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International Dating | 4 Common Causes of Relationship Problems

A picture of a couple holding hands Learn how you can avoid relationship problems as you experience international dating.

When it comes to international dating, some relationships may be difficult to sustain. But they don’t have to be so long as you and your partner are mature enough to handle the problems that come along. If you genuinely want to be with each other, then there’s nothing you won’t do to make it work. Then again, we all have our own history when it comes to dealing with any type of relationship problems. Plus, what is true love in a relationship if you’re not passionate enough to make it last?

Thus, it’s important to spend as much quality time as you can with your partner, and not judge one another based on the persons you’ve become. Although, it can’t be denied that there are still a number of things that may lead to all types of relationship problems. So, for you to maintain a healthy, romantic relationship with your foreign partner, try to take note of the most common causes of relationship problems for you to have an idea on how to prevent them from occurring. The following are four good examples:

  • 1. Dishonesty
    No matter how big or small a lie can be, people will always choose to know the truth. It’s never a good idea to get romantically involved with someone if you’re not honest about your feelings. Plus, you wouldn’t want your time and effort to be wasted on someone who’s not honest about their feelings for you too now, would you?

    Another way to look at dishonesty is when you refuse to tell your partner about something you know will upset them. You’re never protecting them this way; you’ve already given this a chance to be an existing problem. White lies are even more dangerous, especially if you start getting used to making them until they become too much for you to handle. Keep in mind that honesty is one of the strongest foundations in any type of relationship.
  • 2. Jealousy
    This naturally occurs when you have insecurities. The characteristics of true love include being able to accept that each person is unique, and that each person you encounter has been exposed to different environments, upbringing, and culture. So if you begin to feel insecure, simply remember that your partner chose to be with you, and only you. They chose to love you from the moment you became a couple. And if true love is what you have for each other, then let it be the drive of your relationship. With that, jealousy won’t even have the chance to be conceived.
  • 3. Silent Treatment
    The first step in solving any problem is to communicate. If you choose to give each other the silent treatment every time you come to a disagreement, then there’s no telling how long either of you will have to wait for you to speak to each other again. Being downright silent towards your partner can be a form of extreme emotional cruelty. Moreover, it will do nothing but kill your relationship little by little.
  • 4. Pride
    Pride almost always leads to unnecessary arguments and overthinking. If there’s something you wish to express, then do it and save yourself the trouble of having to wait in vain - literally! It could be that your partner has their own way of showing their love for you, so be sure to have that in mind before you begin to assume anything else. Be a rock for your partner, and encourage them to do the same.

    And if it’s about who has to apologize first, just give it a rest. It’s not about who wins or loses an argument, it’s about mending your relationship and creating more ways to make it last. Thus, always know when to let go of your pride and choose love instead.

In the end, a relationship is about growing together, not about rewards and punishments. Misunderstandings can happen, but they can also be prevented. Thus, in international dating, learn to open your heart and adjust to whatever differences you may have with your partner. In return, you’ll be able to avoid any type of relationship problem throughout your time together as a couple.