Do's, Don'ts and Advice for Finding Your Life Mate Internationally

Maintaining Communication When Dating Foreign Women

 A photo of a woman talking on the phone at a coffee shop Foreign women appreciate it when you keep up with their schedule.

As if regular relationships weren't challenging on their own, the existence of long distance relationships has given many a couple monumental headaches and challenged the very limits of love and attraction.

Men enter relationships with foreign women for a host of reasons, mainly because they have found love otherwise unattainable in their home country.

Before a couple can permanently be together, time must be spent planning and working towards sustainable and favorable conditions for both the man and the lady.

Simply put, long distance relationships aren't meant to last forever. They serve as a buffer and the next best thing until the man and woman can unite permanently.

Meanwhile, good communication is of the highest priority when growing and maintaining your relationship with the lady.

With technology, online dating, and social media, there is absolutely no reason not to have constant and quality communication with your partner, unless of course she lives in the most unreachable regions of the Amazon rainforest. But for 99% of the civilized world, this shouldn't even be a concern.

Some people can't handle long distance relationships.

Before getting good at communicating with your foreign date, you need to figure out if she is capable of being in a long distance relationship in the first place.

Some people simply do not have the capability nor the coping mechanism to handle the lack of physical touch and personal affection. Some women want to be hugged and kissed. Plus, understanding the love language of your partner is so important in building a lasting relationship.

Talk to her about it and ask her if she is okay with being in a relationship with you from a distance, even if it's just for a short period of time. If the two of you come to the conclusion that dating long distance is not for you, and you have no alternative solution, then face reality and don't force the issue.

Finding a foreign girlfriend who is willing and capable of waiting for you is the first step to making a long distance relationship work.

Have a plan and be reassuring.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Long distance relationships should be temporary. Unless you're dating someone from North Korea, there is no reason why you shouldn't make plans to be together.

With that said, your partner will need reassuring. Reassurance builds trust. One way to do that is to encourage your partner with your plan to be together eventually.

A good example of this would be to make it a goal to work towards having a place for both of you to live in. Show her pictures of your future living space or house. Or perhaps work towards acquiring a long-term visa. You need to commit to a future together, and she needs to know that.

Know her schedule.

Your foreign lover might be in a totally different time zone than you. She may also have a set ritual or schedule that she adheres to daily. You need to know these things and what the best times to call or message her are.

Know what time she wakes up and goes to bed. Know if she goes to church regularly or attends daily yoga classes.

Make sure she knows your schedule as well.

A lot of miscommunication happens during the blind spots of the day. Having good schedule coordination will reduce the risk of disappointment, especially if you are unable to connect with each other every day.

Quantity AND Quality

Communication requires pure, unadulterated effort. This means that there may be times when you don't feel like doing it. If you want things to last, you need to step up your game.

Be a genuine and sincere listener. Ask her about her day and be truly invested in it. Be creative and share your thoughts and ideas. Remember, a lover is first and foremost a friend.

Be creative and keep things spicy. Like in a normal relationship, trying new things and being fun keeps your bond strong. Social media sites like Tiktok, while a possible detriment to your integrity, allow fun times for couples over great distances.

Your communication must be constant, yet unannoying. Greet her when she wakes up, tuck her in when she goes to bed. Just don't overdo it in a manner that puts convicted stalkers to shame.

Learn her language.

The ladies appreciate it when you attempt to learn their language. Ask her to teach you a few words and phrases in her language. Not only will you bridge the language barrier, but it will also show genuine effort on your part.

Knowing how to date a foreign girl requires wanting to learn about her culture and ways. These things are part of her whole being.

Even if things don't eventually turn out well, knowing English and Bashkort Russian will look great on your resume.

Stay away from temptation.

This isn't about communication per se, but you need to make sure your commitment is solid.

Long distance relationships are hard, and there's no sugarcoating it. Its shelf life is temporary, and its existence fragile.

You have to fully commit to the relationship.

Practically speaking, if you are dating another woman on the side, it will effectively reduce your ability to maintain communication with your foreign partner. Unless you're a world class casanova, you are best advised to steer clear of potential homewreckers. Even then, just don't.

Remember, LDRs require effort not only from you, but also from the girl. Cheating is not just a betrayal to your relationship, but it also makes light of your lady's own efforts to keep the relationship with you.

Avoid temptation at all costs.

The lack of face to face communication will eventually take its toll on a long distance relationship. To compensate, constant and creative ways of communication must be practiced.

Men dating foreign women face this dilemma inevitably. Without proper planning, building trust, and communication, all will be for naught.

However, for those who believe love can conquer all distances and obstacles, being in a long distance relationship with foreign women only makes their eventual coming together all the sweeter.