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Mature Dating | 5 Signs Your Partner Isn't Over Their Ex Yet

An illustration depicting a couple in the mature dating stage. Find out the secrets to mature dating and the telling signs that your partner hasn’t moved on from their ex yet.

Love, aside from being unexplainably wonderful, is quite risky at the same time. We can never be too certain that a particular relationship would work the way we expect it to; there will always be trials and challenges along the way---they either build the relationship up or tear it down.

Whether you are single and searching for love or are already on the stage of mature dating, things must be set in proper order so that everything within the companionship follows an appropriate and peaceful course. As the dating process commences, there are plenty of things we ought to consider in order to assess whether we are romantically involved with the right person or not.

One of the most significant matters you need to find out and analyze is whether or not your partner has already moved on from their past. The process of moving on has never been and will never be easy. In fact, a lot of people have taken a couple of years before finally losing grip on the remnants of their past relationships. So to speak, men who are currently dating women or vice versa, while still savoring pain from the past are like the state of solving a never-ending puzzle; everything won’t seem to move forward when your eyes are still gazing backward.

As you get to know your partner very well, it is just wise to evaluate their moves and find out if there are signs proving that he/she is not over his/her ex yet. Dating someone whose heart is still beating for his/her ex is just so toxic and unhealthy for both of you. To find out what these possible signs are, continue reading below:

  • He talks about her most of the time - Although mentioning certain things about your past relationship is inevitable, it really feels awkward and suspicious if your partner keeps on talking about their ex. That might be a sign that they still miss their past relationship. When these indicators arise, try to address them as early as possible. It’s better to know the symptoms earlier than to suffer the long-term consequences of neglecting red flags in the relationship.
  • They’re still interested in their ex’s life - When you’re currently dating someone who keeps on browsing their ex’s social media accounts, you have to be extra cautious. If your partner is truly happy with your current relationship, they won’t even bother with their ex’s whereabouts.
  • They compare you with their ex - Cliché as it may sound, everyone is unique in their own ways. Hence, there is no point for anyone to make direct comparisons with their present and their past. If your partner constantly compares you with their ex, consider that as an early warning sign that he/she isn’t over their ex yet.
  • They still keep in touch with each other - Exes who are still constantly communicating could mean they are no longer bitter with each other and that they have preferred to treat one another in a civil manner. However, there is a fine line between casual and intimate conversations, having the latter as something noxious if one or both parties are dating different people at present. When your partner still communicates with their ex, you don’t have to freak out right away; examine first what type of communication they are establishing.

You might be reading this listicle out of plain curiosity (you might be single right now, searching elsewhere, or signing up on a free dating site to find love online) or out of firsthand experience. Whatever that is, the signs we pointed out above could give you clues whether your partner is still holding excess baggage from the past or not.

When they manifest most or all of those signs, never underestimate the power of communication. Tell your partner honestly what you feel and perceive about your relationship. Overthinking kills relationships, but the negligence of red flags actually buries it.