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Characteristics of a Good Singles Vacation

Singles vacation are events organized by companies whose primary goal is to help men and women find each other, regardless of age or location. They usually involve socials where these individuals can come together to eat, drink, and get to know each other. And if they’re lucky, two individuals will lock eyes across the room and realize that they’ve finally found the one.

Singles vacation have been the object of scrutiny ever since their conception, with people doubting their sincerity, and others singing their praises. Now, while there are some companies that have less than best intentions for their clients on their singles vacation, there are many more which legitimately set out to do exactly what they advertise: help international men and women find each other.

But how do you tell the difference between a company whose singles vacation are legit, and which ones are simply out to scam you out of your money? Here we have listed several characteristics that show that that a singles vacation that a company organizes is a good one. While there are other characteristics that we haven’t covered due to its specificity to the company who organized it, these are some basics to get you started.

Check Their Website to Determine Their Legitimacy

This should be one of the very first things you should see before booking any kind of singles vacation. As most singles vacation occur overseas, they’re highly likely to have a website to reach their international clients. Some sites may have outdated designs, but as long as their services indicated on their website are thoroughly explained, then it should be fine.

Another thing is to check the address and contact information they’ve provided. If you contact a number or email, you should get a response to your email in less than 24 hours, and there should be personnel on hand, ready to take your phone call. The blatant display of their information of their website shows transparency, and a willingness to be open with their clients.

A good singles vacation is usually organized by people who have their clients’ best interests at heart. A company with a cold, aloof owner who ignores their clients during the tour is not exactly one that you would want to trust the future of your romantic life to. A good singles vacation is organized by someone who is friendly and open towards their clients and is willing to answer any questions they may have.

Take A Look at The Accommodations

There is no denying that singles vacation are fairly expensive. The company is offering to fly you out to an exotic location and meet hundreds of women at a hotel where they’ll take care of everything for you, from your accommodations to translations services when meeting women.

But if the hotel they’re putting you up in is a low budget establishment, then that might be a red flag right there. With the amount of money you’re spending for the tour, you shouldn’t be expecting the Hilton Grand, but they shouldn’t be putting you up in some low rated hotel which costs about $16 a night either.

Despite the Wide Variety of Tour Options, No Excuses and Cancellations

A reputable singles vacation agency will offer a wide variety of singles vacation options, hosted in countries located in Europe, Latin America, Asia, etc. This gives clients the luxury of choice to meet their potential wife in any city of their choosing.

And yet, despite its wide scope of options, a good singles vacation agency never cancels a tour. Before planning a potential tour, a good singles vacation agency scouts the city of choice, and makes sure that it is a safe and good location to host the singles vacation.

This guarantees that there are no cancellations due to any local conflicts and weather issues, as well as helps ensure its’ clients’ safety in the city for the entire duration of the tour.

Compare How Much They’re Charging You with What Services They Offer

It’s not just the accommodations you should be looking at. You should be looking at the actual socials themselves as well. These are the main events of the singles vacation, after all. So if the socials they organize are lacking, then what would be the point of the singles vacation?

When you’re at the social, are you the one who has to pay for the food and drinks of the woman? A good singles vacation should have everything set in place for your meet and greet with the women, without having you worry about having to arrange for food and drinks for the women you meet.

See What Your Money Covers

How far is the money you’re paying covering your costs? A decent singles vacation costs should include the basics of the tour. These are: airfare costs, accommodation, a portion of your meals, translator services, and transport within the city.

If the singles vacation you’re taking part in doesn’t cover these basics and still charges you a ridiculously high fee, then it might be time to consider looking into an alternate company that offers better singles vacation packages at a more reasonable cost.

Legitimacy of the Women Attending the Event

The interaction between the men and women during the socials is the main event of the whole tour. So it is very important that the legitimacy of these women are verified before joining any good singles vacation.

After all, these men are travelling thousands of miles just to meet these women, and it would be a waste of time for everyone involved if these women are not there for the intent of marriage or a serious relationship.

Verifying the legitimacy of the women involved with a singles vacation can be tricky. However, you can usually tell if the women you’re interacting with are sincere based on the legitimacy of the company hosting the tour itself. Less dedicated companies make use of agencies located in the area of the tour to make sure that a lot of women come to their tours without screening them first.

A good company that cares about its clients’ experience makes use of professional matchmaking services to screen and verify the women who attend their events in order to make sure that these women are just as sincere as the men in their desire to get married.

The Quality of the Overall Experience

Of course, the best way to determine if the singles vacation you’ve attended is a good one is based on the quality of your overall experience. A good singles vacation leaves you with feelings of happiness, confidence, and hopefully, the perfect wife for you by your side.

What do you think makes up a good singles vacation? Is it the location? The women? Let us know what you think makes a good singles vacation below in the comments. For more articles like this or for more information on singles vacation, take a look at our International Singles Tours section.