Do's, Don'ts and Advice for Finding Your Life Mate Internationally

International Dating: Signs of a Healthy Relationship

A happy couple holding each other’s hands. Knowing if you’re part of a healthy relationship is important in the world of international dating.

"Your relationships can only be healthy as you are."

-Neil Clark Warren

When in a relationship, there may be times when you are able to do things unintentionally and not even mean it in the first place. International dating may also be complicated in the sense that you are seeking qualities in a partner from another race and culture. To some, knowing what makes a healthy relationship is also a big deal.

Of course, no one would wish to be in a relationship wherein they tend to suffer more than they are at peace. Meeting someone from a dating site and maintaining a relationship with them is certainly a challenge. Given that you are both from a different part of the world, numerous obstacles will definitely come your way.

But before you decide if your relationship with a woman is healthy or not, it is best to look out for the signs to know that you’re in one. Being aware of the positive effects of love is a good way to start. Other than that, try to take note of the following:

You are you.

One of the best indicators of a healthy relationship is when you can always be yourself. Without anything holding you back, you always feel free whenever you are with your partner.

Being involved in a romantic relationship and having been able to make the choices that you want, be sure to choose the path you want to take, as well as all the other things that relate to you. The list is unending for this. Truly, one is lucky enough to have such a partner where they can be no one but themselves.

Mutual Trust.

You cannot love a person without being able to trust them. With love comes trust. If you commit yourself to a relationship, then you should give your trust to your partner. She should also do the same after you have earned it from her.

Studying your partner’s body language is one of the most effective ways to know whether she is trustworthy enough. Truthfully, no two people can always be together. The time that you spend apart would manifest how much you value each other, so you would need to be careful with the things that can possibly break each of your trust.

Genuine honesty.

Trust and honesty always go hand in hand. Both are inseparable virtues that make up the foundation of a relationship. Without these two, a bond could crumble easily. For a person to trust you, you must be honest not just with them, but also with yourself.

When you're honest, you get to feel comfortable with the decisions you make. If you truly care for your partner’s well-being and your relationship altogether, then you know you are ready to dedicate genuine honesty at all times.

Even if the truth may sometimes hurt more than a lie, there is still no justification for you to lie, most especially to your partner.

Respect begets respect.

See to it that you and your partner treat each other with respect. This does not cost you anything, so there won’t be any loss on your part if you do so.

Setting boundaries in your relationship is one way to achieve respect. If you accept that you won't always agree on everything, then things should work out fine.

Sincere support.

The feeling of having your loved one support you is an eternal joy. If you love her enough, truly there is no endeavour that you will not support her in unless it causes her harm. Support is not only limited to words. It is best shown through action, so make sure that your support reaches her.

For some who are still in the stages of online dating, you can easily show support by cheering your partner on, asking about the things that they achieved, or asking how they’re doing.

Open communication.

If you are able to trust your partner, there should be no reason for you not to communicate well with her. Part of a healthy relationship is when you can freely talk and discuss the things that are occurring in your lives. May it be something that is superficial or sensitive, good communication can surely make you connect with each other more.

If both of you are busy, make sure to spare a few hours or minutes each day to spend time and communicate with each other. Make your relationship work by not leaving one another in the dark.

Equal gender roles.

A relationship can be considered a healthy one if there are no particular gender roles that exist. Basically, gender roles can set a boundary between the two of you, and it can also be a reason for your partner to feel inferior or insecure.

Avoid this by thinking that regardless of being a man or woman, one can do all things that the other gender can. Maintain a healthy relationship by acknowledging one another’s strengths despite the gender.

Gratifying safety.

There is no greater measurement of a healthy relationship other than you feeling safe with your partner.

You may be far from each other, but unwanted thoughts are not going to cross your mind once you can guarantee that your partner will never do things that will put what you two have at stake.

Treat Her Right

To sum up everything, treating your partner right can lead to the kind of relationship that you desire. Trust, honesty, love, and all other important factors would stem from giving your partner the proper treatment. You may be dealing with changes and arguments, but at the end of the day, always make sure to clear everything and reconcile with each other.

Don’t force one another to make a situation better because you might make things worse. Instead, take your time and focus on what makes both of you happy.

Keep in mind as well that spending time with each other means a lot as this would tell how important a person is to you. Make your lady feel special and loved every day by showing that you always remember her despite the distance.

International dating isn’t as complicated as you think. What makes it complicated are the things that you put first instead of your relationship. Although there are many other ways to know if you’re in a healthy relationship, making sure that you make each other happy each day is one simple indicator for this.