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Top 10 Rules for Dating Younger Women

If you're an older gentleman currently or looking to date younger women, this article is dedicated to you. Women, no matter the age, are magnificent creatures; but it takes a lifetime of study to completely understand how their minds work.

In most cases, older women are more confident, more decisive, and definitely more mature, which makes them easier to deal with, especially when it comes to practical life stuff. Most of them have already gone through “adult” life events like getting their first house, applying for loans, paying for mortgages and more.

Younger women, on the other hand, may be considered naïve, but their refreshing youth and vivacity make up for whatever inexperience they have in life. Most women at this age are thirsty for new experiences, so they certainly know how to have fun. Their carefree and energetic ways will encourage spontaneous fun activities, or consider going back to pursue abandoned hobbies.

Obviously, there is no clear-cut set of rules that apply for every woman of any age, but the most important thing to know is that women want to be treated right no matter what. In an ideal world, everyone should be free to date anyone they want – whether older or younger. (And by dating younger women, we mean older men dating women that are of legal and appropriate age.)

1. Showcase Your Maturity

As the older partner in the relationship, highlight your wisdom and capability that comes with age. There is a reason why younger women are with older gentlemen -- they enjoy their sereneness, calmness, and patience. If those qualities are already present, then it becomes easy brownie points for the gentleman.

In addition to being mature, older men never argue about trivial stuff. They also don't assume they know better than the younger women they're dating. When both partners already know there is an age gap, don't put a gap in places where it doesn't matter. Consider any sayings that pertain to younger generations including hers as taboo. Case in point is saying things like "When I was your age...," "YOUNG people these days are...," "You weren't born when the..." and so on.

2. Allow Her to Make Mistakes

In another reference to the age gap, most older men seem to think that it is a good idea to take their younger partners under their wing. Since they have a "been there, done that" attitude, they assume they know what's best, and want to have the younger women depend on them for virtually anything.

Instead of doing that, take a step back and let them do their own thing, including letting them make their own mistakes. Pampering and protecting them may be tempting, but it much may cause more harm than good.

It robs them of the necessary life experiences they need to mature. So instead of growing graceful with age through the years, younger women dating older men may grow to become spoiled and uncertain with little to no survival life skills, if left to rely on their older partners.

3. Give Her Your Attention

Like anything involving relationships, everything should be a two-way street, including attention. In order to receive attention, one must give attention. Most older gentlemen seem to think that it’s okay to not be so attentive because of their “mature” status.

Being mature does not mean being above this simple act of affection. In fact, the more attention partners give each other, the happier they are in their relationships. This applies to most relationships, including in older gentlemen who are dating younger women.

Attention does not mean simply listening when a partner is talking. It also involves interacting by asking questions to let the other know that they are listening and that they care. Talking and listening are two of the most intimate acts that people in relationships can do. It doesn’t cost anything, but it certainly isn’t cheap seeing that it can strengthen bonds like nothing else can.

4. It’s Not Always About Sex

Like any relationship, dating younger women shouldn’t always be about what happens in between the sheets. It can be great, especially with an attractive younger partner who could be inexperienced, but there are so many more important things in a relationship besides sex.

Most women can agree that it’s not what you can teach them in bed, but what you can teach out of it or have them engaged. In short, while sex can be a fulfilling part of a relationship, it’s only a part and not the whole of it so don’t make it all about it. Sexual attraction can be important, but what matters most is when it wanes, it’s not the only thing that is holding the relationship together.

5. Treat Her with Respect

The reason why this rule isn’t on top of this list is because respecting women should come naturally. One of the reasons why younger women go for older men is because they are aware that they will be given respect as a partner and as an individual. This is self-explanatory, but respect is so much more than being polite and attentive. It’s giving the other the respect they deserve as partners and not as a casual fling.

6. Be Honest & Communicative

Honesty and communication are the important components of any successful, mature relationship. A bond is stronger when there is no space for doubt and uncertainty to grow. Every relationship should be built on the essential foundation of honesty, because the two people involved in it should be free from lies and secrets in order to freely love and grow as individuals and partners

All relationships have flaws, and every now and then, couples get into arguments for many things, from trivial to more serious matters. But no matter what it is, being able to communicate can effectively help in resolving conflicts or stop it from getting worse.

7. Accept Your Differences

The reason why older men dating younger women is so prevalent is because of the simple fact that opposites attract. Due to the considerable age gap, it is highly likely that there is a huge difference not only in age, but in personalities, income, needs and much more. Arguments stemming from these differences may be hard to avoid, so before it starts or gets worse, the obvious solution would be to accept partners as who they are. It is also important to be more understanding with the fact that they turned out the way they are because of how they were raised as a person in a different generation.

8. Don’t Buy Her Affections

Younger women probably are more aware than anyone that they are not as financially stable as their older partners. They also know that they are still at the beginning of their careers, so they don't make as much money.

With these things in mind, successful older gentlemen should resist the urge to spend excessively on their younger partners. Sure, it’s okay to buy a trinket or two or pay for dinners, but never to the point that material things are used to buy her affection.

9. Let Loose/Be More Spontaneous

Younger women are more curious and adventurous than their older counterparts. They may tend to go off on spontaneous trips that may take days. While older men may have a strict work ethic, it would do to let loose and go on with them to their adventures.

Routine can kill romance, and this says a lot for older men who have been in and out of the dating scene, or even marriage. Their younger partners will bring out their dormant spontaneity and have them take risks again just like when they were younger.

10. Pace Yourselves

If things are getting serious, older men generally want to marry, but remember, that this may not be always the case for their younger partners. Most younger women would opt to "live their life" first before settling down, and this may cause misunderstandings because their older partners would take this hesitation as a signal that they are not being taken seriously.

Therefore, instead of taking a lead in her life especially in relationships, try to match paces first and see if they are on the same page or what they feel about getting hitched. Have a conversation and mull about it. In the end, all decisions should be respected.

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