Do's, Don'ts and Advice for Finding Your Life Mate Internationally

Why More Singles Are Choosing International Dating

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More and more people turn to international dating as the option becomes more accessible. | Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Humans have existed in the physical universe for quite some time now, and the rate at which we’ve managed to shape and form our world to integrate the advent of technology is highly astonishing. In the evolutionary history of life on earth, our species has managed to propel itself into a new era of technological advancement in such little time, as the expansion that’s observable in this extreme progression outweighs the hundred of thousands of years that we’ve spent learning about the observable universe up until this point.

In short, we’re only a few decades away from a fully-integrated, digital reality - one that ergonomically incorporates the world’s major industries and services into a seamless, virtual platform. This foreseeable reality is becoming more and more attainable as we continue to make breakthroughs in science and technology. One day, every facet of human existence will be replicable and sustainable in the digital realm.

In addition to the advent of bitcoin, internet banking, social media, and other emerging enterprises that have shaped the online landscape, it is very obvious that online dating has been among the greatest influences on the social dynamics of contemporary society in recent years. In the last decade or so (and up to the present day), human beings have continued to experience this accelerated transformation firsthand.

Nowadays, there are more and more participants in online, international dating - encompassing all ages and demographics. But that’s nothing new. Since 1998, this dating dynamic has continued to thrive - but now more than ever, people are searching online to find love interests, some thousands of miles away, in two different parts of the globe.

Dating applications such as Tinder, Grindr and related apps are not recent. Young adults have been utilizing these tools for some time now because it provides users with an effective way to chat and find future partners in their respective areas, making physical encounters much easier to facilitate.

These applications, however, have certain connotations - their stigma mostly pertains to the "hook-up scene” of modern times, which is a lifestyle not suitable for all. While some people may have met true love on these sites, most people who use them only seek a brief, enjoyable fling rather than a long term relationship.

Generally, people who search for meaningful online partnerships tend to favor foreign dating websites and other similar applications, and are typically a lot older than their peers who prefer the quick rush of Tinder’s hookups or the appeal of a casual dating app in general.

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Online dating has become a commonplace practice in modern society. | Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Similarly, global online dating sites have been around for a long time now too, with many reality-TV programs focusing on this matchmaking network, which connects people who are oceans apart – either because they are exhausted with their own dating scene, outgrew it, or perhaps because they concentrate on a particular culture that is foreign to them.

Most of these men just want to have a new and refreshing encounter, while some believe that, for some personal reasons, they have little hope to engage with their own nearby dating scene. On the other hand, some people are struggling with a mid-life crisis and feel as if they have been left behind and have to catch up - especially now that this is entirely possible online.

In the last few years, free dating sites for serious relationships have flourished considerably and this popularity has spurred many single men to try to get a taste of the action they have always wanted online.

There is no shortage of people who are ready to try this service, since there’s no harm in trying. There aren’t many risks that come with trying, and a sweet win is the payoff - so naturally, it’s highly enticing to many.

This virtual dating climate brings together senior men, desperate romantics, and players alike - and a lot of dating advice you hear online tends to recommend these services. In fact, we do too.

On these foreign dating sites, more and more people are seeking out the partner of their dreams, and more and more individuals are thriving remarkably – their published anecdotes inspire other men worldwide who fail to find serious partners, online and otherwise.

On a side note, with the worldwide pandemic affecting most nations of the world, many men are turning to this service to learn a new skill: how to find love in lockdown.

Due to the easy-to-use functionality of these platforms, an older (or middle-aged) person now can find true love online, particularly with a stranger from a different part of the world, in a much more convenient fashion.

It is especially popular among the older demographic, and it is a booming industry that attracts thousands of new users every day. These apps tend to pair a (usually older Western) guy with a foreign (normally younger) foreign female.

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Even hopeless romantics and senior citizens can find love on dating sites. | Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

Some people share a mixed view of this culture since the economic difference between the mainstream parties is highly apparent - because usually the man in this formula is typically aimed at attracting a woman from a picturesque (yet very poor) area in Asia or in Europe (usually in Asia though).

However, others believe that it isn’t inherently wrong, as international dating sites merely serve as a vessel for two individuals to rejoice together, and it results in two more joyful souls on earth that contribute to the good welfare of mankind as a whole.

It can certainly be a negative thing if you are interested in exploitation or abuse - and that is not completely unheard of. Nevertheless, couples’ encounters with this service usually appear to be pretty and healthy on the contrary, and are very effective.

In addition, the need for (and lack of) men in certain countries is another force driving the digital dating phenomenon in which their woman-to-man population ratio is highly imbalanced. Gender disparity is a strong social factor that urges and raises the moral standard of men who are more than willing to partner up with a woman from a gender-imbalanced society (or vice versa).

In Spain, Germany, France, Ukraine, and Russia, the gender imbalance in their societies attracts many males from around the globe to try and court one of the many surplus females that live there, and this usually leads to an influx of tourism in these European nations.

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International dating sites allow couples to link up from another part of the world. | Photo by Adam Satria on Unsplash

Conversely, in countries like China that have an alarming gender disparity issue (with an imbalance of seventy million more males than females in their society), the virtual dating scene thrives among the incredibly high number of males with no chance to find a partner, who usually don’t have the luxury of dating or courting local Chinese women. Men from these societies tend to try hooking up with females from countries with an excess amount of women.

To summarize, this is the cause fueling the phenomenon of more single individuals gravitating towards these services - merely because it works, it’s effective, and it aids people to find love - so why not shoot your shot, right?