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Dating Latin Women in Colombia

Dating Latin women in Colombia can be fun! The women in Colombia are some of the most stunning ladies in the world with their tanned skin and bronze beauty. Courting one can be a wild ride, so have an edge with your dating skills by learning these tips for dating:

Common Tips for Dating Latin Women in Colombia

Be part of their community. Colombia has a strong belief in creating close-knit local communities: neighbors become friends, friends become family. Colombians also view outsiders and strangers with suspicion.

So in order to start dating Latin women in Colombia, you first need to earn the trust of their community. If there is a Colombian girl you like, don’t go straight for her; instead, befriend the people, especially the men, around her. When they come to like you and consider you a friend or family, they can introduce you to the girl and even help you court her.

That may sound rather unusual, but Colombians are a naturally happy people, and they like to help the members of their community find happiness. If they see that one of their own will be happy with you, they’ll do everything to make you and the woman together, and will even encourage a union between the two of you.

Know your soccer. A lot of Colombians, including the women, are big fans of futbol (soccer). Every time their national team plays a match in the World Cup, which Colombia has qualified for five times now, Colombians drop whatever they are doing and watch the game, and when their team wins, the streets get filled with people partying and dancing and celebrating their Colombian pride.

Having a bit of knowledge about Colombian futbol will give you an edge in conversations with a Colombian lady. It will also help you endear yourself to her community, give you something to talk about with her brothers and male cousins.

Learn to dance the salsa. Latin women love to dance, and Colombians are no exception. Asking a Colombian girl to dance with you is a great way of initiating a conversation. Don’t worry about not being good at dancing. Just learn the basic steps, focus on the beat of the drums, and keep your body close to her.

If your salsa skills are as mesmerizing as a peacock’s mating ritual, you are sure to land a follow-up date with your partner. But don’t worry if you dance (or wobble) stiffly like lumber, because the women in Colombia will never judge you on how bad you dance.

They will, however, observe the attitude you display while dancing. Dancing is how Colombians assess your personality, and personality wins a woman’s heart, so laugh and smile and be happy during your dance, but don’t sit down and drink all night. That will turn off your woman. Dancing badly is better that not dancing at all. So dance as if no one’s watching!

Keep clean and maintain good hygiene. This is a universal rule for dating. But when dating Latin women in Colombia, good hygiene is extra important. Colombians bathe everyday—some even bathe twice a day! Somehow, Colombians have this sixth sense that let them know if a person, regardless if they’re a foreigner or a local, has showered or taken a bath.

It should also be common sense to dress well when dating Latin women. Something neat, clean, and appropriate for where you’re going will suffice. Dump the tourist shorts at the hotel.

Time to brush up on your high school Spanish lessons. Spanish is the main language of Colombia, and it would definitely help your chances of dating Colombian women if you’re able to keep up with them by being able to speak a few key phrases of Spanish.

You don’t necessarily have to speak Spanish on a native level, but it putting in the effort to learn a bit of Spanish will definitely earn you brownie points with Colombian women.

Etiquette for Dating Women in Colombia

Don’t expect sex early in your relationship. Colombian women are conservative. They believe that sex should be saved for marriage. If marriage is your goal, then you have nothing to worry about.

Be persistent in chasing your woman. The women in Colombia love playing hard to get. Just because you kissed a Colombian girl doesn’t mean you’ve already won their heart. And don’t be discouraged if she suddenly gives you the cold shoulder for no reason at all. Keep giving her your attention since that’s what she wants. Otherwise, she won’t consider you man enough for her.

Attend church with your girl. Latin women are deeply religious. It’s bonus points for you if you are too. Go to church together with her and her family and you’ll gain respect from all of them. Since the women in Colombia also care about their public image, attending church with her will show everyone that you mean well, and that what you’re after is a wholesome relationship.

Always keep your attention and affection on your lady. Colombian women may be jealous of any other women you have your attention on. They will view other women as their competition, regardless if she is a woman you are simply friends with, or the waitress smiling at you when taking your order.

If she accuses you of anything, do not get angry, instead, explain things to her in a calm and rational manner. As long as you are not doing anything that would warrant such a reaction, there’s nothing to worry about. You can talk it out with her once she’s calmed down.

She cares about what her family thinks of you. When it comes to dating a Colombian woman, it’s very important to remember that whether or not she chooses to stay with you depends on how her family views you.

If they start inviting you over to their home to attend family events, or better yet, to regularly attend Sunday mass with the entire family, you can take it as a good sign that your relationship is going well.

These are some major things that you should know when dating Latin women in Colombia. Know any more tips for dating Latin women? Let us know in the comments! For more dating advice articles like this, take a look at our International Dating Advice Articles page.