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Dating and finding love can be quite a challenge. It can be hard to find someone who is compatible with a person’s interests, values, and lifestyle but it certainly is not impossible. A great solution to that is It is the home site of A Foreign Affair, one of the trusted and one of the longest running introduction and tour companies in the dating industry. Those looking for love often find it in its exquisite pool of beauties from around the world.

Receiving an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau, the agency’s performance and security are guaranteed to be top of the line. Not everyone, given the nature of its industry, can get this high of a score. This alone clears up any doubts on the authenticity of A Foreign Affair. With its credentials, one can easily see that it is reliable, outstanding, secured, and nowhere near a waste of money.

For someone looking for love, here are is a quick round-up of what can be expected from AFA.

What Makes A Foreign Affair Unique from Other Sites?

A Foreign Affair home page image for international dating site review Established since 1995, A Foreign Affair continues to provide quality matchmaking services for its users.

Established Agency with Worldwide Connection

It started out in 1995 and has given satisfactory service to subscribers since then. It has been featured in multiple media outlets such as ABC Nightline, The Today Show, National Geographic, and more. The committed service of the company does not stop in its head office in Phoenix, Arizona, but continues on through their foreign offices based around the world.

It has fully-operating branches in St. Petersburg, Peru, Kiev, Shenzhen, Costa Rica, the Philippines, and more. Members are assisted by the staff and representatives of the company as they go on tours offered in the countries mentioned above. A sufficient number of translators are provided by the company as well, and eases the concern of communication between the members and the ladies during the social.

A Foreign Affair also assists its members with accommodation and transportation to and from the country of their destination. All they have to do is fill-out the appropriate forms on the website and prepare the necessities during their tour, and the company takes care of everything else. When things work out and their members choose to bring the woman that they have fallen in love with to their home country and are in need of the K1 fiancée visa, AFA also provides assistance with the entire process.

Convenient Membership Registration

A Foreign Affair registration page image for international dating site review With a simple registration process, A Foreign Affair is easily accessible to anybody seeking love online and in real life.

The whole registration process is straightforward. Like other dating sites, anyone can sign up with for free of charge. A form is readily available on the site that only requires the basic personal information; name, contact details, and the like. It’s a quick process, and allows you immediate access to the website’s search feature.

Apart from the free search, one can also upgrade their membership to platinum for $95 activation fee and enjoy a great money-saving deal. They get to exchange letters to hundreds of addresses, participate in three-way phone translations, access videos, and other perks. It also renews automatically on a monthly basis, should they choose to continue with the service. But if they choose to do so, they also have the option to terminate their accounts anytime at their convenience. The members really have an option on what they want to do with their platinum account.

For those a bit short on the budget, there are lower price levels too, namely, silver and gold. At $12 they get an email address or two of the women of their choice. Meanwhile, the gold membership is at $9 with the benefit of having three to ten email addresses of any female member of the site. The flexibility of the fees is convenient for all its users regardless of their financial capacity.

Wide Selection of Ladies

A Foreign Affair women’s profile page image for international dating site review With profiles of hundreds of women from all around the globe, A Foreign Affair guarantees that there is somebody for everybody.

The information on the profiles of each girl may be brief, but the photos that come with it speaks volumes about them. There are a couple of candid shots with one or two formal photos. It openly showcases the diverse beauties on the site, which is very convenient for the members and searchers.

When searching, it is also possible to filter out the results that come up. Searchers can select the age range, nationality, interest, religion, etc. This guarantees that members are paired with women whom they are compatible with.

Exciting Services for Finding Love

A Foreign Affair gift center page image for international dating site review Never ignoring the impact of a physical gift despite the distance, A Foreign Affair helps men send gifts and written letters to the women they are wooing.

Exchange Love Letters with the Girls

With the virtual addresses that users get for their chosen membership, they can send messages with the woman of registered with the website. They can their communication lines open, which is important when trying to make a connection with someone.

The letters go through AFA’s servers and are translated, should the member pay for the translation fee. However, the women still have the last say on whether they choose to receive the mail or not. After all, AFA protects both the girls and its members the same way.

Another security measure implemented by them is by forwarding the background information of the email sender to the recipient in compliance with the federal law. For the women who don’t have an email address, members get postal addresses.

However, members will have to pay an additional $9.99 or $7.99 for Platinum members to use the Express Mail Service of AFA. Either way, the users are not robbed of the money that they had paid for. The best part is that all these minor charges are still lower than what is being charged by other dating agencies.

Another thing to note about the letter exchange service offered by AFA is that letters are an important piece of evidence to present during the processing of the fiancée visa.

Experience Singles Vacation Packages

A Foreign Affair tours page image for international dating site review Famous for the international singles vacation, A Foreign Affair has more tours yearly in more locations than any other introduction tour agencies.

Above everything else, AFA’s most popular service is its romantic tours. They have regular tour schedules that members can choose to participate in. Not only do they have the opportunity to meet hundreds of good-looking foreign women in other countries, they also have the chance to visit other countries at an affordable price. It gives them the best of both worlds right on their very doorsteps.

A Foreign Affair has relatively more tours in Europe, Asia, and even in Latin America compared to other introduction tour agencies. The cost of the tour packages includes the membership on, fiancée visa kit, the socials, and an optional 4-hour sightseeing tour. However, it is not only limited to these. A pre-tour assistance service is also provided to all those joining. This is to make sure that everyone is well-informed about what is going to happen and what they should be expecting.

AFA also has its standards when choosing where the tour participants will be staying for the duration of their stay in the city. The agency makes sure that quality hotels are chosen with superb service and hospitable staff. Each member is provided with their own room with a full breakfast waiting for them every morning.

After the tour, one can choose to stay a little longer and explore the city on their own. There are plenty of agency representatives that can assist those who decide to stay behind. They can also ask for a free consultation regarding their fiancée visa concerns and the like. AFA also gives a hefty $300 discount for members who decide to join the tour again. This promotion encourages a lot of people to go through the experience over and over.

Downside of A Foreign Affair

The service the site promotes is very promising. However, the appearance of the website of could use some improvisation. The large number links on its homepage can be a little overwhelming and could easily confuse readers, and makes it difficult to maneuver the website.

Nevertheless, the information it is trying to convey is complete and understandable. The design of a site reflects the quality of service a business provides. This is something that they should work on.

All things considered, A Foreign Affair is an outstanding dating agency that paves the way for those seeking love to find their match in locations outside their home country. Its services are legit and returns the value of its members’ expenses. The growth of the company can be expected in the years to come as more lovers match together online and on tours.