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Misconceptions of International Online Dating | What Society Wants You to Believe

A woman confused about the misconceptions of international online dating

International online dating is a concept that resulted from two of the most unfairly criticized social constructs: online dating and interracial union. Due to the ugly stigma that was once associated to it, those who decided to seek love overseas via the internet were subjected to snide remarks and unfair denunciation.

Men and women who resorted to this method of dating were once branded with despicable descriptions. These prejudiced and bigoted perceptions of international online dating came as no surprise since the evolving society has always something to say against almost everything.

Today’s data however, would tell a much different story. With over 40 million Americans already turning to international online dating sites to look for a lifetime romantic companionship, it’s safe to say that it has already come a long way.

In an effort to dispel the most ridiculous and unwarranted narratives about international online dating, we have listed the most common lies and misconceptions about it that you should be aware of:

Lies and Other Misconceived Connotations of International Online Dating

  • The Green Card Theory - This theory is as old as international online dating itself and has remained prevalent even up to now. The perception that those who are looking for American partners are only after U.S. citizenship is merely anchored on baseless and unfounded insinuations by a few members of the society.

    Unbeknown to these cynics is the indisputable fact that the U.S. government, along with other western countries, has some of the strictest, vetting processes in granting citizenship. As a matter of fact, applying for a Green Card alone can take several years before it’s approved.

    Moreover, it’s only after 3 to 5 years of permanent residency that an immigrant can apply for U.S. citizenship; that may be denied for a number of reasons, and one of which is fraudulent marriage.

    It is also worth noting that most of the international online dating sites vet out and screen their members to make sure that only those who have genuine desires and interests for a long-lasting romantic relationship are allowed in their programs.

    With all these measures in place made by both the online dating service providers and the U.S. government, you can be assured that there’s little to no reason to be fearful of fraudulent marriages.

  • The ‘Losers Only’ Narrative - If you take your time going from one shop to another in choosing the most mundane commodities like clothes, gadgets, and even when deciding where to eat, then why do some people consider looking for love and marriage overseas a desperate move?

    These are a few reasons why the logic behind this narrative doesn’t quite add up, but it is a common misconception nonetheless. It just doesn’t make sense to shame the increasing number of people who turn to these sites to look for a potential husband or wife, when we as a society look for the best quality commodities from different parts of the globe.

    Also, those people who turn to international online dating sites are far from being desperate losers. Most of the members of international dating sites are professionals, business executives, and generally successful and decent people who just want to find love abroad.

  • International Online Dating Sites: Scammers’ Paradise? - The scammer’s paradise is an all too common trope when talking about the online dating industry. Sadly, no matter how diligent and committed most of these sites are in eradicating this stigma, it has continued to persist.

    We cannot deny however, that there are a few rotten tomatoes that somehow find their way into the basket every now and then. These few ill-willed people who take advantage of this platform to extort money from site members is what’s giving international online dating a bad name. However, there’s far too few of them to make a blanket generalization that international online dating sites are filled with scammers.

    There are also a multitude of ways to make sure that you don’t get scammed or run into a bogus and fraudulent site. You can read through dating site reviews, learn the do’s and don’ts of dating internationally, and a lot more.

  • International Relationships Fostered Online Aren’t Meant to Last - Contrary to popular belief, couples who meet online – whether internationally or domestically – are more likely to get married sooner than those who meet offline. This is due to the fact that those who meet online spend more time to get to know each other first, before they go out on an actual date.

    Due to this, online couples can be certain that they are compatible with the person they’re communicating with, before they actually meet in person and start going out. Also, the numerous success stories of international couples who met online is a testament that these kinds of relationship last.

    Lastly, it has also been established time and again, that a relationship’s longevity has nothing to do with how and where couples meet. Rather, factors like financial woes, infidelity, and other irreconcilable differences are the things that lead to short-lived relationships.

  • Online Dating Sites Trivialize Relationships - A lot of people blame online dating sites for today’s “hook-up culture”, whereby people only come together just for casual sex and cutting ties after the act is done.

    This connotation however, is misleading and is an extreme misrepresentation of the truth. The practice of casual and uncommitted relationship actually began to persist in western societies during the 1920’s – long before the inception of the internet.

    Subsequently, hook-ups started to be widely-accepted in the dating scene during the 1960’s when young adults became more sexually-liberated.

    Popular culture also contributed to the widespread prevalence of the hook-up culture. The themes and plots of a lot of books, movies and TV shows in the west often revolve around the idea that casual and uncommitted sex is the new norm; thereby trivializing romantic and serious relationships.

Don’t Let Social Stigma Hold You Back from Finding Genuine Love

There are plenty of reasons to date a foreign partner. However, there will always be a few people who will have something negative to say; such is the nature of society. Considering that international online dating is a fairly young concept, it comes as no surprise that there are still quite a few people who remain reluctant to embrace this method of dating.

It hasn’t been very long since a lot of tasks can be achieved through the internet. However, if the people who have successfully found true love through these dating sites allowed social stigma to stop them from signing up, they wouldn’t have met their significant other today.

The ugly stigma and misconceived connotations associated to international online dating will eventually diminish. It generally takes quite some time for society to adjust to new norms. However, you shouldn’t just wait idly by for that moment.

You shouldn’t let social stigma hold you back from finding your lifetime partner; hence, register here for free and begin your quest for true love overseas, by joining our singles’ tour now.