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International Dating Red & Green Flags

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International dating today has become more convenient and instantaneous thanks to the internet. In fact, you don't have to travel to faraway places in order to meet some. You can do it through online dating with the use of a computer and an internet connection.

People have taken full advantage of the endless possibilities of what the internet can do during since its advent in the early 90's. Nowadays, it is very easy to order food online, go shopping, read the news, and interact virtually with other people.

Online dating sites have since become the norm, which provides an alternate avenue for singles looking to improve their chances of finding love. However, with advantages, also comes with disadvantages and bad things when it comes to online interactions, which predominantly include scams.

Before anything else, keep in mind that it does no good to be overly paranoid. There really are people out there who are in the same predicament as you - looking for someone to call their other half to face the future with.

Unfortunately, there is a small percentage of unsavory individuals who seek to take advantage of lonely men and women by taking their money which makes them distrustful of online dating. To protect yourself, we’ve come up with some red and green flags for international dating below.

International Dating Red Flags

  • Your Lady Doesn't Exist in Social Media – Unless the foreign women you plan to interact with are from big international dating sites, it is obvious why you can’t search them in social media.

    Their last names are often not listed along with their first name for privacy reasons. There’s also a reason why they opt to be listed in date sites – they want serious people who won’t waste their time. They’re there to find someone to seriously date and marry.

    However, it’s different if you’ve been talking with your online date for quite some time and they don’t have any trace in social media. Circumstances may vary but this is mostly considered a glaring red flag if you can’t trace them with their first and last name in popular social media accounts.

  • Answers Specific Questions Generally – Another red flag to look out for when chatting with a potential foreign date is how they don’t answer questions directly. There have been cases where people are hired to interact or chat with lonely men. The reason why they have blanket statements for specific questions asked is likely because they already have template responses as these kinds of operations have their workers chat with more than 3 people at the same time.

  • They Don't Speak Over the Phone or Skype Personally – If the first few red flags are not enough to convince, another way to truly know if the foreign single you’re communicating with is real is to speak over the phone or video call on Skype. It goes without saying that if she refuses after being asked for many times or if she has plenty of excuses to give, chances are, the foreign women you’re dating may not be real.

    There could be cases that some foreign women may be shy or does not know enough English to speak over the phone or video call, but it is very rare. Especially if you’ve already been corresponding to them for a long time.

  • She Never Wants to Meet Up in Person – Suppose you took the big leap and purchased tickets to fly over her home country for a few days of vacation. Another red flag to look out for is if she doesn’t want to meet up in person. It is highly likely that the person you were connecting with is a phony and were using a photo of a good-looking woman to hook you in.

  • She Tells You "I Love You" Right Away – Scammers don’t waste their time. They fluff their potential victims with sweet words and endearments right away if it means getting their trust and affection faster.

    They are unscrupulous in getting what they want that they use attention, flattery and even the three sacred words, “I love you,” as a means. So ultimately, what do international dating scammers want? You may already have a good guess, so proceed to the point below.

  • She Asks for Money and Lay the Tragic Drama On Thick – The end goal of online scammers is to get money from their victims. It’s almost like clockwork: after the sweet words comes the asking for money part. There are several ways they do this: scammers might ask outright for money, or they stage a drama that involves payment for a loved one who got into a tragic accident, or cannot pay for some important thing like food and even tuition.

    Sometimes, scammers lure lonely foreign men off the dating site where they met just so they can take control of the situation and milk them of of their money. They do this in order to minimize the chances of them being reported to the online dating site. Do others a solid by reporting dating scammers like this right away.

    Some do go above and beyond to make their victims think that they are “in love” by acting eager to meet them. So they ask money from their victims to arrange for passports, visa applications, tickets, and more. They usually start out small, by asking for a few hundred dollars for the “visa”, and then progressively ask for higher amounts of money for plane tickets, which may cost upwards to at least $800, depending on where they say they’re from.

    Scammers also redirect their victims through a “travel agency” she is in good contact with to help her with processing her papers. After a speaking with them, the victims will often receive an email or a call from the said agency and explain about their foreign lover’s payments.

    A good rule to remember when encountering this is that American tourist visas cannot be obtained through a travel agency no matter how “well-respected” and “legit” it is in her home country.

International Dating Green Flags

  • Frequent Communication – That is to say, she hits it off with you with fun and interesting conversations one day, and the next day, she disappears for a few weeks at a time. If she’s this wishy-washy with her time with you, it’s time to move on and look for someone else.

    It is understandable that there may be time differences, and she may not be able to respond for a few days, especially in international dating. However, it’s another case when she disappears for a few weeks and talks back to you like no time passed.

    If your online date is serious and ready for a relationship, she will prioritize her correspondence with you. Furthermore, she doesn’t shy away from answering questions you may have, and is clear about what she wants right from the start.

  • You’re Offline at the Same Time – If she’s truly serious with you (and not a scammer), she will be offline at the same time that you are. This means that once you’re done corresponding, you two should no longer be on the dating site.

    If the women you are corresponding with is still online long after you’ve said your goodbyes, chances are, she’s talking with someone else. Dating – especially – international dating takes a lot of commitment and doing this simple thing is a big green flag for your international relationship.

  • She Wants to Meet with You (For Real) – Dating is fun and exciting, but international dating can be a bit difficult simply because the other person is not in the same country. Those who are serious usually want to arrange a meet up, usually in the country of the woman. If she is serious, she would insist on seeing you too.

    While it may seem romantic and extra, there are considerable dangers when it comes to actually going to a foreign country to meet with foreign women for the first time. If you're set on traveling solo to unknown lands for the chance of true love, consider the risks and dangers.

    It is recommended to join international singles vacation, because simply put, it is safer to travel in groups with a trusted, established tour company. There’s also a bigger chance of finding someone you can truly connect with during a tour since you’ll be introduced to hundreds of foreign women, rather than by traveling solo to meet a single woman you’ve never met.

Do you have any experiences to share? Share your online dating scam stories in the comment section below to help readers look out for more red flags in international dating. For those who have concluded their international dating stories with a happy ending, feel free to share as well! Feel free to browse our International Dating Advice Articles page for more tips like this.