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Top 10 International Dating Sites for Singles Above 30 | Dating Sites for Mature Singles

It’s a popular belief that finding love while being above the age of 30 is difficult. Most would feel that dating in their 20’s was a fun and exciting experience, but by the time they hit the mature age of 30, it’s now become tedious. It’s for this very reason that many turn to online dating sites for hopes of finding partners who are about the same age or older.

While it may not be easy finding romance after 30, you mustn’t despair, because there are millions of mature singles around the world hoping to find love through the internet. This is unsurprising because the advance in technology has given rise to easy access and communication, no matter where you are.

So, for those hoping to find that special someone to tie the knot with, here is a short list of popular international dating sites for those above 30.

Happn home page for international dating site review Blurring the line between real life and online dating, Happn aims to retain that feeling of meeting someone in person through its unique feature.

For those looking for a dating site that doesn’t strip away the natural feeling of real life dating, this site may just be it. Happn matches its users with people with whom they may have crossed paths or have potential connections with online. This allows the member to experience some aspects of dating someone in person.

Sparkology home page for international dating site review With a model targeted towards a more exclusive community of professional singles, Sparkology aims to provide a premium dating service through its invitation only site, and quality concierge services.

Unlike most online dating sites, Sparkology requires that male members are graduates from top-level universities for them to join. This can be a bit biased since it doesn’t require women to do the same. The men are also subjected the site’s points system which allows the female members to know which men are serious.

This site is also very exclusive, you must be invited by an existing member of the website to join, or apply for invitation and have your Facebook profile evaluated by the Sparkology team before being issued an invitation code.

eHarmony home page for international dating site review As one of the world’s most popular international dating sites, eHarmony provides a consistent dating service for its members, regardless of age or location. is without a doubt one of the most popular dating sites out there. With its large number of members, the site is a great way to start finding romance online even for singles over 30. Upon signing up, users are required to fill up long questionnaires which seem to prove effective since the site credits itself with producing over 4 percent of marriages in the United States. The site is not for light hearted singles since its main point and focus is to help relationships end up in marriages and long term relationships for its members.

Thirty Flirty home for international dating site review Helping singles over 30 find love has never been easier with the services of

It’s quite clear from the name that this online dating site devotes itself to helping singles over the age of 30. Since it can be quite difficult to find members of the same age, is exclusively for singles in their 30’s. This helps the matchmaking process in the same age group closer together and relatively easier for members to find their romantic interests.

Over thirty singles website home page for international dating site review Helping its singles over 30 find the right partner for them is a breeze with the help of the services of

This site focuses on education which means that members are only allowed to join if they have attained a higher education. The only downside to this, however, is that the user base is very small compared to other dating sites. Education is without a doubt an important aspect to a successful and professional life.

To those who believe that partners with a good educational background can contribute to a goal and future oriented relationship, this site is for you. Singles who are degree-holders tend to be more interesting and are interested in trying out many different things.

Elite Singles
Elite singles site home page for international dating site For mature singles of all ages, Elite Singles guarantees that the partner that you meet through their services is serious about their career and life goals. is best recommended for educated professionals over 30 years old. Most of the site’s members have extensive educational backgrounds and are interested in certain qualities in their romantic interests. This dating site is ideal for mature singles who are looking for potential partners that are goal focused, career-oriented, and share the same disposition in life.

Match website home page for international dating site review No matter your age or preference, aims to match up their users to the best possible partner for them. is no doubt one of the biggest and most popular dating sites. Users might have come across this site from advertisements on television. With a massive user base, matchmaking here would be easy. This dating site is highly recommended for singles who are looking to step into the dating scene but are not yet sure on what they are looking for. Singles who have been out of the game for a long time or who are new to dating, is a great starting point.

OkCupid website home page for international dating site review An industry favorite, OkCupid continues to provide quality service which makes it easy for singles of all ages to meet someone they can spend the rest of their lives with.

OKCupid uses complicated algorithms for their compatibility matchmaking system. This changes the common way of mentality in dating sites where appearances and a well written bio is the only way to win a person’s interest.

With this site, however, their patented compatibility system aims to improve matchmaking. It’s no surprise to users to feel that OKCupid is a little more serious than other dating sites which makes it a great choice for matured singles looking for serious relationships.

Chemistry website home page for international dating site review No matter your age, aims to help you meet the right person for you based on personality compatibility. is a popular dating site which offers an in-depth personality test and a sleek newsfeed like feature. The site focuses on letting its members get to know each other better through personality assessments with their matching algorithm basis. When completing the personality questionnaires, the system then categorizes the user as negotiator, director, builder, or explorer. Match suggestions are later based from these traits.

Coffee Meets Bagel
Coffee Meets Bagel website homepage for international dating site Looking at online dating from a more real life view point, Coffee Meets Bagel aims to take the stress out of online dating and make it a more casual and relaxed activity.

This site is more laid back compared to other dating sites. It’s known for it’s casual, friendly, and useful feedback feature. The site offers tons of helpful tips, communication alternatives, and provides limited matches per day. The downside to their site, however, is that it doesn’t put in a great deal of effort to match a user with whom they are most compatible with.

Instead, the system matches members according to friends of friends on Facebook. Paired matches can communicate through a chat room with a time limit making opportunities with expiry dates even if things hit off pretty well.