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Establishing Effective Communication while International Dating

A photo of a woman in a video call Learn more about how to establish effective communication while international dating.

In every relationship, communication remains one of the most important dynamics. If communication fails, chances are the relationship will too. Essentially, communication is your bridge to each other not just to talk but to know more about each other as well, especially in international dating.

When you’re within reach of your partner, communication isn’t always about talking. Non-verbal communication also happens. There’s the body language, facial expressions, and other forms of non-verbal cues that you can utilize to improve your communication skills. Sometimes it’s not all about talking but about telling someone something even without saying a word.

However, for long-distance relationships, these non-verbal cues aren’t applicable. The dynamics in communicating long distance becomes more challenging as your significant other may be thousands of miles away. Your main medium for communication will be an added variable to the challenge.

Modern technology has made international dating easier; however, even with the advancement of technology, we have yet to invent a tool we can use not only to talk but to be in the presence of someone half a world away.

How to Make Long-Distance Relationships Work

International dating sites have allowed the possibility of dating people from across the globe. Long-distance relationships are common, most especially at the beginning of the relationship. So how can we establish effective communication when you are miles apart?

1. You’ll need patience.

If miscommunications happen even when you and your significant other are in front of each other, chances are, it will happen when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Texts, emails, and instant messaging does not have the ability to send along the tone of voice with the text. You will have to be patient enough to communicate effectively.

2. Know each other’s schedules.

Knowing each other’s schedules will allow you to set aside blocks of your time to communicate with your partner. You wouldn’t want to bother your partner when they are in an important engagement; the same way you wouldn’t want to be disturbed when you’re in business meetings.

Regular scheduled communication may sound routine and might be quite dull along the way, but this allows you to stay connected without being an inconvenience to the other. Excessive communication in long distance relationships can be distracting and might even be damaging, so it’s best to make sure you’re on the same page when you’re communicating.

3. Go beyond text messaging.

Since body language and other non-verbal cues aren’t transmitted through text or emails, consider video calls or pre-recorded videos. This enhances the dynamic of communicating while you are far away from each other. This also allows you to go from spending time deciphering the tone of her email to a casual conversation with your partner.

Make it creative. Instead of sending good morning texts, you can send voice messages or videos. This enagages your partner visually. There’s no substitute to seeing your partner, even if it’s only through the screen.

4. Send gifts or care packages.

Long-distance relationships may sometimes cause you to miss some of the important dates with your significant other. Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, or the holidays, chances are you will miss an event or two. Sending gifts tells your partner that you’re making the effort to be a part of their life even when you aren’t really there to celebrate with them.

You don’t have to go over the top with your gifts or care packages. Sending simple gifts they would like goes a long way. After all, your presence is the gift they are really looking forward to having that day anyway.

5. Be a part of their day.

Being a part of their day doesn’t mean that you have to be there with them. It means that you make the effort to be there for the person every day.

Make sure that you stay connected to them daily by sending messages. Don’t crowd them with texts or emails, most especially when they are at work. The important thing is that when they retell you about their day, you are a part of it.

6. Be honest with each other.

An important part of a relationship that started from international dating is to build trust with each other, most especially when you’re far apart. The best way to build trust is to be honest with each other. If there is something you’re not comfortable with or something you want to do that you feel might make your partner uncomfortable, it is best to be straight and tell your partner promptly.

Don’t wait for any issue to get bigger before you finally come clean. This is not only important in LDRs but will remain relevant for your entire relationship whether you’re thousands of miles away or right next to each other.

7. Actively listen.

This is another important aspect, and that is to listen actively. Most people listen only so they can have something to say or something to reply to what their partner says. This is when communication starts to break down and will eventually lead to other problems.

When you actively listen, you won’t only be actively communicating effectively but you will be thoroughly engaged with your partner as a whole.

8. Spontaneity is sexy.

There’s nothing like receiving an “I miss you” or an “I love you” message when you’re not expecting it. It gives a different kind of kick to the feelings and will honestly make you giggle a bit. Call me on it, but it’s true.

This not only tells your partner how you feel but also tells them that you’ve been thinking of them and that they are important to you. Avoid flooding them with cheesy messages though. Spontaneity, not cheesy.

9. Throw in some green

Sexual tension is something important between couples. We all have a biological need and an emotional need as well. You can keep the tension and wanting between you and your partner by throwing in some jokes or some green puns that will keep your fires burning.

Importance of Effective Communication

There are a whole series of challenges to maintaining a long-distance relationship. Making it will take a lot of work, and an important dynamic to work on is effective communication while international dating. With effective communication you can stay connected and stay close even when you’re far apart.