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The 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Online Dating | Change Your Views On Online Dating

Many singles around the world tend to turn a blind eye towards online dating because of many common misconceptions surrounding these. Many believe it to be a last resort in finding romance or as an option to find sponsors with loads of cash. These facts could not be further from the truth.

If you believe everything above, it may be time to change your perspective and open yourself up to new ideas and experiences without misplaced judgement. The rise of the internet will continue, and with it – easier communication and connections.

Top 5 Misguided Views Towards Online Dating

1. Online Dating is Seen as a Hook-up Gimmick

This is one of the most common misconceptions of online dating. Because of popular media and movies, online dating has been viewed as a way of finding partners for promiscuity rather than for long-term relationships.

What many don’t know is that those who are seeking long-term relationships tend to find love easier through online dating compared to any other kind of dating platform. With specific match making algorithms and diverse background profiling, finding the right person is a long process, but it’s definitely worth it in the end.

So, rather than people thinking of online dating as a place where people can hook up just for sex, it’s more of a community where people come can come together, share interests and build deep relationships. All of this is now easier and more convenient than ever with the use of online technology.

2. It’s Not as Easy as People Say It Is

Many see online dating as an easy option to finding a lifelong partner, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Even those who are physically attractive and well adapted to the dating scene still have a hard time finding a match without the right effort and strategy to get noticed.

Online dating is fair to all because you don’t have to rely on looks and material possessions to catch the attention of a user. As the saying goes “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” one cannot simply rely only on a great profile picture on their dating profiles, but a more in-depth and open hearted description of one’s self would be more appreciated.

When giving online dating a try, it’s important to remember to get into with realistic expectations, otherwise all you might get out of it is frustration.

3. Online Dating Isn’t Real

Since the internet is more popular with the younger generation, a lot of the older generation are generally mistrustful of what the online world has to offer. To some, it may seem like a load of hogwash and made up junk, but more people implement internet usage as part of their daily lives.

It’s no surprise that with all the constant communication easily accessible at a person’s fingertips, finding love online is quite possible. Whether finding a soulmate through a dating site or not, it just proves how the internet has connected people around the world together. Right now, while many don’t believe in what online dating has to offer, there is no doubt that it is steadily becoming a great service to singles all over the world.

4. Sugarcoated Profiles

One of the main concerns that many have when trying out online dating is the fear of encountering fake accounts. From scammers to posers, there’s no way of telling which is real or fake to those with little experience with the internet.

However, this is yet another misconception towards online dating, because signing up requires the user to make a detailed profile about themselves, or requires that the user connect their personal social media accounts to their profiles for verification purposes.

While it’s easy to create a fake profile and even easier to pretend to be someone else, these types of people rarely take the trouble to go on serious online dating sites.

Besides spotting fake accounts, there are also those who sugarcoat their own profiles. While certain details of themselves may be true, some people tend to exaggerate and add a little bit of glitter to their personal backgrounds to make themselves sound more attractive to other users. It all depends on how they can keep a conversation and on the people whether or not sparks will fly. Again, online dating isn’t as easy as people think. Most subscribers on dating sites actually give a lot of effort to find true love and would not even think of judging someone before getting to know them.

5. Online Dating Is Dangerous

Most people often stay away from sites that have a wide user base system because of what movies have shown to the general public about certain mishaps people have encountered on online dating sites, such as serial killers to crazy sociopaths. According to these movies, these predators disguise themselves by using fake accounts to choose a victim, which is how online dating gets its bad reputation.

Although the possibility does exist, dating sites aren’t as scary as what is depicted on popular media. Most online dating sites today have strong member security measures in place and make sure that every member is verified to prevent any scammers from signing up.

The issue concerning serial killers and the like is more of a myth and would rarely happen to anyone. Despite this, it’s important to practice proper online etiquette while chatting with strangers online, which means to never hand out personal details and other identifying information which would make you an easy online target.

All these misconceptions regarding online dating can lead to paranoia and the fear of trying new experiences for singles. Sometimes, happy endings don’t just come knocking at the door. It may take a leap of faith or something new to find happiness, and online dating might just be the missing puzzle piece of the jigsaw.

It’s easy to point fingers and imagine all kinds of things about dating online and building relationships with complete strangers, but finding a match made in heaven can be achieved with a push of a button – anything can happen on the internet.

Do you have any other misconceptions about online dating you have heard of? If so, share your thoughts in the comments. Don’t forget to check out our other international dating advice articles for more tips and advice.