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Dating Latin Women in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an island in the Caribbean which is home to gorgeous beaches, lovely weather, and a never ending stream of beautiful women.

If you have to force someone to explain why Dominican girls are so amazing, you would go through an entire dictionary before you can get to a satisfactory answer that gives them the justice they so rightly deserve. Outgoing and traditional, sensual and sweet, all of this at the same time, it would take an entire lifetime to try to understand just one Dominican lady.

Even when it comes to looks, there is no set way to describe the extent of their looks. However, one cannot deny that Dominican women are absolutely gorgeous. Ranging from the exotic to the pretty, when it comes to la dominica, you are never pressed for options.

To give you a hand with the puzzle that is Dominican women, we’ve listed a few things below that should help you out if you choose to date one.

Some Things to Know When Dating Dominican Women

Family will always take top priority. Dominican women, like many Latin women, value their families above everything else. So if you ever find yourself making her choose between you or her family, you better start packing your bags, because she will always choose her family, hands down.

They also want families of their own, so they prefer good, honest men who are willing to provide the support that a family brings them.

She is physically unique. The diverse mix of nationalities in the Dominican Republic have resulted in a very intriguing mix of physical features there. No matter what your preference is, you are bound to find a Dominican girl who is perfect for you. There is no end to the variety of beauties you’re bound to encounter in the Dominican Republic.

Material possessions do not interest her. Dominican women do not particularly care if a man is rich. As long as he has the means to provide financial support for himself and his family, then she is already satisfied. Dominican women are more inclined to look for more important traits in a man, such as honestly, loyalty, and stability.

General Tips for Dating Dominican Women

If you’re interested in her, get into her social circle first. Dominicans in general are very friendly, and want their friends to be happy. So if you have your eye on a specific Dominican woman, get to know her friends first. If her friends consider you a good fit for her, they will happily introduce the two of you. In general, being friendly to Dominicans is very rewarding.

Even making friends with the local staff in your favorite restaurant can help with expanding the number of women you’re likely to meet while there. Dominicans simply want their friends to be happy.

Going to night clubs isn’t going to help you. If you’re looking to meet a Dominican woman, going to nightclubs and bars at night isn’t the best way to do this. When Dominican women go out at night, it is usually with large groups of friends.

They usually go out to go dancing and have fun with their friends, so it will be difficult to approach a single Dominican woman in a nightclub. One of the best ways to meet Dominican women is during the daytime. You can approach and speak with them in public locations like shopping malls, parks, etc.

Don’t ever think about asking her for money. Dominican women work hard for the money that they earn, and it shows. Don’t date a Dominican woman expecting her to sustain the both of you financially while you stay at home and watch television. If you don’t have a job and ask her to pay the bills, you’re risking losing her, as Dominican women do not waste their time with men who have no clear direction in their lives.

When it comes to Dominican women, the hips don’t lie. If you really want to impress your Dominican lady, take her dancing! Dominican women love to dance, and they’re not afraid to rock those moves on the dance floor. If you really want her to warm up to you, go out there on to the dance floor with her.

Don’t worry about having two left feet, as long as you put in the effort to try and show her that you’re having fun with her on the dance floor, she will be glad to see that you’re enjoying yourself.

She might be sweet, but she isn’t weak. Like many Latin cultures, Dominican women are very traditional, and strongly believe in having the man take the lead when it comes to relationships. This means that you should be able to become a pillar of support for your lady if she ever needs it. Never take her submissiveness for weakness, Dominican women are as strong as they come. Their submissiveness is more attributed to their desire to be viewed as more feminine.

She might let you take the lead when it comes to dates and household decisions, but if you ever try to take advantage of her, you should be prepared to face the consequences. She will not hesitate to leave a man who is not genuine about his intentions with her. There is nothing quite a fearful as a scorned Dominican woman.

As always, some Spanish will always give you an upper hand. Not many Dominican women are capable of speaking both Spanish and English. A majority of the population speak Spanish, exclusively. If you’re looking to woo a Dominican lady, it would help you out a lot to brush up on your Spanish skills in order to speak with her better.

How to Meet Dominican Women

As mentioned before, going to night bars and clubs isn’t the way to go when meeting Dominican women. They prefer to save their evenings for dancing and a fun night out with their friends. If you’re serious about meeting a Dominican woman, you can meet some very nice women during the daytime wherever you go, from coffee shops and malls. You can go through your daily routine and still be able to meet a lot of amazing Dominican women. Don’t be afraid to walk up to them and start a conversation with them.

After all, Dominican women are very friendly, so they won’t reject you outright for simply striking up a conversation with them. If they’re not interested, they’ll be upfront and tell you so. If you’re lucky enough to have a Dominican woman be interested in you, she’ll give you her number, or volunteer a date right then and there.

Give your Spanish a whirl when talking to her, and even if you butcher the accent, laugh it off and show her that you have a sense of humor. Dating a Dominican woman is an experience that one shouldn’t miss out on if given the chance. Both an adventure and a puzzle, you’re in for days of endless fun when dating a Dominican lady.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when dating a Dominican woman. Do you have any experience dating a Dominican lady? Feel free to share your stories below in the comments. While you’re here, take a look at our other dating advice articles for more international dating advice.