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International Singles Tours | Combining Travel and Romance Into One Unforgettable Experience

The world of dating has reached new impressive heights, especially with the introduction of technology to the dating experience. While this has helped many lonely individuals find what was once assumed impossible from the comforts of their home, the flaws of online dating have started to be clearer than ever as well.

From fake profiles to inaccurate information, the reality is that many people abuse the convenience of the online dating platform, instead of using it for its original purpose: to find true love. Because of all the issues that individuals find on online dating sites, people are starting to reconsider going back to classic real life introductions to meet people and go out on dates.

However, it seems to be difficult to meet someone in real life because of how out of touch dating singles have become, finding that not having access to their potential partner’s online personality leaves them a bit vulnerable, and at times, are uncomfortable meeting people without the safety of their smart phones and internet connections.

Interestingly enough, there is an option that combines the two into one package that takes the best aspects of both online and offline dating. This is where matchmaking services come in the form of introduction tours, or more popularly known as a singles vacation.

While considered unorthodox, more dating singles are looking into this option because of its success and potential. Here, we discuss what exactly a singles vacation is, and all common questions and perceptions surrounding it.

What is Singles Vacation?

At its most basic form, a singles vacation is an organized event where men are introduced to a large number of women who are interested in meeting a man for marriage. It is a kind of matchmaking service that allows men and women to meet in a safe environment where both parties are aware of the others intentions. These tours usually take place in foreign countries like Russia, Thailand, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and more. By combining two of life’s pleasures: travel and romance, these tours guarantee an unforgettable life experience.

How Do Singles Vacation Work?

Singles Vacation are arranged by international agencies that organizes tours in foreign countries. A good singles vacation operator takes care of everything from transportation to accommodation. If you’re looking for more information about what makes up a good international singles vacation, take a look at our Characteristics of a Good singles vacation article.

Signing up for an international singles vacation is as simple as accessing the website of the agency of your choice, and following the registration process indicated. As soon as your information is registered with the site, all you have to do is choose the location of your desired tour, and follow the indicated steps. Once you’re all signed up and ready to go, the agency will take care of everything else for you, and all you need to do on your end is show up, and have fun.

Singles vacations are usually organized in group tours, or individual introductions. Many opt for the group tour and tend to befriend the other men that they meet on the tour. After the singles vacation, even if they haven’t found “the one”, at least the leave the tour with fun memories and lifelong friends.

On a group singles vacation, the men usually travel as a group to one location where they stay at the accommodations arranged by the agency. Afterwards, depending on the duration of the tour they have chosen, they will then go on a number of events, or ‘socials’ as they’re called where they will meet hundreds of women in a meet and greet event. Most agencies provide have a minimum of two socials per singles vacation, so the men have the chance to meet hundreds of women in the span of a single week.

If a participant has taken a liking to a particular woman, he may inform the agency to have her return on the next social so that he may get to know her better. The men also have the option to go on a sightseeing tour with the women they are interested in so that they can enjoy the local sights while getting to know the women better. During these tours, the men can opt for a translator to help with any communication troubles.

Individual tours are one-on-one introduction tours where you still travel to an international location to meet the local women, but in a more controlled setting. Instead of a large group, the man will only meet with women that he has selected beforehand, and is given the opportunity to know her better on a more personal level. A translator and tour guide are provided, and a more in depth introduction service is guaranteed.

No matter what option you choose, going on an international singles vacation is sure to be an experience you’re unlikely to forget anytime soon.

Why Choose Singles Vacation?

You might find yourself hesitant in choosing to go on a singles vacation as a dating option. After all, long distance relationships are difficult, but international long distance relationships are even more difficult.

There are more factors to deal with when choosing to be in an international long distance relationship. From the fiancee visa process to cultural differences, there is no end to the list of potential hurdles you will have to deal with in an international long distance relationship. However, if you really care about your partner, then all these hurdles are just minor obstacles you’re willing to overcome just to be with the person you really love.

Here are some reasons why choosing a singles vacation is bound to be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life.

It combines two of life’s most pleasurable experiences: travel and romance.

Comparing the costs of the two, choosing to go on an international singles vacation is cheaper than embarking on a solo international trip. Your airfare and accommodations are all taken care of, and your safety is guaranteed by the agency’s local staff. You have the opportunity to find love while experiencing the best comforts of international travel.

It allows you to experience a wide plethora of different cultures that you never would have been able to had you stayed home.

Even if you are unable to find the woman that you will spend the rest of your life with on these tours, you have the chance to open yourself up to different cultures that you have most likely only read about and seen pictures of. By experiencing different cultures, you are allowing yourself to be exposed to the world and become a more developed individual.

It builds self confidence.

There is no confidence booster quite like having hundreds of women vie for your attention. Even if you think you’re bad at interacting with women, attending a singles vacation is sure to help build your confidence. With hundreds of women looking for the right man to marry, you’ll never feel like you’ll end up alone for the rest of your life.

With a singles vacation, you’ll always have a wingman.

Dating is difficult if you’re not sure about what exactly what you’re doing. With a singles vacation, you’ll always have someone who’ll give you a hand and introduce you to the women that you’re interested in meeting. From translators to local tour guides, you’ll never be at a loss when on a singles vacation.

When it comes to singles vacation, there is no end to the list of pros and cons that you are bound to encounter when researching about these. The only way to actually know if a singles vacation is good for you is to go on one and experience it yourself.

Have you ever gone on a singles vacation? Do you have any advice for those interested in going on one of these? Share your experiences below in the comments, and if you’re looking for more advice on international dating, take a look at our International Dating Advice Articles page.