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The speedy development of technology nowadays makes online dating the most effective option among numerous single men and women across the globe. With the help of several online dating websites and mobile dating applications, a better and convenient communication for singles has been well established.

Who says you can’t date someone from miles away? The internet has made it easier for two sincere hearts to get closer to one another. Yet, there are still some who claim that happy endings are impossible to achieve through online dating. When you take a look at the bigger picture however, there have been countless successful marriages these days and plenty of them are products of international dating.

One of the most established matchmakers today is A Foreign Affair (AFA), which has been in operation since 1995. In its years of service to its clients, it has led many to achieve and enjoy that happy married life they’ve always wanted with their respective foreign partners.

Cultural differences, language barriers, religion, race, and the like are no longer issues that can hinder genuine love shared between partners. To give you a clear understanding of how finding love online can be made possible, here are some online dating testimonials that can inspire you to look for your soulmate abroad:

Jim and Catalina’s wedding picture Meet your most compatible foreign match through our website.

Jim and Catalina

Jim and Catalina were both feeling incomplete when they first joined AFA’s singles’ tours in Medellin, Colombia. Fortunately, they went home with happy hearts after their roads crossed thanks to the event. After knowing one another, they both realized they were made for each other, which led to the decision to tie the knot. At present, they are living a happy married life.

Wayne and Minmin

Through A Foreign Affair, Wayne joined one of the tours with the thought of finding his soulmate. Unexpectedly, he met Minmin on a Saturday social and that was the beginning of their love story. Since the day they laid eyes on each other, they have become inseparable.

Wayne is from U.S. and Minmin is from China. Given their distance and own personal commitments, they managed to keep in touch through WeChat. Wayne confessed that they talked, texted, and sent voice messages to each other many times a day. Both of them found love online and just got married on August 7, this year.

The successful story of Wayne and Minmin is one of those that may inspire you to start dating internationally.

Marina and Conrad

Conrad and Marina’s wedding picture Browse through our site to find the most successful online dating platforms today. Increase your chances of finding your foreign spouse through our reviews.

Marina and Conrad’s love story had a great start as well. They first met during a singles vacation in Poltava and were certain that there was a mutual connection at first sight. The mutual understanding they felt blossomed into romantic love and with the help of our services, Marina was able to visit Conrad in the U.S. by arranging a fiancé visa.

Once she was able to successfully relocate, they got married through a romantic and intimate wedding ceremony of their closest friends and family. Due to this, the couple has stated how lucky they were to have found each other. All this, thanks to AFA’s outstanding service and support.

Julie and her French man

The wonderful love story of Julie and her French man is another proof that love can be found beyond one’s geographical borders. Julie is a Canadian lady who met her soulmate through International Dating Club. Since then, they started to exchange messages via Skype.

Despite the tough adjustments they’ve undergone due to their differences, both of them have managed to work their relationship out and are both happily together now.

David and Jessica

Wedding picture of David and Jessica Start online dating today, to find your other half with the help of our services.

David and Jessica found one another, despite coming from different parts of the globe. By signing up on our site, they were able to communicate online, until they eventually met in person before deciding to settle down together. These two are among the lucky members who found their international romance.

This couple is a perfect example of how distance shouldn’t be a hindrance to true love. Despite initially being too far apart, they were able to accomplish their plans and promises to one another.

Tom and Anna

Conrad and Marina’s wedding picture Browse through our site to find the most successful online dating platforms today. Increase your chances of finding your foreign spouse through our reviews.

Tom and Anna were members of our site and found love with the help of our services. They were truly pleased and excited to share the good news of their marriage to everyone on the team. The service we provided was the instrument that helped made two hearts beat as one.

Few of the mentioned names are featured couples on our site. Their heartwarming stories and testimonials are perfect examples of how long-distance relationships (LDRs) can work with the right mindset, sufficient effort, and through the help of the right services. To read more online dating testimonials from our members, you may visit our site and browse through our many tour testimonials.

Can these success stories happen to me too?

If it has happened to them, then there's no reason it won't happen to you as well. Online dating can only be successful if you allow it to. It takes more than open-mindedness to find love beyond your country. Loving someone from afar also means extending your patience along with having great perseverance. It may not be easy, but if you’re earnest in meeting a foreign partner, then it's certainly doable.

Nowadays, online dating garners many negative opinions from different people. Despite this, it's undeniable that numerous successful long-term relationships first developed through online correspondence. If you believe you’ll have more success finding that one special person online, why not venture into this new platform?

Is there any real reason to wait? Open the doors to dating internationally, and you'll find that there are plenty of individuals from different backgrounds who are all seeking the same thing.

To ease any reservations you may have, you may refer to our do's and don'ts of international dating and our international dating articles to learn a few tips. Browse through our site and know how to have a successful online dating experience with other foreign singles too.

Member's Positive Feedback on A Foreign Affair

As pointed out above, A Foreign Affair has helped a lot of singles find their soulmates. Here are a few positive feedbacks that we've garnered from our members' interviews about the services we provide:

  • Tatiana: "It was my first social, but it was a very interesting party [it had] a lot of women and not too much men. I just tried to find my man and I think it was the right choice [joining] the socials. I tried to go to the social with a positive mindset and met Matt, now I'm here."
  • Andy: "Dear sirs, I would like to thank all of you at A Foreign Affair for the wonderful service and dedication that is bringing happiness to a lot of people from diverse cultures. I know for myself that I am certainly going to marry with a beautiful lady (if she accepts), that has once again brought happiness into my life. And it's all thanks to you so well done once again, I certainly endorse the aims and goals espoused by A Foreign Affair."
  • Marco D.: "Dear A Foreign Affair, your service is very recommendable. A few hours after ordering the addresses, I already received them. After writing only one (1) letter, I got an answer from a very educated and charming Philippine lady, and the many helpful hints were also very useful. Very good experiences without exceptions. Congratulations to your service; if there is one on the internet I can recommend without any doubts then it is certainly yours!"

Read more of our service testimonials and join us now to meet your foreign match. Registration is absolutely free!