking the lead in the relationship proves that fact.

Unlike in the West, where men and women are expected to split the bill on meals and activities, the men are expected to handle everything when it comes to dating Chinese women, especially during the first few dates. Once the both of you have gone out a few times, the woman might start offering to split the bill between the both of you.

Meeting her family.

As mentioned before, if a Chinese woman invites you to meet her family, that is a very big sign that the relationship is going well, and could very likely end in marriage. It is not advisable to meet a Chinese woman’s parents if you are not thinking of seriously considering marriage with her.

Remember that the family’s approval is very important in proceeding with your relationship with the woman. So if a Chinese woman chooses to take you to meet her parents, it’s safe to say that your relationship is headed in the right direction.

When meeting a Chinese woman's parents for the first time, first impressions are very important. Bring them a gift as a token of your respect. For meeting the family, some good suggestions for gifts include: expensive liquors, fresh fruit, clothing, and even nutritional vitamins and supplements.

There are a lot of traditions you need to be mindful of when choosing to date a Chinese woman. This is \unsurprising, given a long line of culture and tradition that has been in place for hundreds of years. The Chinese are proud of their heritage, and this pride is displayed in their women. Timeless beauty, matched with their grace and poise, guarantees that you will never regret choosing to date a Chinese woman.

Have you had any experience in dating Chinese women? Tell us all about your Chinese dating experiences. If you have any additional tips about how to treat a Chinese woman well, share these too! While you’re at it, take a look at our other Dating 101 articles for advice on how to date women from a diverse range of cultures and nationalities.