Do's, Don'ts and Advice for Finding Your Life Mate Internationally

Items You Should Pack In Your Suitcase To Help You Find True Love

Man presenting woman with a red rose. Pack more than some flowers when you find your true love.

So a lot of guys have trouble when it comes to finding love. They go to bars, cafes, and other such places where most people meet other people and yet true love somehow manages to keep escaping them. No matter how hard or how often they try, they can’t seem to find somebody to love. So a lot of guys decide that maybe they need to take a different path and many of them avail of free matchmaking services and download an app.

Now, while such services have their own place in the world, other guys decide that their best chance to find love comes from a more curated experience and decide on international matchmaking services to help them find their soulmate.

The great thing about these confidential dating services is that they’re pretty curated in nature, with the agencies arranging tours and dates for their clients to meet some of the beautiful women who have also signed up for the service with the hope of finding love for themselves.

Of course, because this is international dating, there’s going to be some travel involved. International travel often involves packing bags because most people like to have at least one change of clothes when they travel. Many travellers enjoy having more than one change of clothes in fact.

So make sure to stuff some handy essentials into your suitcase before you get on the plane to experience the world that matchmaking services opened up for you.

  1. Your Passport

    First of all, you’re going to need your passport. There’s just no getting around it. Your passport is going to be necessary if you want to partake in international travel since border crossings are going to be kind of strict about presenting travel documents before they let a person through.

    So make sure you have your passport ready for when you need to travel to a new destination to meet your potential soulmate.
  2. A Sturdy Suitcase

    Okay, so you’ve got your passport. You know what else you need? A suitcase. Your passport should be on your person, but everything else you need can be stuffed into a suitcase. Of course, the suitcase better be up to the task, because you don’t want your things spilling out all over the floor of an airport that thousands of people from all over the world walk on every single day.

    You’re going to want to bring something durable but also something that has enough room for all your stuff (or can expand to accommodate all your stuff)—plus any additional items you may pick up during your trip since people generally pick up a souvenir or two.
  3. A Super Special Date Outfit or Two

    When most people are getting ready to go out on a date, they put on a special outfit—a little something that makes them feel really good about themselves. But international dating can make that a little more complicated, largely because you probably won’t have access to your full wardrobe when you’re out of the country.

    So when you’re packing, make sure that you pack a nice outfit or two because you may just end up hitting it off with someone. If you do end up hitting it off with someone and scoring a one-on-one date, then you’re going to want to look good when you go on the date because you want the date to go well and you want to make a good impression on the woman who might be your true love.
  4. Cologne

    On a date, a lot of guys want to put their best foot forward. That’s understandable. After all you’re embarking a new relationship and you want to do whatever you can so that it progresses from a new relationship to one that ends with a marriage and then a happy life.

    Now, while cologne isn’t going to guarantee that progress, it’s a really good way to lubricate the path forward so it’s easier to navigate. After all, smelling good is great for dating because very few women and people in general want to go out on a date with someone who smells like they regularly swim in sewage.

    If you can’t pack cologne for whatever reason, you can pick some up at the airport duty free. They normally have a fairly wide selection of fragrances available for sale.
  5. Some Comfortable but Stylish Shoes

    Getting around in your hometown can mean driving your car or using local public transportation, both of which are things most commuters are familiar with. But a foregin country is going to present a different kind of commute. Sure, a curated tour is going to have transportation as part of the package, but there may be some moments where you want to get away from the structured nature of a tour.

    When these moments occur, you may not always have a reliable means of transportation. Which means that you’re going to have to walk and, as such, you’re going to want a pair of comfortable shoes on your feet. Some lightweight running shoes aren’t a terrible option since they’re made for the rigors of running. They’ll be more than up to the task of keeping your feet comfortable as you walk about.
  6. A Smile

    Being positive can go a long way towards finding love. Not everyone is going to come in with the right attitude. Those that do stand a better chance at finding a real, lasting love. Sure, it’s not a total guarantee, lots of pessimistic people do end up finding a lover, but optimism can really help out a lot.

    Positivity and optimism are no guarantee of finding love, but someone who comes in with an open smile is going to stand a better chance. After all, as the saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Some courses don’t run smooth. Some courses run pretty long. True love can be one of those courses. But those that stay the course often find that the endgame was well worth the journey, no matter how arduous that journey was.