Do's, Don'ts and Advice for Finding Your Life Mate Internationally

Essentials for the International Dating Traveler

Travelling has always been a fun adventure that many people want to partake in. At a certain point in our lives, we must have all harbored dreams of travelling to a faraway destination and experiencing different kinds of cultures, and meeting different kinds of people.

With the emergence of more airports and airlines being opened, and budget airfare becoming more common, this dream is becoming a reality for many people. Many sites bearing headlines like, “travelling on a budget” or, “international backpacking 101” are helping international travelers accomplish their travelling dreams, even while on a budget.

While on your international excursions, you might find that you prefer the company of people you meet abroad as your romantic partner, and might decide to take another trip abroad to find the perfect partner for you. While there are so many more things you can prepare for which apply to specific countries, there are a few basic things you need to keep in mind as an international dating traveler.

Learn the Language

First things first, if you’re going to a foreign country for travel, it’s best to have some knowledge of the local language. While it’s not necessary for you to be an expert linguist, it does help to have some basic phrases down pat. These can help you out if you’re travelling by yourself, and you need directions or anything else just as important. This can also help you make new friends wherever you visit.

Also, if you meet a woman from the country you’re visiting, you’re bound to impress her with the fact that you’re able to speak a few phrases in her mother tongue. The fact that you’ve taken the time to learn some of her language also shows your respect towards her and her culture.

If you’re worried that you might mess up the accent or the pronunciation, you should know that there’s nothing to worry about, as she’ll be charmed by the sound of boring, everyday phrases in her native tongue made exotic when said by a world-weary traveler such as yourself.

Study the Culture

It’s important to do some research on the country that you’re going to be visiting. Again, it shows the appropriate amount of respect to the local and the woman you’re thinking of wooing if you take the time to read up on some local cultures. It is simply rude to do whatever you want that could potentially offend someone, and let yourself off the hook with the excuse that you’re a foreigner.

In addition to this, read up on the local dating culture as well, as you might end up unintentionally offending someone if you attempt to court the woman you’re interested in with dating practices from your country. Different cultures employ different dating cultures, and it’s important to be mindful of these when travelling abroad with the intention to date someone from there.

For example, in some countries, it is still very much expected that the man should be the one to pick up the check. In the West, while going Dutch is the norm, with both men and women offering to pick up the tab equally, in more conservative countries, men as expected to pay for dinner, no questions asked. It isn’t an issue of a political statement or feminism; it simply is the way in these countries.

Pack the Important Stuff

As always, when travelling to a foreign country, don’t forget all the important things you’ll need during your travels. Important travel documents, like your passport and visa are never to be forgotten. If possible, make copies of everything, just in case.

You’ll need your IDs for identification purposes, and if you have foreign travel health insurance, don’t forget to bring the cards for these. If you need any medications, make sure to pack enough to last you for the duration of the trip, and maybe even a little extra. These medications might be more expensive abroad, or unavailable.

Bring the basic necessities for your flight. If your flight’s going to be a long one, it’s best to be prepared. Earphones, a jacket and scarf, an eye mask, and enough in-flight entertainment downloaded onto your phone to last you the entire flight are some of the things you’ll need when on a long flight to your destination.

Power banks and adapters are another other basic essentials you’ll need when travelling to a foreign country. Phone adapters which are convertible to the power requirement of the country of your destination are especially important as you might end up destroying your phone or device by plugging it into an outlet that has the wrong voltage for your phone.

Some Important Apps You’ll Need

Your smartphone might be one of the most important things you’ll bring with you to another country. There are a large number of apps available for the world traveler, ranging from language helpers like Duolingo, Google Translate and Rosetta Stone, to GPS apps like Google Maps.

Apps like XE provide you with up to date currency conversions from all over the world, and budget apps like Mint and Wallet help you keep track of your expenses in order to make sure that you’re not overspending.

Prepare a Decent Budget and Know Your Payment Options

Always have a budget in mind when travelling abroad, and make sure that this fits in with your income bracket. It wouldn’t do to spend everything you have on one amazing trip abroad, only to come home and be completely broke. Have a budget in mind when setting up your travel accommodations and plans.

When travelling to another country, be aware of what payment options are accessible to you in that country. For example, while credit cards are the most convenient payment option, there are many countries that rarely use it as a payment option.

ATM machines are convenient as well, as there are ATM machines available anywhere where you can withdraw however much you need. However, international ATMs can charge up to $7 for every ATM transaction you make.

Cash is the most popular option, but be smart when handling your money. Keep some stashed in your hotel, and in areas in your clothing that thieves or pickpockets won’t think of searching.

Travel in a Group

While travelling alone is a tempting option, it isn’t recommended for someone travelling abroad for the first time. Especially if you’re looking to travel to another country to meet a woman you’ve been corresponding with online, it’s recommended that you travel in a group. Having a group of fellow travelers helps minimize risk or being mugged, and they’ll be there for you as backup in case you need it.

What if you get off that plane, meet the woman you’ve been talking to, and find out that she’s been lying to you about how she looks, or worse, what her gender is? The group you’re travelling can help provide support and help you get back on your feet, if anything untoward happens.

Stay Connected

Don’t forget to phone home once in a while to let your friends and family know you’re okay and having a great time abroad with your partner of choice. You can purchase SIM cards at the airport and use those to stay in touch, but this will only work on an unlocked phone.

The best way to stay connected without too much hassle is by installing WhatsApp, Viber, or Facebook Messenger on your smartphone to help you stay connected with everyone back home.

Have Fun

Most of all, don’t forget to have fun out there. You’re mixing two of the most wonderful life experiences out there: travel and love, and you should definitely make the most of it.