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Is International Dating Right for You?

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International dating has opened doors for many in the dating world. Men and women who are unsatisfied with the dating scene in their home countries and are willing to try something new are allowed the opportunity to try their luck overseas. With the advancement of technology, you can now find potential partners from the safety of your home and communicate through the internet.

However, while this has a lot of advantages, it is important to take note that there might be instances where international dating might not be the best option for you. This can be determined by the presence of one or more traits we’ve listed below. If you find that you have one or more of these traits, perhaps it would be wise to reevaluate your decision to try international dating. At least, until you have resolved the part of you that isn’t exactly right for online dating.

Why Are You Considering International Dating?

When evaluating whether international dating is right for you, you need to first take a look at your motivations for wanting to get into it. Are you motivations good? For example, are you considering international dating because you want to try something new and have always admired the women from different countries? If this is so, then your motivations for international dating are sound.

However, if you’re considering international dating because you think that there’s something wrong the women in your home country, perhaps you need to rethink going abroad to meet women.

Your Attitude Towards Women

Before you think about considering international dating, you need to take a look at your attitude towards women. For example, if you think all women from your home country are out to undermine you, and you harbor deep feelings of resentment for them, then you need to reevaluate going abroad to meet women.

Women are meant to be respected, and although they may vary in attitude in how they treat people due to their cultural upbringing, at the end of the day, they are still women who are to be treated well.

Take a look at yourself and think about why you need to go abroad to meet women. If you find that you can’t deal with any kind of women for personal reasons, then perhaps you need to change your attitude towards them. Meeting women from other countries isn’t going to change your your history with women unless you do something about it first.

Do You Have The Financial Capacity to Get Into International Dating?

Choosing to date internationally is a decision that many have made before you, and these decisions were made with no regrets. However, before you consider getting into international dating, you have to assess if you have the financial capacity to get into international dating.

This is because there are a lot of financial needs involved when it comes to international dating. For example, it will cost money to fly over to the country of your choice and stay there long enough to meet the woman of your dreams there.

For a more cost effective option, you can choose to take part in a singles vacation, which is significantly cheaper than a solo vacation abroad. These singles vacations have everything included in the package, from the socials where you meet women, up to your accommodations. However, even if you take a singles vacation, you will still need to spend money to process the Fiancee Visa papers you’ll need to bring your wife home.

You should also be financially capable of supporting you and your foreign bride, as it will be difficult for her to find a job the first year the both of you are married, due to immigration laws. If you don’t feel as though you are financially capable of supporting yourself, then it would be best not to bring a foreign bride into the fold of it all until you’ve sorted everything out.

Have You Ever Been Convicted of a Crime?

Being convicted of a crime in your home country might make it more difficult for you to get started on international dating. If you’ve ever been convicted of a violent felony, or if you’ve been divorced more than once, or have filed for bankruptcy in the last ten years, you might want to rethink getting into international dating. This is because of certain VISA restrictions you might encounter, which are especially prevalent in the West.

Do You Find It Difficult To Be Honest To Women?

This particular trait is something that men may or may not be aware of. Do you find yourself stretching the truth, just a bit whenever you talk about yourself to women? You might find yourself lying about how much you make, what you look like in real life, or even what your job is.

Some men do this because they want to seem more impressive to other women, others do it because they simply find themselves doing it out of reflex. No matter what your reasons are, if you find it difficult to be honest to yourself and others, it would be advisable to take some time to reassess yourself before getting into a relationship with someone else, especially with someone who is willing to travel thousands of miles to be with you.

Did You Just Get Out of a Serious Relationship?

If you’ve just gotten out of a serious relationship, you might want to stay out of any kind of dating scene in the meantime, not just international dating. You need to take some time to take a step back and get your life together, especially if the relationship was long term or serious.

You can probably sign up on a few sites, and browse some pictures, but don’t think about pursuing another serious relationship just yet unless you’re absolutely sure that you’re over your previous one. It isn’t fair to your future partner to have them go through the stress of watching you deal with getting over a past relationship.

When considering international dating, there are a lot of things to take into consideration before you can devote yourself to international dating. Some of these factors involve economic, legal, or personal reasons. Before you decide to try out international dating, take some time to look at yourself first. Understand that if you take this seriously, there is a lot of investment involved.

Not just financial investment, but personal and emotional investment as well. International dating is a fun and wonderful thing to take a part of, being able to meet someone from another culture and fall in love with them, as well as allowing them to get to know you and fall in love with you in turn.

But you have to determine if you’re emotionally and mentally ready to do this, because if you aren’t, you might end up hurting someone else, or have your own feelings hurt, and end up with a lot of wasted time and effort.

What do you think are the signs that show if international dating is right for you? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share with us your own personal experience in trying out international dating for the first time. For more information and articles about international dating, feel free to subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive newsletters and content, and take a look at our International Singles Tours section.