Do's, Don'ts and Advice for Finding Your Life Mate Internationally

Find Love Online | 5 Best Countries For Online Dating

Two single foreign women engaging in online dating sites. Discover the 5 best countries where you can find love online easier.

With today’s technology, even the most mundane things like ordering food from your favorite restaurant, shopping, sharing a moment with a friend, and exchanging pictures can already be done through the internet. It’s safe to say that it has squarely revolutionized our life.

Apparently, the internet has sped up the "slow and arduous task" of meeting and connecting with new people. Technology-enabled platforms have become a virtual bar for singles to lurk in and look for a potential partner.

While online dating has become more rampant over the years, several countries still vary in terms of their degree of acceptance to the idea of dating online. Therefore, in your quest to find love online, it is best to consider what nationalities are best for this method of dating. Here are 5 of the most receptive countries with online dating:

  • Philippines - On top of the list are the people in the Pearl of the Orient. Online dating has long gained popularity in the Philippines. There are plenty of good dating sites widely used in the country, being one of the most popular. Filipino people are actually quite open to dating foreigners. Filipinos are easy to connect with. They are known for their friendly and welcoming attitude, especially towards foreign tourists.

    Conveniently, decent conversations are very possible with Filipinos because a large percentage of the population speaks good English.
  • Ukraine - It used to be tough to get in touch with a Ukrainian. With modern-day technology, it is now easier than ever to connect to one of the finest beauties in the world and that is through online dating. Ukraine is making such a big buzz in the single’s industry. With the rise of various dating sites in the country, every foreign single’s dream of marrying a Ukrainian is now within reach.

    Ukrainian people are known for their traditional upbringing, strong religious and familial orientation and fascinating personal virtues and attributes.
  • Colombia - Although Brazil has long embraced online dating, Colombia's online dating industry hasn’t boomed until recently. Colombians regard online dating as a viable path for finding a romantic partner abroad. Especially that many Colombians prefer a foreign partner. This land of diversity is indisputably the ultimate international dating destination in Latin America.

    Colombians are sought-after in the global online dating scene because of their personality and beauty. Among the best dating sites across Colombia are,, and to name a few.
  • Thailand - Online dating is making noise in the Land of Smiles. The one-click ease of approaching people is appealing to traditional shy Thai people. Many fruitful relationships in Thailand have materialized through online dating. Hence, many are becoming more open to this way of meeting.

    Thailand is crowded with foreigners who either came to explore the country’s enchanting tourist spots or personally meet Thai people they’ve been dating online.
  • Russia - As Russia opens its doors to the world, the country’s international dating scene has been changed. Meeting Russian people is no longer as hard and complex as before. The fact that many Russians have switched to online dating, they now have the option to connect to them through online dating sites for singles.

    Russian beauty is legendary. Some of the most beautiful people that you will ever see may have been from Russia. Russians, along with Ukrainians, are without a doubt the best dates for your romantic escapade to Europe.