Do's, Don'ts and Advice for Finding Your Life Mate Internationally

International Dating – Advice on Meeting & Dating Foreign Singles

In international dating, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. One of these factors includes dating someone from another country. It may not appear easy given that you will be exposed to a diverse culture and tradition, however, considering yourself in dating a foreign partner will not only give you satisfaction but also expand your borders.

In connection to that, there are things you can do to avoid getting into an awkward situation when you date foreign singles. Here are a few things you can take note of in meeting and dating one:

  • Be yourself. When you start online dating, do not try to lure other people using someone else’s profile picture. It would be disappointing for your potential partner to see a different person during your first meeting. Instead, try developing your own profile. Give emphasis to your own being rather than giving other foreign singles false hopes. Be honest when you set up your profile to have a successful international date.
  • Be prepared. When you meet foreign singles for the first time, be mindful that you need a large amount of time for the preparation. Keep in mind that you are dating someone from a foreign country and thus, you must be considerate and tolerant.
  • Be open-minded. Dating foreign people is definitely different from dating locals, so keep an open mind all the time. Since you are engaging in international dating, allow yourself to be flexible in terms of understanding that your foreign date is of a different cultural background. The key to having an easy-going international date is being tolerant when you see each other.
  • Learn a few phrases of her or his language. One of the common problems in dating internationally is the language barrier. When you communicate with your date, do not assume that he or she can fluently speak English. Thus, it is best to learn a few phrases of your date’s native language. This can also help both of you to have a smooth-sailing conversation.
  • Be sensitive to what your date may feel. In dating single foreigners, there are a lot of factors that you must consider. One of which is being honest. If you are no longer interested with your date, then tell him or her directly. Nothing is even worse than giving someone false hopes. Also, when you start online dating, be sure not to set higher expectations in order not to get hurt badly.

These pieces of advice can help you smoothen your endeavor in online dating. With the help of these tips, you will be ensured of successful international dating.

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After learning how to have an effective and efficient online dating, the next thing you will have to know is how to handle and sustain a healthy relationship with your partner. To do so, here are some online dating tips that you must take note of:

  • Do the things that you used to do during day one. As time goes by, do not let the spark die down on its own. It is undeniable that every person gets lazy in relationships in the long run. This is most likely the common reason why relationships fail to work. Due to years of being together, couples may start losing their patience, thoughtfulness, and understanding, unlike the way it used to appear before. To avoid this, try to look back on the first year of your relationship and begin reigniting it now before it’s too late.
  • Have open communication. Talk to your partner about your feelings as much as possible. If you have concerns, ask and try to listen to your partner’s answers. If you think you are not happy with what your partner has been doing or behaving, then freely express your sentiments toward it. Never let your partner guess. Talk about it and build a stronger relationship through it. Turn your weaknesses into strength.
  • Ask for forgiveness and learn to forgive as well. Know that everybody commits mistakes. If you do wrong to your partner, be willing to ask for forgiveness and learn to forgive. When you ask for an apology, mean it and make it count. Since distance is making both of you feel incomplete, a real and sincere apology is needed. It will surely have a significant impact on your relationship. Never let a single misunderstanding turn into a bigger fight.
  • Be more expressive despite the distance. Online dating is very hard, especially if both of you are experiencing conflict; and it’s even more heartbreaking to know that the distance is what’s making your situation more difficult. The only way not to exhaust yourself with the distance is to simply appreciate it. Be more expressive toward each other in the best ways you could. Make your partner feel your presence despite the gap. Distance will never be a problem because of the internet. Use it to your advantage and work your relationship out.
  • Set goals together. To make your relationship improve and grow, set goals together. Get real and know what you want to achieve at the end of the day. Being in a long distance relationship will not last forever, so better yet plan for your future together. The endpoint will always be in each other’s arms.
  • Make time for each other as much as possible. When you start online dating, you’ll begin to make your gadgets your best friends too. Even if you are miles apart, make use of every means of communication to maintain and accomplish your goals as a couple. Spend time together and make each other feel your presence. Let one another feel that distance is plainly distance and that nothing beats genuine feelings.
  • Keep a positive mind. When you engage in international online dating, you must be optimistic enough to believe it will work. Keep injecting positive vibes and thoughts into your relationship. If you let pessimism intervene in your relationship, it will do nothing and will just ruin everything instead. Never let negativity become a hindrance in achieving your own version of happily ever after. Even if there are a lot of misconceptions of international online dating, still keep a positive mind.
  • Be a support system to one another If your partner achieves something great, then be the first one to recognize it. Support your partner’s decisions in life if your relationship can benefit as well. Supporting your partner is also one of the keys to keeping your relationship healthy and strong.
  • Take fight breaks but don’t give up right away. When you reach the point where you think stress and exhaustion are starting to escalate, give yourself a break. Ask your partner for space. This doesn’t mean you have to distance yourself from your partner forever. You just have to take things slowly, breathe, and think. Cool each other’s heads to avoid bigger arguments.
  • Stay committed. There is no doubt that online dating is demanding, however, you shouldn’t take it for granted. Forgetting you are in a relationship with someone thousands of miles apart is easy. That being said, you must be consistent with your feelings because you took the risk. Put in extra efforts to make your relationship stronger. If only you stay committed the entire time, both of you can overcome any obstacles that will come your way. If you can’t do it, then remember why you started.

If you are still hesitant to believe that long distance relationships can surely work, check out our online dating success stories to inspire yourself. To learn more dating tips and advice, browse through our page more and join our singles tours to find the love of your life abroad!