Do's, Don'ts and Advice for Finding Your Life Mate Internationally

International Dating | The Dating Culture of the East

A photo of a couple in an international dating setup. Equip yourself with knowledge in terms of the dating culture in Asia, so if you ever date in Asia, you will be able to adapt to the culture more quickly.

Asia is, in general terms, a more traditional section of the world compared to the rest. The traditions and cultures here are rich and long, and to this day, a majority of people still uphold the old values. This applies to their dating culture as well.

The people of Asia are traditional, religious, family-oriented, and hospitable, among other things. They were raised in a certain way that helped shape who and how they are as adults. Their approach to everything, including dating, is very distinctively different compared to the West. With that said, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind if you are ever planning to date in Asia.

  • Public Displays of Affection
    In Asia, fewer people show public displays of affection. This is because the society here looks down on vulgar and ostentatious behavior especially towards or with someone from the opposite sex. The elders then discourage younger people from showing intimacy in public. They believe that intimate moments should be shared in private.
    When walking around the streets of Asian countries, rarely will you see couples kissing on the street or holding each other intimately. This scenario is probably more common in the West. Every once in a while, you will see couples holding hands. This is probably a normal occurrence, but couples will consider this as a big step in the relationship.
  • Inclusion of Family
    As mentioned, Asian people are very family oriented. Dating women with strong family orientation means that some, if not most of the decisions they make, especially ones as important as choosing a partner, will require blessing and approval from their parents. Thus, the moment she introduces you to her parents and family, marriage may possibly not be that far down the line.
    When this happens, consider it an honor. Not every man who dates an Asian woman gets to meet their partner’s parents. If you do, that means you are special to them.
  • International Dating
    International dating is not unheard of on this side of the world. Many foreign men traverse the Asian lands to meet an Asian woman. The people here have accepted this phenomenon and a handful of Asian women even prefer western men. This is probably due to their adventurous nature and the opportunity that will be presented to them when dating a man from the west. They also believe that western men are just a tad more mature than eastern men. This is a case-to-case basis, but they believe this is because of experiences and past failed relationships. They believe men from the west have more to offer on the table when it comes to relationships.
  • Marriage
    Depending on their family’s beliefs, marriage can come early or very late in the relationship. Most women will consider the time-span of the relationship and some will consider the emotional value. Most, however, will turn to their parents for advice. If their parents agree, marriage can come sooner. If not, then the other way around. If you are looking for a woman to marry, make sure you know where she stands on this matter.

Whether it be Chinese, Japanese, Indian, or Philippine dating, all of them will always have something in common: a more traditional approach. Although some women have adapted to the modernized approach in dating, it is better to be respectful and be knowledgeable with the more traditional dating culture of the East. Know these things, and dating foreign singles from Asia shouldn’t be too much of a culture shock for you.