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Dating 101|Dating Asian Women in the Philippines

The women in the Philippines are some of the most desirable women sought after by bachelors looking to date exotic foreign women. Their exotic features coupled with their reserved, yet alluring personalities are guaranteed to make any man fall in love with them.

When it comes to dating Filipino women, there are a lot of differences in comparison to dating their Western counterparts. Here is a list of things to remember when dating Filipino women so you don’t end up offending her or her family.

General Tips for Dating Filipino Women

Filipinas are Generally Very Conservative

Filipino women are very conservative in nature. Generations of Filipino women have been brought up to be conservative, and more reserved, especially when it comes to dating. If you’re looking to date a Filipina, don’t be put off when it seems as though she does not return your affections. They have been raised to not be so careless with their feelings.

Even if the Filipina has a lot of feelings for you, they have been taught that a proper lady must show utmost restraint when it comes to returning an admirer’s feelings.

It may take awhile for a Filipina in love with you to show her true feelings towards you, but rest assured, when it happens, there is no other feeling in the world that compares. This also guarantees that the feelings of the gentleman are genuine, and that he is willing to wait for the woman to say yes to him. A Filipina does not waste her time by dating someone who is not considering a serious relationship with her.

The Man Must Make The First Move

When dating a Filipina, the woman holds all the power. This is because the man will have to wait awhile before the woman agrees to letting the man be her boyfriend. The man must be the one to ask for permission from her family to take her out on dates, as well as be the one to ask her if she is willing to go out with him.

The man must make the first move, and must respect her and her decision, whether or not she agrees to go out on a date with him. However, just because the man is the one to make the first move, does not mean that Filipinas are submissive.

They simply prefer men who know how to take the lead, be in charge, and still be a kind and charming gentleman. Having a man who meets these qualities also guarantees that if things get tough, they will be able to rely on the man.

Family Will Always Take First Place

Family is always first priority with Filipinos. It’s popularly known that if you want to court a Filipina, you must court her mother first. If her mother and family does not approve of you, then you will have difficulty proceeding with your courtship. Get along with her family by joining them for meals and conversations in their sala.

Originally, men were required to help out with menial physical labor around the home, such as fetching water, and basic carpentry in order to win the approval of her family. Nowadays, you will have to gain their approval by showing the proper respect towards the woman, and her elders. Disrespecting a Filipina’s family is the fastest way to get her to break up with you.

Religion is Important

The Philippines the third largest Catholic country in the world, and the fourth largest in terms of Christianity. Some families do not want their daughters to marry a man if he is not Catholic. While many women no longer factor religion into the dating equation, their families still consider it a very important factor to consider when deciding to marry.

Sundays are usually devoted to attending mass, and it is usually an affair that involves the whole family. As mentioned before, family is very important to Filipinas, so being by not taking part of this tradition may not bode well for your chances of courting a Filipina.

Romantic Gestures are Appreciated

Filipinas like to be wooed, just like any other nationality in the world. Traditionally, when a man wants to court a woman, he stands outside her window and serenades her with love songs and a guitar. The man’s friends usually accompany him to serve as support and backup singers, if needed. This is known as harana.

Nowadays, this practice is dying out, but that does not mean that the thought behind it has not. You can show your affection for the woman by bringing her flowers and small trinkets that she’ll appreciate. You don’t even have to buy anything, you can give her pressed flowers, or a handwritten letter. Filipinas love the sentiment behind romantic gestures, no matter how big or small.

Dating Etiquette For Filipino Women

Respect is Important

This does not only apply to FIlipinas, but women of all nationalities. You cannot expect to love and be loved in return if you do not show the proper respect to the woman you wish to date. When showing up for the first date, present yourself nicely. Dress well.

If you have a car, get out of the car when you arrive, and walk up to her front door, and knock. Don’t honk your car horn and expect her to come to you. If she or any of her family members invite you inside, accept, and make pleasant conversation while you wait. Do not be rude to her family.

When on the date, pay for the bill. Going Dutch is very prevalent in the Western dating world, but Asian women prefer if the men are capable of paying for themselves and their date.

Physical Touch on the First Date is Rare

Do not be too forward with your physical advances with Filipinas, especially on the first date. As mentioned above, Filipinas are very conservative, and this is evident especially in terms of physical contact with men. At the end of the date, it is rare to get even a kiss on the cheek, and sex on the first date is a concept that is almost nonexistent. Filipinas are taught that sex is something that is always reserved for after marriage.

This belief stems partly from their Catholic and religious nature, but it is mostly because of the fact that for Filipinos, sex is supposed to be something special reserved for the person that you intend to spend the rest of your life with.

Be Interesting

When on the date with the Filipina, make sure that the date is fun, and engaging. Even a simple meal at a restaurant, or getting coffee together can be a memorable experience with the right people, and the right conversation. Remember that Filipinas are usually quite shy and reserved, especially on the first date, so you might have to carry most of the conversation in the beginning.

This won’t last though, because once a Filipina has opened herself up to you, she is very fun and enjoyable to be around. And once you have a Filipina’s attention, she can make you feel as though you are the most important man in the entire world. She’ll always be willing to listen, laugh at your jokes, and carry intelligent conversations with you.

Filipina women are some of the most loyal and interesting women you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. So when it comes to dating one, it’s best not to make any mistakes, or you may lose her forever.

Have you ever dated a Filipina? What was your experience like? Share your Filipina dating stories with us below in the comments, and while you’re at it, check out our other articles for more advice on dating Women from all around the world!