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Signs That You're Dating The One: Your Guide to Mature Dating

A couple having one of their best dates. Learn some mature dating advice that will tell you if the person you’re with is worthy for marriage.

As we start our journey towards mature dating, it is but essential for us to evaluate whether we’re dating the right one or not. Dating is neither a playground nor a pastime. It is a serious commitment, characterized by genuine feelings that pave the way towards marriage. Consequently, it is both practical and rational for everyone to assess our partner’s real intentions so as not to fall deep on speculative and questionable emotions.

Anyone can come up with creative date ideas for couples that might lead us to believe that what they feel for us is genuine and true. But the possibility of a persona masked with pretense can never be dismissed. So here are some early indicators that would tell you that the person you’re dating could be the one:

  • They only have their eyes on you. How your partner responds to temptation is a great barometer of their faithfulness and loyalty. You’re certainly assured their love is for real when they don’t entertain or flirt with others within the course of your relationship.

    It’s inevitable and normal for anyone to commit mistakes, however, when a particular relationship mistake becomes habitual, it’s either they’re not yet mature and serious in handling your relationship, or worse, they may not have loved you completely in the first place.
  • They know the value of communication too well. Constant and consistent communication is an all too important factor of every relationship, especially those that sprung from international dating (which has become rampant due to the many serious dating sites for marriage present in the web nowadays). Consistency in communication is a must since distance and a lack of physical companionship can become tough barriers in every relationship.

    If your partner unswervingly communicates with you despite their busy schedule and other important functions, that is a strong indicator of their great potential for marriage.
  • Marriage is the end they have in mind. Anyone can give you the best dates you could ever ask for, but if marriage is not their end goal in dating you, all your happy memories together might just be put in vain. Everybody deserves to be with someone whom they know would love nothing more than to have them in their lives for good.

    At the very start of your relationship, it is better to assess whether or not your partner is gearing toward the idea of tying the knot with you in the near future. A lot of people date for two reasons only, one is for casual hook-ups and the other is for wedlock. There’s no gray area in between.
  • They have already settled their emotional “balances”. As you get into a deeper commitment with them, try to ascertain if they have already cleared themselves of all the excess baggage they have carried from the past.

    Make sure that they've completely moved on from their past relationships. You wouldn’t want to be with someone who’s past still continues to haunt them, would you?
  • They draw you closer to God than to themselves. Of all the lovely dating gestures people can think of, there’s no sweeter move than this. Your partner may point you directly to themselves, but it’s way nobler if they point you to God first; they may lead you in the path of true love, but it feels more wonderful if they lead you to the Author of love Himself.

    If the person you’re dating is highly concerned about your spiritual growth, prioritizes faith over emotions, and helps you up in becoming a genuine believer, then you are quite blessed for dating a very suitable person for marriage. Someone who fully submits himself to God far surpasses one who only boasts of their attractive physique and fat bank account, and is very ideal to tie the knot with.

There are actually more signs for you to know whether the person you’re with is the one for you or not; this listicle just noted the most important and notable ones for the purpose of clarity and precision. Never be afraid to examine their actions in order for you to arrive at a reliable assessment of their romantic intentions toward you. Enjoy love at its finest!