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Why Foreign Women Focus Less on Physical Appearance

A happy couple enjoying the fresh air out in the woods. Learn why foreign women believe that looks are not everything!

Dating foreign women may make you think that you have to appear more attractive than you usually do, and this may push you to make unnecessary changes about your appearance. The good news is, not all women think that physical appearance in a relationship is all that matters.

So, why do foreign women focus less on physical appearance?

Physical Appearance Can Be Misleading

In many cases, men fall in love more quickly than women do. This reality continues to exist even in online dating. Signing up for international dating sites does not mean love can happen just like that. Because of this, some men have the misconception of them having the need to be attractive in order for foreign women to set eyes on them.

We have all experienced the deceptive nature of how things may appear. Physical appearance cannot unveil the inner beauty we have or lack thereof. Other times, it becomes catastrophic seeing attractive people end up being one of the meanest you know.

This explains why foreign women are sometimes skeptical about what meets the eye.

Foreign Women Value Attitude and Personality

Most people agree that our eyes are windows to the soul. Eyes can often show emotion much better than words or a facial expression. But looking at a person’s face to describe their personality doesn’t help.

Women typically favor men who make them feel beautiful and wanted in their lives. Rather than staying with a man who treats her badly, a foreign woman would opt to be with the man who has a sensible attitude and amusing personality.

Appearances Do Not Make Relationships Easy

Foreign women know a good appearance does not equal a good relationship. Having a handsome partner doesn’t mean you have lesser fights, easier arguments, or fulfilled promises. Relationships are met with struggles and disagreements no matter what your partner may look like. Personality traits usually outweigh physical characteristics when it comes to attraction.

Meeting a man from a foreign country brings significant changes to the lives of women and wavering to good looking men is something that doesn’t happen to be at the top of their list. This is why women focus less on physical appearance.

Foreign Women Value Inner Beauty Above ALL Else

Women who join dating sites are looking for a life partner and not a man whom they’ll merely date. Ladies prefer to be with a man who can engage them emotionally in addition to physically. This characteristic usually has little to do with physical appearance.

As the relationship progresses, a person’s true identity slowly unravels, be it good or bad. In this phase, it is the heart and sincerity that would matter, and not the physical looks.

Confidence Looks Better Than Physical Appearance

Looks are often unimportant in international dating. Having an attractive face may take you somewhere, but having the confidence to go with it can take you places. A man confident enough to carry himself attracts more women than those who don’t possess enough of it. In long term relationships, women tend to be attracted more to a partner who knows just how to handle themselves well in the right way.

Having a confident man as a partner gives the feeling of assurance that one knows how to handle the relationship, as much as one carries himself confidently. As you meet potential partners, make friends with confidence by holding your head high.

Foreign Women Find Intelligence VERY Attractive

A man with good looks but minor intelligence is a major negative for women. It can completely ruin how foreign women view a man. Ignorance is not what women completely dislike and brilliance is not what they’re looking for but instead, they simply want a man who’s intellectually, emotionally, and socially intelligent enough to match them at their level.

If you believe otherwise, then it’d be helpful for you to read more books and be the man who’ll stand out among the rest with the ticking train of thought dating foreign women.

Love Takes Root in Our Hearts

Women overseas have strong emotions when it comes to love, sometimes more so than Western women. In choosing the right life partner, women lead with their hearts and not through their eyes. Physical appearance doesn't always matter to women because they believe that sincere and lasting love stems from appreciating the true being of a person, and not just with the way he looks.

There is no place in the mind of these foreign women to linger on infatuation rather than love. Attraction may bring you together, but love will make the relationship work.

There Is Always More Than What Meets The Eye

Meeting potential partners makes you ask how important is physical appearance for a foreign woman? In truth, physical features are not that compelling at all to women abroad. Foreign women may have different standards when it comes to finding the right man. Physical appearance in the minds of foreign women will often matter less overall.

Men and women overseas understand that physical features change over the course of a long term relationship. Placing all of your affection on physical attractiveness will ultimately lead to unhappiness.

Don’t get carried away by negativity as you navigate the international dating world; rather face it with dauntlessness that is sure to capture hearts.