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Dating Latin Women in Peru

Why Peruvian Women Are Unlike Any Other Latin Women

Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, Sacred Valley, Howler Monkeys - these are some of the things that are closely associated with Peru. The country is among the group of countries in Latin America, and while Latin women in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico are more known, it takes a special person to recognize the beautiful qualities of Peruvian women.

There are certain traits that are usually attached to Latin women. It is universally known that Colombians are beautiful as seen by the country’s reputation for producing beauty queens. Brazilians are bodacious and sexy, and Mexican women are lively and exciting. Similar things are said about Latinas in other countries, but what about Peruvian women?

Peru as a country is known for its colorful history and rich culture, which is why it is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. There’s a reason why Peruvian women are not nearly as known as other Latin women because their coming from varied backgrounds makes it hard to put them under a general label.

Like any of their Latina counterparts, Peruvian women are undeniably attractive and a little unconventional, depending on where they're from. They're also traditional in the sense that women are expected to do cooking and cleaning while men take responsibility for providing financial security, protection and manual labors around the house.

Peru women are more serious when it comes to dating, relationships, and marriage. It is in their nature to want to marry at a younger age and create their own families. It is highly likely that they don't play around, and dating them after two to three years may lead to marriage.

Since women in Peru are varied, it sometimes comes a shock for foreign men when they encounter them. However, this does not mean that they are unapproachable. They are rather more easy-going and fun. Girls from huge cities like Lima are more modernized and more dolled up. Meanwhile, women from other parts of Peru are more conservative, natural, and definitely more traditional.

How to Date Latin Women in Peru

Foreign men who come to Peru to check out its beaches, culture, and nature should know that it’s worth checking out the women as well. Like many Latin women, Peruvian girls are attracted to mature men from Western countries. However, they are not easily swayed by white skin, blonde hair, colored eyes and American dollars. Serious girls for marriage look for substance, compatibility, and loyalty. They are in it for life after all, and that is wise to tread lightly on dating territory.

The best way to date Peru women is to be your most authentic, genuine self. Peru women have a particular taste for mature men who are kind, traditional like her, romantic and gentlemanly. Unlike other Latin women, Peruvian women are refreshingly sincere and honest.

They don't bait and play games or act coy because they are straightforward and know what they want. A little bit of flirting and getting to know her is enough to get in her good graces.

She appreciates flowers, dinner, fine wine and walks on the beach because they are extremely romantic. However, caution should be exercised because when a Peruvian woman falls in love with you, they will be yours for life. They will expect marriage and in turn, they will return it a hundredfold in loyalty, love and care as an outstanding wife and an even better mother.

Other than showing her your best side, here are more tips and ideas on how to date women in Peru:

  1. Take Her Dancing – Latinas love to dance and women in Peru are no exception. One of the best ways to enamor her to you is by understanding her love for dancing. These chicas live for dancing because it is so deeply ingrained in their culture.

    Dance is a universal language, and on first dates where talking may be more awkward, dancing could be a great alternative where actions can speak louder than words. Dance with her, test your chemistry, and be transfixed at how her refined natural grace and body rhythm can seduce you on the dance floor.

  2. Ask About Her Heritage – Peruvian women are extremely proud of their background and heritage. They would rather choose it over any unappreciative gringo who doesn’t see beauty in it the same way she does. They are the heirs to centuries of history, past civilizations and culture, so it is natural for them to take pride in their cultural identity.

    Foreign men who want to experience Peru should not only be contented with going to tourist destinations, they should talk to its people too. Proud Peruvian women are well-versed in their heritage, and she will be delighted to talk about it, even while on a date. If you want to impress her, let her free and be herself in her proud, unspoiled glory.

  3. Be Romantic – Women are romantic by nature, and Peruvian women are no exception. It doesn’t mean you have to give her the moon if she asks for it, she’s also a realist. Simple gestures like opening doors, paying for dinner, and giving her compliments are enough to make her comfortable and more receptive of your intentions to her.

  4. Don’t Play Games – If you want to date and pursue Peru women, remember that they are looking for husbands. Since divorce is uncommon, they are looking for someone to love and to hold for life. If the intention is to not marry, tell her the truth early on. Peru women don’t want to waste their time, so it would be better to tell her straight up rather than play games.

  5. Learn Her Language - Peru's primary spoken language is Spanish, but there are others who speak Quechua and other languages. Girls from Lima primarily speak Spanish, so if you want to impress her, learn some basic phrases and sentences in her mother tongue. Language exchange and education can also be a good way to bond and get to know one another and it could be fun!

Useful Romantic Spanish Phrases to Impress Women in Peru

A language barrier can be a difficult thing, especially among two people who are dating and don't speak a common tongue. Not everyone can speak English. So instead of forcing her to learn it for you, why not learn Spanish and impress her instead? Here are some useful and romantic Spanish phrases and sentences to help you out on your next date:

  • Hola – Hello!
  • Tienes novio? - Do you have a boyfriend?
  • Me gustaría salir contigo - I would like to take you out (for dinner/date)
  • Eres muy linda - You are pretty
  • He estado pensando en ti - I have been thinking of you
  • Me haces mucha falta - I miss you so much
  • No puedo esperar a verte - I cannot wait to see you
  • Eres tan carinyosa - You are sweet
  • Te quiero - I like you (in a romantic way)
  • Te quiero much - I like you very much
  • Te amo - I love you
  • Yo tambien te amo - I love you too
  • Eres la mujer de mis suenyos - You are the woman of my dreams
  • Eres el amor de mi vida - You are the love of my life

These are only a few basic phrases that you can use as a beginner. If you are serious about learning Spanish, it is best to take a Spanish language course or self-study. You may even ask your date to practice with you so that the both of you can understand one another better.

Have you encountered Peru women? How do you think they differ from other Latin women? Share your experiences in the comments below. For more articles like this, go to our International Dating Advice Articles page.