Do's, Don'ts and Advice for Finding Your Life Mate Internationally

Dating Asian Women in Thailand

Thailand has some of the prettiest women in Asia—or even the world. The women of Thailand are well-known in the international dating scene. Now there may be some scary stories about dating women in Thailand (like how some of those Thai women aren’t exactly women), but most of those are exaggerated out of proportion.

Dating women in Thailand is just like dating women everywhere else—confusing, yes, but also exciting. If you want to woo the Thai women who make your heart throb in excitement, let us help you dispel your confusion on how to go about it. Follow these tips for dating Thai women.

General Etiquette for Dating Women in Thailand

Respect the royal family of the Kingdom of Thailand. Before anything else, know that it is illegal to defame, insult, or threaten any member of the royal family of Thailand. Lèse majesté as it is called in the Thai Criminal Code, section 112. So when talking to your lady or to anyone in Thailand, always be polite when talking about their royalty. Better yet, don’t talk about them lest you inadvertently say something inappropriate.

Learn the Thai language. As is common in the international dating scene, the language barrier can be a daunting obstacle. Only a small number of Thai girls (maybe around five to ten percent of their population) know enough English to engage in a passable conversation, so learning Thai will significantly help you in dating women in Thailand.

Keep yourself well-groomed and neat. Like all ladies, Thai women prefer their men to be tidy. No one wants to go on a date, especially the first one, with someone who looks like they haven’t bathed since birth.

Appearances make the best first impressions. “Dress to impress,” as some would say, but you don’t have to go overboard and buy an expensive suit. You’re just asking for trouble if you flaunt fancy clothing in the streets and red light district of a third world country. A simple and sharp attire would do fine with your hair and beard neatly trimmed.

Always be a gentleman and be respectful. This is perhaps a universal rule for international dating. Hold the door for your girl, help her with her seat, treat her with respect—basically how gentlemen properly treat ladies. The last one is especially important when dating Thai women. Thai women already have this bad stigma of prostitution because of their country is a popular destination for sex tourists.

However, there are still many good Thai girls who are genuinely seeking a partner in love and marriage. So never treat nor think of your Thai lady as a whore. Always give her love and respect. Besides, in Thai culture, people believe that it is better to say nothing at all than to say something negative or hurtful.

Tips for Dating Thai Women

Don’t expect sex in the first few dates. Unlike in the west, Thai women are conservative and like to take it slow. The good ones remain virgins and save sex for marriage. If you’re in the Thai dating scene to meet a suitable partner for marriage, don’t include sex as one of your goals.

Another reason for their attitude toward sex is the stigma on their country as a sex destination. Naturally, the virtuous women would want to disassociate with that view, as it hurts their chances of finding a decent husband amid a slew of sex-craved perverts, it hurts their womanhood to be seen as another Thai prostitute, it hurts their pride as a Thai.

Take care not to turn them off by aggressively asking for sex. Furthermore, when you’re still starting out in your relationship, limit your physical contact to the appropriate kind: handshakes, shoulder taps, etc. This goes back to the previous tip of being respectful.

Check if she has multiple phones. Thai women love social media. It’s not strange for a Thai girl to use her phone as if it’s a part of her body, but it is a big red flag if you see her using several phones. Who you thought was a good girl may actually be a call girl or a social butterfly who isn’t interested in getting married and is entertaining other men on the side. Try to ask your lady why she uses multiple phones, and if her answer seems suspicious, that’s the time you should reconsider your relationship.

Be open to their religion. Thais are Buddhists. Only a miniscule 0.9 percent of the population are Catholics; thus, any foreigner coming to Thailand without at least knowing the local faith will get culture shocked. Thankfully, Thais are open to discussions about religion, and you can learn much from talking to your lady about their traditions.

These are some major things that you should know when dating women in Thailand. Know any more tips for dating Thai women? Let us know in the comments!