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Dating Women in Ukraine | 101 Tips for Dating Ukrainian Women

Dating Ukrainian women is a common desire for bachelors seeking true love in foreign countries. The women of Ukraine are considered some of the world’s most beautiful and are also highly intelligent. Their culture shares common rules for courtship with other countries, but they also have their own unique quirks.

For men who’ll be dating women in Ukraine, here is a guide for dating Ukrainian women:

General Tips for Dating Ukrainian Women

Don’t be put off by the honesty of Ukrainian women.

Ukrainians are genuine and sincere people. Too honest to the point that their facial expressions will always show what they’re feeling. They smile only if they find something funny or entertaining, but they’d never smile for the sake of smiling. It may seem that they’re business-like, but that’s just how Ukrainians are.

Just because a woman isn’t smiling at you doesn’t mean they’re not enjoying your company. It just means that they are being themselves, so don’t be discouraged by their facial expressions; rather, appreciate them for their genuine nature.

Be aware that this goes the other way as well. When Ukrainian women frown or show anger or annoyance in their face, it’s what they feel inside as well. When they do that, lighten up the situation or change the subject to something they’d enjoy.

Drop the the when talking about Ukraine.

Ukrainians are quite sensitive when it comes to their national identity. It is important to them and is the main reason they’re in conflict with Russia. “The Ukraine” refers to the former Soviet Bloc region, while Ukraine without the the refers to the country itself, which is fighting for true independence from Russian influence. So if you don’t want to turn off your Ukrainian date, never call Ukraine “the Ukraine.”

Exercise caution when talking about politics.

Ukraine is a nation culturally divided. Western Ukraine is European-integrated, while Eastern Ukraine leans more toward Russia. The Ukrainian citizens who identify as Russians want their region to separate from Ukraine and be united with Russia.

If you dare to broach the topic of politics with your Ukrainian date, know which region she comes from and what her stance is so you won’t stumble your way into a pitfall and get dumped out of her heart.

On the upside, being aware of Ukraine’s situation will boost your image significantly in your date’s eyes. Nothing draws a woman’s heart towards you more than empathy. Just know if your woman is receptive first before talking about Ukrainian politics.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your own culture.

Ukrainians are generally curious about the lives of foreigners. Most of them do not have much exposure to other countries because they’ve been cut off from the rest of the world because of their experienced difficulty in obtaining travel visas to other countries.

Ukraine is still working on being a member of the European Union; hence, they’re not yet part of the visa-free travel to the rest of the continent, while the country is flanked in the east by the conflicts with Russia.

These conditions make Ukrainians’ feel isolated from and ignorant about the rest of the world, so Ukrainian women will ask a lot of questions about the culture from where you’re from. Some questions may seem too personal, but that’s normal in Ukraine, so don’t take any offense from it. Use that chance to enlighten and impress your date with your culture.

Just know that, although some Ukrainians may talk negatively and complain about their own country, you must never bad mouth their culture as Ukrainians are a proud people.

Etiquette for Dating Women in Ukraine

No handshakes during the first meeting.

The women of Ukraine see handshakes as improper, especially from a man they’ve just met. It’s a social quirk that, if you’re unaware of it, may make you stumble on your first approach to your woman’s heart.

Upon meeting your date for the first time, a simple greeting is better and no physical contact is recommended. When you become closer to your lady, a kiss on the cheek becomes an acceptable greeting.

Always be a gentleman.

This is a universal rule for all women. Being nice is an attractive quality in men that women will appreciate. Open doors for your woman, let them take your seat, and always, always pay the entire bill for your date.

Also, show respect to their elders and any elderly you meet. Treat them the same as you would with your lady. Elderly people are seen with great regard in Ukraine, especially if they are veterans of World War II.

Don’t put your woman in the spotlight.

Unlike in the West where a lot people want to celebrate their individual styles and attract attention, Ukrainians are generally subdued and are content to be part of the crowd.

They do not want to stand out. So don’t think you can impress your date by shouting out your love for her in a public park and drawing attention to her, like in the movies. That would only embarrass your date. Respect her and simply enjoy your togetherness as part of the greater whole.

Being invited inside a Ukrainian’s home is common for newly-formed friendships.

Ukrainians are a warm and friendly people. Don’t be surprised when your date invites you home for dinner, but do not also think of it as an invitation for sex. It’s their culture to show hospitality to their new friends.

It’s also part of their culture for a guest to bring a small gift: a bottle of wine or some flowers, for example. If you choose to give them flowers, make sure that they’re odd numbered, since in Ukraine, an even number of flowers is meant for grieving and funerals.

Meat and alcohol are the staples of a Ukrainian dinner. If you’re a vegetarian, explain that to them so they won’t be offended by refusing their meat. Regarding the alcohol, Ukrainians are heavy drinkers, even their women, so be prepared to drink a lot. If you are not a drinker, at least drink a respectable amount so you do not end up disrespecting them.

These are some of the quirks that you should know when dating women in Ukraine. Know any more tips for dating Ukrainian women? Let us know in the comments!