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Top 10 Dating Applications

Dating — a stage in a romantic relationship where two individuals meet up and interact with the intent of getting to know each other and having fun together. Back in the days, only people who were together in one place had the chance to date. However, as time passed, more channels have opened up for love-seekers in the world of dating. One of these channels are dating applications that can be installed on mobile phones.

The rise of dating apps began around 2009 and spread quickly. In 2012, more companies joined the industry, especially those that had been at the top of the online dating website industry. By the time 2016 rolled around, dating through mobile applications was already the norm.

These applications come with various pros and cons. As word of mouth spread about the apps, developers had used the time to improve their services. Now, millions of users have already downloaded and used them to find their partner.

Love is at the fingertips of those who seek for it. Here are the top ten best dating applications.

Happn app icon image for international dating site review Bringing the touch of reality back to online dating, Happn only allows you to match with users you have crossed paths with in real life.

Happn highlights profiles of users that have crossed paths with, whether for the first time or after a couple of times. They can also visit profiles and see how far they are, as well as the last time they were online. Members can mark them as favorites and start conversations with them. The best part is that when someone marks a profile as “like” it wouldn’t be revealed to the owner unless it is mutual.

It values each members’ privacy as only those with mutual connections can receive messages. It notifies users about secret crushes, which can also be a downside at times since it can make users feel like they are being teased, without revealing exactly who likes them. Some users would prefer having the option of seeing who visited their profile. This is also unfavorable for those who live in cities that have very few Happn users since only members of Happn will get pinned on the “crossed paths” section.

Coffee Meets Bagel
Coffee Meets Bagel app icon image for international dating site review Putting a spin on the usual dating application profile pictures, Coffee Meets Bagel allows users to create video profiles in order to allow other users to better know them.

Perhaps the most unique feature of Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) is its video section. Instead of displaying photos of search results (called bagels) there are videos on the feed. Users can watch those videos and observe the person as they talk, see their facial features, and take notice of other mannerisms.

Each member gets their own profile that is connected to their Facebook account. This is to make sure that only those with serious intentions can register, and prevent the creation of fake accounts. These members are matched through an algorithm daily that gives every user ten new matches. However, the number of these users available can also be too limited for some. Despite that, the app still has an outstanding rating.

Bumble app icon image for international dating site review Giving women the upper hand in dating, Bumble allows women the opportunity to take the lead in online dating by giving them the ability to message the users they’re interested in.

Women empowerment plays a big role in Bumble. Noticeably, its current CEO was once the only female founder of Tinder. Because of this, it comes to no surprise that this app that allows only women to message the person that they are interested in. It gives female users the power to make the first move without worrying about being judged.

Every user has their own match queue that lasts for up to 24 hours on their feed. Profiles are also verified to make sure that other users are secured. One con of Bumble is the same as its pro. Since only women are allowed to message first, there are men who would’ve made a good match but end up becoming a missed chance because the female user did not message them before the queue was refreshed. Nevertheless, over 21 million users still enjoy using the app.

Tinder Android app icon image for international dating site review The household name for online dating applications, Tinder continues to be a popular dating application enjoyed by millions around the world.

Tinder is very popular for men and women anywhere in the world. It has millions of users with just about the same number of matches every day and has a total of 20 billion matches since its beginning. What makes Tinder this popular? For starters, it has many registered users and the testimonials of its users spread fast. It uses the native location as it displays possible matches to help the members find love within close range. Apart from that, the main highlight of the app is its “swipe left or right” feature. Anyone can reject or accept a match with a quick swipe.

Its upgrade isn’t so bad as well. For an affordable price, users are able to enjoy another level of their Tinder experience. They will be able to look back on the users that they rejected before and see if they would consider giving them a second chance.

They also get to use the “super like” and “super boost” features to have more listed profiles on their feed. However, due to the popularity of the app, there are too many registered profiles which tend to be abandoned by users, and there are also user profiles that are used for promotional purposes.

