Do's, Don'ts and Advice for Finding Your Life Mate Internationally

International Dating & Mail Order Brides - Fact VS Fiction

While international dating is more accepted nowadays than a few years ago, there is still a certain stigma surrounding it. Specifically, people think that women who date foreign men are mail order brides because they believe that these women are only in relationships with them to escape poverty, or to look for greener pastures in a different country. However, while in some circumstances this may be true, it isn't always the case.

There are many reasons why international dating and so-called mail order brides get a bad reputation, and it has something to do with how they are portrayed in the media. In fact, most myths are obsolete and rarely apply to circumstances now.

To destroy outdated stereotypes, the internet plays a huge role. To debunk the common myths, first we must define what international dating and mail order brides are. International dating is two people from different countries cultures who are in a relationship.

The term mail order bride is coined from an old 19th-century practice where women advertise themselves for marriage on a list where other moneyed men seeking wives can purchase them.

Nowadays, it is a term used to poorly describe men seeking foreign women marriage. Below are reasons why the antiquated definition of mail order brides no longer applies to men and women in international dating:

International Dating & Mail Order Brides Fiction #1: Women Only Want Rich Men & Are Only After Green Cards

The biggest myth surrounding mail order brides is that the women are only after rich men because they see them as a ticket to a green card and a better life abroad. Television shows, stories, songs and movies about gold digging foreign women with rich old husbands perpetuate this stereotype, which unfortunately, has gotten stuck in the minds of the general public.

Portrayals often have young beautiful girls play the role of swindling lonely old men out of money and their hand for marriage. Once they have their green card and papers, they’re off to find lovers their own age as they live handsomely in the mansions of their former husbands.

These stories, while some may be true, are mere exaggerations by the media as they look to heighten television ratings, or sell publications. Sensationalist stories do sell after all, and stories of successful foreign marriages rarely make it to the front page.

International Dating & Mail Order Brides Fact #1: Men and Women Are Looking for True Love

The main reason why men and women date internationally is that they are actually looking for real connections and true love. With international dating, the chances of meeting a partner who is more compatible are higher, which results in a better and longer lasting union than dating locally.

There’s another stigma that international dating is only for people who are considered socially awkward losers but this isn’t the case. It only means that they have accepted the fact that their soulmates may be living in another country. They are more open-minded than those who shun this idea and opportunity.

Furthermore, millions of “normal” men and women use online dating to find their matches. International dating isn’t a new thing because the advent of new technology enabled it to evolve to be more convenient and open for anybody.

International Dating & Mail Order Brides Fiction #2: International Marriages Never Last Long

Some people think that these marriages of convenience lasting came from the train of thought that thinks women in these unions file for a divorce right away after getting their green cards. Other people think that mixed marriages don’t work due to concerns of inevitable issues and differences between two people coming from different countries, cultures, background, religion, creed and even socio-economic class.

The old stereotypes are slowly becoming debunked thanks in part to the internet. Through online exchanges and resources, people are becoming more and more informed and educated on international dating, as well as in meeting and seeking foreign singles.

International Dating & Mail Order Brides Fact #2: International Marriages are the Most Successful

This is where the naysayers are wrong. International marriages are among the most successful unions in the world. In fact, numerous reputable statistics by the US government have shown that divorce rates among foreign marriages are lower than domestic marriages.

A lot of factors come into play when it comes to marriage, even more so in international ones. Immigration and visa processing, religious beliefs, cultural differences plus all the elements in local marriages play only a partial role. The most important aspects of a successful partnership largely rely on the quality of the relationship.

This is to say that most of those who date foreign singles are mature men and women who are looking for serious, steady partners ready to settle down. Dedicated singles actually go to marriage agencies to arrange for matchmaking services, and to meet with as many compatible women as possible to up their prospects and their chances of finding true love.

International Dating & Mail Order Brides Fiction #3: All International Marriage Agencies are a Scam

This is false. Not all international marriage agencies are out to swindle money from lonely men. There are reputable agencies out there that really do care about making a great match between two compatible people.

While marriage scams do exist, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself from this. The most obvious thing you should never do when online dating is to give money or your personal information right away. The next is to do your research, most successful international marriage agencies have testimonials from real people, reviews and if they are already established, mentions in media outlets.

International Dating & Mail Order Brides Fact #3: Reputable Agencies Do Exist

The biggest marks of a reputable marriage agency are having their business address and telephone number listed on their website and social media. This means that they have real people working for them who can answer the phone for any queries and concerns.

Established agencies with considerable experience in the industry know that online dating scams exist. That is why they do their part of reassuring clients by being reachable that they are a safe and secure avenue for meeting international singles for serious relationships and marriage. Naturally, they watch out for scammers and fortify their websites with tips and advice for dealing with anything online.