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Top Ten International Dating Sites for Millennials

Dating is common for adults but has earned a stigma from millennials. Many claim that this specific age group has difficulty maintaining a long term relationship. However, this does not discourage them from going out in the world to try to find somebody to love.

With the negative outlook other generations have for millennials, it is understandable why most Gen Y individuals are more likely to be interested in someone within their age range rather than someone from an older one. But this can be a problem when it comes to finding someone on online dating sites.

Most online dating services have combined demographics with some sites having more members that are older than Generation Y. This limits the results that come up when millennials search for potential matches in these sites. However, there are selected international dating sites that are still a good fit for this specific age group.

What are these sites? These are online matchmaking services that are either created specifically for millennials or have a large number of young adult members. To know more, here is a rundown of the top ten best online dating sites for Millennials.

20s Dating Café
20s Dating Cafe home page image for international dating site review Exclusive to young adults in their 20’s, 20’s Dating Café allows users to meet someone they are interested in within the UK area.

This site is the haven for young adults in the UK who are looking forward to finding love within their age range. It only accepts registrants within the 20s scope as well as those that are living in the United Kingdom. It is a safe environment for people to date with verified members that are single and especially ready to mingle.

Membership is free of charge, but a paid subscription is advised to experience the full potential of the site. Once they are subscribed, they are automatically up for renewal unless they choose to cancel their subscription. They then get messages as new subscribers register. This gives them the chance to interact with more members right from the moment they join 20s Dating Café.

Match home page image for international dating site review As one of the most popular dating sites available, continues to be a classic name for all available singles, including Millennials.

Match is one of the oldest sites that have matched people together. Due to its length in service, it has already attracted many subscribers, including a large percentage of millennials. The singles in Match come from different parts of the world. Since millennials like to have a variety in their options, the site gives its users the multiple options that they want.

They can use the filters of Match to refine the results they choose to see. For example, do they want to meet singles from early to mid-twenties or in a different scope? They can easily change the specifications of their search. New results will come up daily for their convenience. In addition to this, they can view their profiles on the mobile app to enjoy the site’s services wherever they go.

OkCupid home page image for international dating site review Through the use of custom site algorithms, OkCupid allows users of all ages to find someone who meets their specific preferences.

According to their site, OkCupid’s algorithm is a magic of their own. It accounts the preferences of the users and their answers to the site questionnaire. The difference between this site and other dating sites is that it asks how important the answers of your prospects are to you. Questions with valuable responses affect the results more than other factors. Moreover, the prospects are displayed individually to highlight each of their characteristics.

This site also allows men and women to find matches of the same gender. Everyone has the opportunity to see who is compatible with them based on the choices they make. More connections are made with a smart algorithm that brings people together for hooking up, short-term dating, or long time commitment. Also, OkCupid is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. Members can date anytime and anywhere they want to.

eHarmony home page image for international dating site review Understanding that personality plays a significant role in long terms relationships, eHarmony lets users find compatibility through personality questionnaires.

The goal of eHarmony is to keep the matches together despite the amount of time that would pass by. The brains behind the site know how important compatibility between a couple is. This is why they have a detailed questionnaire that asks specific details about the registering person. From favorite things to do to their political viewpoints, every piece of information about them is displayed on their profile.

If someone is interested in another user, they can view the matches that are provided daily, but they cannot see the picture of the person. They can only unlock it when their paid subscription starts. After doing so, they can view all images, the user’s full information, and exchange as many messages as they want.

They say millennials tend to have a complex personality. With eHarmony’s thorough profiling of each member, this age group have a big chance of meeting someone that shares a close personality as them.

Zoosk home page image for international dating site review Zoosk helps members find true love by making use of matchmaking services which rely on user behavior for maximum compatibility.

More well known for their mobile application, Zoosk actually first started as an online dating site. It is available in almost 80 countries and in 25 different languages. Members have the option to date the opposite or the same gender upon registration. Since its matchmaking technique is based on the behavior of the users, they can expect that their results are tailored to their profiles.

Furthermore, Zoosk’s site offers relationship and dating advice to help their members with their dating endeavors. This gives its members a bit of assurance that the site still has their back no matter what. Apart from that, it also has its own in-site messenger as a more efficient communication method to keep people talking.

Adult Friend Finder
Adult Friend Finder home page image for international dating site review For millennials who are more on the go, Adult Friend Finder helps them find matches that want a more casual relationship rather than something more long term.

This is site is more popular for casual connections, but it has also helped people get into committed relationships. In 2017, most millennials have said that while their priorities are set on their career rather than marriage, they still long for companionship and physical intimacy. This is how Adult Friend Finder stands out.

It allows people to register in the hopes of finding a casual hook-up. Most members are more into the fun of frolicking in the sheets rather than being in a serious relationship. With millions of users, everyone is bound to find at least one that they can hang around with.

Boundless home page image for international dating site review For the more religiously inclined, Boundless guarantees that anyone can find love online, even those who prefer a specific religious affiliation.

Boundless has a specific niche in the dating spectrum. It is not only for single young adults, but for single Christian young adults. It is a community that brings people together with the prospect of love. The initial goal of Boundless is to create a companionship with matching members that will eventually lead to marriage.

All those who want to date by God’s glory are bound to find someone through the features of Boundless. Millennials who are passionate with their religion and faith can find love in this community. Apart from that, they also offer advice and responses to common queries about love and relationships including sexual desires from the Christian perspective.

Plenty of Fish
Plenty of Fish home page image for international dating site review True to its name, Plenty of Fish gives its users the chance to maximize social interaction with other users by providing them with the tools they need to talk to as many users as they want.

Another prominent dating website is Plenty of Fish. Its name came from the saying “there’s plenty of fish in the sea” which is an actual thing in their site. They have millions of users who are all excited to meet someone. Single people are taking interest in the site’s ability to create multiple conversations for different social groups which are very common with millennials.

Plenty of Fish, like other major dating website, has its own mobile application. Users can use their smartphones to find someone they can talk to with anytime they want to at their convenience. More matches are made with its chemistry test that they can take as they go.

Tastebuds home page image for international dating site review Music is the center point for connection with Tastebuds. Users interact with other members by finding common music interests, and suggesting new music to listen to, based on these interests.

Millennials who are passionate about music can find love in Tastebuds. Its users share one common interest: music. Members are able to find someone that shares that taste in music as them. They group together members that are a fan of the same artist or of the same music genre. Because of that, they can easily interact with and discuss topics which they will both surely enjoy.

Millions have already signed up for Tastebuds and downloaded their application. With a simple login through Facebook, anyone can immediately set up their account. Also, because of the Facebook connection, everyone is verified before they begin using the site. Discover new music and love with Tastebuds.

Doing Something home page image for international dating site review Starting out online and moving forward to the offline, Doing Something lets users try out unique date ideas in real life suggested by other users.

There are many sites that is focused on one niche and this includes DoingSomething. This is a dating site that puts couples together and lets them take their day out in a physical location. It is centered in the area of London that millennials in the city or even tourists can use.

Members see different date ideas that were suggested by others and they have the option to agree if it “sounds good” or not. They can then message each other and set up their date. More than one idea can be used. Users can also setup their profile and add photos for reference. Date someone within the streets of London and get romantic ideas from DoingSomething.