Do's, Don'ts and Advice for Finding Your Life Mate Internationally

Making a Fresh Start Through International Dating

Things do not always work out right away when it comes to dating. Falling in love, getting hurt, and finding a new form of love is but a part of the cycle of life. We are never sure if the person we are with now will still be with us ten years from now.

The first time you encountered her, it never occurred to you that she could be the one. It isn’t a quick romance; it’s more of a long term bond of friendship that turns into a relationship.

But you’re happy.

After a few years of dating, you eventually get married. Life seems to go smoothly. You’re getting a promotion, your mortgage and car loans are taken care off, and your children are living conveniently.

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You eventually run out of things to talk about. Nothing interests you anymore because of how well you know each other. | Photo by Eldar Nazarov on Unsplash

There’s no reason to expect anything to change, is there? It doesn’t seem unlikely at all.

Nowadays, dinner dates and movie marathons are not as fun as they used to be. Kisses and “I love you” hardly carry the same warmth and joy. And it’s hard to do the things you used to do when you’re being forced to enjoy it.

You’ve both come down from your high and can’t seem to get back up. That’s when you know you’ve arrived at the start of the end.

You still have feelings for each other. The problem is, it’s not the same passion you used to have.

What you feel for each other now is not the same as what you did for each other when you first met. You don’t see her the same as you used to. She, too, does not.

But you can’t stand the thought of losing her, can you? It’s difficult to picture life without her. The secrets you’ve shared and the inside jokes you’ve laughed at over the past years are memories that no one else can replace.

However, things have been stagnant. You’re lying in bed next to each other, but your minds are far apart.

In what way do you tackle this change in life?

Taking a Step Back

Think over whether you’re mellowing out, or falling out of love.

It may be difficult to distinguish between the two. These two are so similar that you may have mistaken one for the other at some point.

But if you’re curious, consider this:

Are you content with your life?

If you are, you have simply mellowed out. There is no need to conform to social norms. You’re prepared for life, and you couldn’t be happier.

You just feel that way because your insecurities have disillusioned you. You think as if you’ve lost each other in between the lines. However, lacking your youthful excitement does not conclude that you have lost your affection.

What more can you ask, there’s no question that you are satisfied with life.

If there’s something you’re looking for other than what you have right now…

The truth is, you might not be satisfied with your current living situation.

Your curiosity for the world has yet to be satisfied and you are eager to discover what lies out there. There are some things you’ve never done before. The more you deny yourself, the more you want to try them out.

You take life for all its hardships and rewards. There’s a hidden part of the world out there that’s well worth exploring.

Perhaps the time has come to rethink your choices.

Calling it Quits

The sentiment you hold for each other is still there. That’s what’s keeping you both from calling it quits.

It’s impossible to ignore your feelings for her. What you go through as a couple was irreplaceable pieces of your life that you can’t let go of.

Those days have passed.

The ideal way to end it would be by ending it on a good note.

Eventually you will have to face the music. You can’t avoid your issues when you are together for over half of your life.

Calling them out on it is easy. But deciding to call it quits could change everything.

Holding onto something that’s no longer there will only hurt the both of you. | Photo by bradleysantos on Unsplash

When you end a relationship, you lose a piece of yourself.

You have an unbreakable bond with her and it is a long-standing one. Were her spot to be ripped off, it would be painful.

She’s been with you for the longest time, after all.

It is always a sacrifice, no matter how little or how big, to move on to a new life. This is for your sake, as well as hers.

The only way to find happiness is to set yourself free from a relationship that is long gone. If you never do, you will just be enslaved.

The End of an Era

You’re able to get on with your life after crying over a failed relationship. You made up with her and all seems well.

She’s taken a liking to the man she has similar interests with. She’s found someone else to be the person you couldn’t be with her. You can’t help but feel relieved that she’s loved.

All you need to focus on now is find love.

A New Life in the Making

The idea of online dating sounds interesting enough.

Turns out, it wasn’t that difficult How to find love after 40. Once you started working with it, you found it to be much more convenient than you expected. You went into it expecting the worst, but as soon as you got started you realized you were wrong.

Throughout the dating process there are good times and bad times. You’re right back where you were when you first started dating.

Finally, you finally meet her, and she’s quite different from your last love.

Each day you are greeted with new information and surprises from her. Her curious nature seems to bring new color to her life, as she jumps through every chance for a new adventure.

You’re enthralled by her unique perspective on life. You yearn to see it from her point of view.

“Share the same interests as me” you think.

There’s more to discover in life, and you can’t wait to uncover these secrets. | Photo by Chris Leipelt on Unsplash

Her eagerness transports you right to the beginning of your relationship.

An endearing jumbled mess that can’t seem to say I love you without stuttering.

This is the sensation you’ve been looking for.

Life has worn you from finding the littlest forms of happiness. You were able to reclaim it with her.

You have no idea where life will lead you, but you’re more than willing to take a chance.

Learning to Love Again

There’s nothing wrong with being in love and then falling out of love.

It isn’t something that happens out of nowhere. It isn’t happening at the same time. It happens gradually.

Happiness is an option, and you made the decision to rediscover love. Your morals and beliefs have proven to be excellent guides in your quest.

We will always face a loss of affection at some stage in our lives. You attempted to rekindle your friendship, but it did not seem to be successful.

You’re happy, and she’s happy. That’s all that matters. And, if you weren’t meant to be together, you’ll always love each other.