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Dating with eHarmony | Top International Dating Sites Review

Meeting someone is easy these days especially with the variety of dating sites available online. The compatibility of these match-ups, however, is a whole new story. A person can meet someone, and they could be together for a while but the difference in their personalities can always get in the way.

What is the relevance of two people’s personality in a relationship? It is a key element that makes the relationship work out between the couple. Every person comes with a different personalities and sometimes, their values and lifestyle do not exactly coincide with another’s. One may like sports, while the other may not. Because of this, the chances of people being in a long-term relationship can be in jeopardy.

eHarmony has designed a special algorithm that allows their members to find someone who is compatible with them. eHarmony is one the most trusted international dating sites worldwide. Whether members seeking a heterosexual or homosexual relationship, they have the chance to meet someone that they are most likely to get along with. This site promotes a cohesive connection between its members from the moment they sign up until they reach their happy ending.

People are better together when in eHarmony. Here are the reasons why.

A Brief Overview of eHarmony

eHarmony home page image for international dating site review Using personality as a matching tool, eHarmony guarantees maximum compatibility with its users.

eHarmony Delivers

The main goal of the site is to put people with alike characteristics together and it delivers this actual service they have promised. Founded in 2000, eHarmony has been up for almost two decades now. It was developed by the ideals and prospect of Neil Clark Warren, a psychologist and an author. His knowledge in the psychology of man has been well-applied on the site as the questions given to members at the beginning of the registration focuses on their personality.

Anyone can sign up for free and gets the option to subscribe to a plan of their choice. There’s the 3, 6, and 12-month plan and can be paid in installments. The flexibility in payments make the site more affordable to people who are quite tight with their budget.

The site also promises high number of men and women on their dating pool and this has been proven true. A large number of matches happen daily. In recent years, these matches have led to successful marriages among members.

Even non-users frequent the site in hopes to find someone during their visit. This exciting based on the site statistics is drawing in more users every day. What makes it more appealing is that it comes with a Spanish version of their site which is perfect for Hispanic users.

This is How They Roll

About eHarmony page image for international dating site review With a straightforward website model, love is easy to find with eHarmony.

When users sign up, they are assessed thoroughly with the use of questions that look into a variety of things, and are not just about their preferences in a person. These look into a person’s assertiveness, affection, and other characteristics. The readings are indicated in the profile of the person and are used when generating a list of compatible people for each user.

When one views a possible match’s profile, they would be able to see a brief prediction of their compatibility together with the profile owner.

It’s a straightforward site that’s easy to use. The homepage content provides necessary information that one needs to know about eHarmony. Meanwhile, the personal profile of each member has a UI that feels familiar to those who frequent popular social media platforms.

One can navigate with ease and edit the provided information with one click. With simple information like your name, zip code, and anything else they’re looking for, thousands of results will come through in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, there are tons of information about each user is displayed on every profile, such as things they are thankful for, best life skills, favorite television shows, things they can’t live without, etc. All of these details are compiled in an easy to read format for ease of access. There’s clarity in the information given, so one can just go through it in a quick read.

The Life in eHarmony

Say Goodbye to Lonely Nights

One of the most prevalent worries of a person is having to face the possibility of spending the rest of their life alone, but with eHarmony, this is no longer a problem you will have to face. Singles who want to interact with other singles nearby or around the world can look for a possible match using the filters on the search tool.

Are you interested in a specific age group, religion, or race? One can sort out who they want to see on the results. It also gives priority to the local singles located around the members’ area. However, unlike other sites that don’t allow members to choose the scope of the “nearby” singles, eHarmony gives users the option on how near can “nearby” users be.

There are also individual pages for dating niches. A member can just click on “Asian Dating,” “Hispanic Dating” and the like to find specific people of their choosing without going through the hassle of a manual filter. The site makes it easier for all its users to find their type of person in no time.

eHarmony preference page image for international dating site review There’s always someone for everybody with eHarmony’s wide user base.

Additionally, a centralized communication tool is used by the site. No one needs a third-party tool to talk to other users. They have the option to send a smile to show they’re interested in a person, send a pre-made question, or a custom message. Even non-subscribing members can send unlimited messages.

1000 Hands and More that Help Out

eHarmony help page image for international dating site review eHarmony’s customer service is always ready to provide assistance to its members for any questions and concerns they may have.

One of the biggest assets of eHarmony is its customer assistance. It has won Customer Service Department of the Year Award and Best in Class Call Center in over the past few years. This goes to show how outstanding their services are. It has also won Best Marketing Campaign from the iDate Awards in 2016.

Any problems regarding the site or its services are quickly attended to by eHarmony’s dedicated team. It sticks to its promise of helping singles find love through their service. Apart from customer care, they also give dating advice to love-seekers through specific page that forwards users to lists of helpful articles. From first date tips to relationship advices, there’s always something for everyone.

More than that, other members also contribute helpful tips to new users through their testimonials. A success story page is also available for readers to see real stories of people who found love through eHarmony.

It’s Worth It

Here’s a little problem with eHarmony, however. According to their site, they organize their own tours. However, when choosing the option to view more information about these, it automatically redirects to their homepage. Users are unable to find more information about their said tours.

Another con of eHarmony is that members with that do not have a paid subscription are unable to view the photos of their matches, not even a single photo. For a site that promotes compatibility between people, not seeing how the other person looks like can be a significant problem for users. However, these issues do not outweigh the overall benefit of the site. As eHarmony grows, these problems are given solutions as well.

At the end of the day, eHarmony continues to bring love right to the fingertips of its members. It has a search algorithm that values preference and compatibility, an outstanding customer service, and a service with so much potential. Without a doubt, eHarmony is more than passable for love-seekers out there who are looking for someone to spend the rest of their lives with.

It’s great to start a budding romance in, a place where compatibility in personality brings two hearts together.