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Dating Women in Russia

There are many things that Russia is known for, but one of the most iconic things that stand out is their women. Russian women have a bad rep of being known as mail order brides, so what’s the point of dating one, right? Wrong. It’s the 21 st century and the unfounded rumors remain what they are and should belong in the past.

Russian women are treated unfairly by the misguided notion that they only marry Western men for money and a visa to a more luxurious life. First, women in Russia make the best girlfriends and wives due to their innate values of loyalty and self-sacrifice for family. Second, many men lose out on the opportunity to date and marry them because of this negative stereotype. In fact, many Western men say that their dating preferences are geared more towards Russian women after successful dates with them.

Dispelling the Russian Mail Order Bride Myth

It's possible that the fame of Russian mail order brides come from numerous dating services and websites that showcase beautiful brides willing and looking to be matched to their future husbands. The skepticism comes from the fact that all the women in these websites are undoubtedly good looking and modelesque that it’s almost too good to be true.

According to what the media popularized, Russian mail order brides are advertised to be bid or bought by wealthy men looking for gorgeous trophy wives. This isn’t true at all. This is what we call human trafficking and is in fact, very illegal.

One of the reasons why Russian women avail of dating services, or go to websites, is the real fact that there is a shortage of men in the country. Their traditionalist natures and religious beliefs compel them to marry, make a family and have children. Don’t get it wrong - they don’t marry for that reason alone; above all else, they marry for love.

Perks of Dating Women in Russia & Values of Russian Women

For those familiar with the Russian mail order bride stereotype, they might be surprised to know that Russian women are actually very conservative. Aside from the fact they prioritize a love match in order to marry, they are traditional in the sense that they require to be wed in holy matrimony before doing anything between the sheets with a man.

Russian culture is rooted in family values and traditions. That being said, women are naturally more traditionalist than their Western counterparts. This does not mean that they are necessarily happier in the traditional wife role than being a working woman; it's just that it comes more naturally to them. Furthermore, Russia is a hard place to live in, so it has become necessary for Russian women to work hard at their careers. They are resilient and diligent, so it is possible for them to juggle both, or prioritize whatever they choose. However, no matter how well-educated or successful they are in their careers, they yearn for a family of their own, just like any other women.

Russian women are known for their beauty, and this is not an accident. Because of the harsh conditions they sometimes have to live in, Russian women have to be competitive, and this includes everything in their lives, like their appearances.

This is why they are always dressed to the nines everywhere they go, even when going grocery shopping, getting the paper and other simple activities. This is a good thing, because it shows that they take good care of themselves. Being gorgeous takes a lot of work – fabulous outfits fit better on bodies that are in tip-top shape after all.

Apart from all that, here are some perks of dating women in Russia:

  1. Straightforward - If you have a weak heart, chances are, you don't have what it takes to date Russian women. These ladies are uncomplicated and blunt as they come. They never put off arguments, issues and other problems, because it is not in their nature to tiptoe. Russian women communicate their feelings, thoughts, and opinions as they come, because they believe in solving any immediate problems to save time and avoid any future ones.

  2. Loyal - Russian women are loyal to a fault, because they put their family above all else. Those who date these women know this to be true, and those who are married to one have first-hand experience of how fierce they could get when it comes to defending their family. This, plus their upbringing, will make them unlikely to cheat or betray their partners in any way.

  3. Active & Fun - Their competitive nature encourages them strive to excel in many things like education and sports. Dating Russian women can be fun because they are active and they know how to have fun. They have enthusiastic personalities, so whether they are engaged in hiking, running, swimming or other activities, dating Russian women is always exciting.

  4. Family-oriented - One cannot reiterate enough that Russian women are family-oriented and traditionalists. When they get married (for love, of course!), their main priority shifts to dedicating their love, effort, and time to their husbands and children.

  5. Good Cook - Russian women can cook - as in they can actually cook without using the microwave. Their traditionalist background has prepared them to take over the household someday when they marry and have kids, so that is why that they know how to cook; delicious and traditional Russian meals included!

Dating 101 - How to Impress Russian Women

There is no special approach to meeting and dating Russian women because they are like any other female – their preferences vary. Basic rules of dating etiquette apply, of course, but there are certain angles that one can take to impress them to smoothly transition oneself from a stranger to friend and eventually, to lover.

  1. Know How to Dress Well - Russian women are always dressed up no matter the occasion so they expect for their future partners to do the same. They put in all the effort and time to doll themselves up, why shouldn't their dates and prospects do the same? Dressing well doesn't mean putting on suits all the time. Casual clothes can work, but don't wear shirts and pants all the time. Most of all, remember to always dress comfortably.

  2. Bring Her a Small Gift or Flowers – Russian women, just like any other women, love receiving small gifts or flowers. This does not mean that they are materialistic, it simply means that they love receiving tokens that show the fact that they are appreciated.

    However, there are a couple of things you need to take note of when giving a Russian women flowers. You must never give a Russian woman an even number of flowers, because an even number of flowers are usually given during funerals. Also, you must never give a Russian women yellow flowers during a first date, as yellow flowers are usually associated with the end of a relationship.

  3. Be Generous with Compliments – This works with women in general, but Russian women truly appreciate the flattery they receive because they know they work hard for it. Besides, it is nice to be appreciated for what they do.

  4. Talk About Intelligent Topics – Avoid small talk and talk more about topics that really matter. Russian women are romantics at heart for sure but they are also highly intelligent and well-educated.

  5. Show Her You’re Capable – Russian women crave security, and this is not a bad thing because they are looking out for the interests of her future family. Stability and capability comes in many forms, which includes being in good financial, emotional, and physical health.

    One of the common ways to send this message to the lady is by footing the bill during a restaurant date, staying away from vices like drinking and smoking, carrying her bags when she’s shopping, opening doors and more.

  6. Avoid Sexual Topics on Dates - The aim of Russian women when it comes to relationships is to be emotionally and intellectually connected to their partners. They prioritize being an important part of their boyfriend or husband’s lives, and that is why they are eager to invest and work for their relationships. Conversations regarding sexual matters, especially on first dates, is a major turn off for most of these ladies. Win her heart first, value her whole being, and really listen to what she has to say.

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