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Getting into a Romantic Relationship | Questions to Ask Yourself

A silhouette of a lovely couple enjoying a beautiful sunset Give online dating a try to gain a new perspective on love and relationships.

It’s a given that we can’t give the same love twice because we are not who we were yesterday. Every romantic relationship we go through and experience shapes us into a new person each time - sometimes into a better version of us. And sometimes we end up becoming the person we didn’t want to be.

Heartbreak hurts. It can get too much at times that we’d do anything for it to be gone in an instant. Most of the time, it makes us succumb to the toxic cycle of rushing a relationship thinking it will save us from the aching pain that results in our sleepless nights, only to find ourselves repeating the same process over and over again. Then we get so drained out that we forget what it’s like to feel love again.

However, each person differs when it comes to moving on and letting go of the past. There are those who come to accept and move on, and there are those who prefer to stay broken. If you want to know how to build healthy relationships, you must also know how to be ready for one to begin with. Hence, the following are some considerable questions you might want to ask yourself before you decide to give true love another chance:

  • Do I still have lingering feelings for my ex?
    If you still do, it’s best to refrain from getting into one for the time being. Forcing yourself to love someone else despite still longing for your ex will make you and your new partner suffer in the long run. Thoughts of what could have been will cloud your mind now and then, which will only feed the guilt inside you and cause unneeded pain that you know you could’ve prevented in the first place.

    Remember that when someone new comes along, they’re not meant to replace the person you were previously with. No one can replace that person. They’ll always be a part of you because if not for them, you wouldn’t be who you are today.
  • Can I be myself around them?
    Having to be someone you’re not just to please someone else will always backfire. Not only will your self-esteem drop to a bare minimum, but you’ll also find yourself so unhappy that all you’ll ever think about are your fears and anxieties. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?

    It’s liberating to be with someone who you can be yourself around with. A romantic relationship should be about supporting each other and growing together. It’s in being with someone you truly love that you can continue to mold yourself into someone better, someone worth loving as well.
  • Am I ready?
    There are times when we believe we’ve already moved on and happen to meet someone special along the way, yet we don’t find ourselves ready to love again. Thus, you have to make sure you’re ready so that you can put in your best efforts without having a single regret if it doesn’t work out in the end. Moreover, you’re more likely going to have a clean breakup because you know that you gave it your best and you can’t always find someone who is compatible with you.

    But if you think you’re ready, then go for it. If you think someone is worth your while but not sure if it will end well, take a leap of faith! As the saying goes, you’ll never know unless you try.

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