Down Android app icon image for international dating site review Putting a twist on online dating, Down Dating lets users match up and date with other users close to their location, and set realistic expectations for both parties.

This app is for those who are down for local dating. Users can see people close to them and can check out the details on their profile. While other applications promote only dating, this app allows members to specify their reason for viewing a person’s profile. They have the option to date the person or interact with them for a hookup. All choices are kept private on the person’s profile.

Each person gets ten matches to view daily. They can either like the profile or skip it. Should they change their mind in the future, they can undo their decision for no extra charges at all. When two people connect, they can chat on the app and later meet them offline. The downside of the app is that it initially filters out those who are up for dating and those who only want hookups. That limits the next display of profiles and the profiles that have the potential to be a good match for them won’t be included.

Clover Android app icon image for international dating site review Not one to waste time, Clover allows users to set up meetups and dates with other users with no extra steps to help users get a jump start on their dream date.

Another popular dating app is Clover. It gives priority to users who are within the vicinity of the user, but also gives them a chance to choose someone from other locations. They can join different mixers to find people who share a particular interest as them. Filters of the app are abundant as well. Members can refine their search to see based on their gender, interest, intention, height, zodiac, ethnicity, and other characteristics. Prospects that have already liked the user’s profile are also displayed in one list.

Apart from that, the best feature this offers is its instant dating ability. One can invite someone on a date with just the app. The time, date, and venue are already displayed on the invitation. The other party can later accept or decline the offer. Also, users can play twenty questions to refine their results.

Match Android app icon image for international dating site review The inspiration many popular dating applications, Match continues to provide an exemplary service to its members for nearly two decades.

Match dates to the 1990s and is considered as one of the oldest online dating sites. It started online but later on branched out and joined the pool of dating apps. It is a part of the portfolio of Match group, the brains behind other popular apps like Tinder, OkCupid, PlentyofFish, and more. With its years in the industry, it has already gathered millions of people as members.

This app is like any other dating app. They can find registered single users nearby and connect with them. But with Match, they can find different options for their preferred results. They can filter out profiles who want to be friends, to flirt, or those who want a long-term commitment.

OkCupid home page for international dating site review Ever popular because of its excellent service without the need of a paid subscription, OkCupid continues to provide a service favored by many in the online dating world.

Another product of Match group is OkCupid. It is also a long-time online dating website that has joined the trend of online dating applications. There are over 40 million users that are screened through a questionnaire, so the results would fit to their preference.

Like its site, every profile in OkCupid mobile is displayed individually. Users can look at each profile thoroughly and choose to like or reject them. They can also take another look of the rejected list and see if they are worth another chance. However, a small cost is required for the special perks.

Zoosk Android app icon image for international dating site review Zoosk makes use of common interests to measure user compatibility.

Zoosk was once awarded as the best dating app of 2016 by Wallethub for its service. It has over 40 million users with millions of verified photos. It sorts out profiles according to the interest of the members to get a compatible match. Since the photos are verified, these compatible matches wouldn’t have to doubt that the profile owner actually looks the same as the photo used.

It scans singles nearby to present prospects to love-seekers. They can pick someone from the suggested list or they can also browse for someone that they know using the username. They can also filter their search according to religion, body type, height, and other factors.

JustSayHi Android app icon image for international dating site review Making online dating simple, JustSayHi uses the simple power of a “like” to match users up.

Last on this list is JustSayHi with millions of users that has signed up with it. It has different chatrooms, so users can socialize with others who are into the same things as them. But, there is also the private inbox for those who want to be more lowkey and discreet. Profile photos can either be video or image format to provide more ways for others to view every person’s information.

Instead of the usual accept and reject button, users can either say hi to the person or send them a like. They can meet as many fans (profile likers) and friends (profiles they like) with options to filter the tag of who they want to see. They can find love and communicate with a possible lover in the future with this free app.