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Maintaining Confidence While Dating Women Online

A photo of a man on his phone, sitting at a cafe with a laptop in front of him Knowing how to maintain confidence is key to making a good and lasting impression.

There are a lot of guys who sign up with free online dating sites, which would naturally require them to have a good amount of confidence. Now, confidence is hard to come by, and the ability to maintain confidence is even harder.

Not many people know how to feel more confident in a single moment. They can either have an initial burst of confidence and feel like they can take on the entire world, or feel hopeless to the point that they simply decide to give up. As a result, whatever opportunity that was presented passes, and then they wonder why they are on online dating sites in the first place.

Gaining confidence in a single moment is not all that hard under the right circumstances. Watching a motivational video can be your ticket to getting the blood pounding in your ears until you're confident enough to say that you're ready to do whatever it is that you need or want to do. Then you'll be breaking out of your comfort zone without any issues in no time.

Then reality sets in and the adrenaline fades. The confidence that you've built up starts to fade, and that feeling of being able to do basically anything disappears.

As such, it is of utmost importance to keep your confidence high. A man can be confident enough to get himself a date, but if his nerves get the best of him, he may have to start all over and find a suitable match on a dating app of his choice.

There are several ways for you to keep your confidence high, little tricks that you can do to convince yourself that you are as awesome as what the motivational videos you watch online say you are. The following are some helpful tips you can apply:

1. A Constant Stream of Motivation

There are a lot of videos on the internet that are pretty motivational in nature. You can easily access these videos on your phone any time of the day as long as you're connected, of course, to the internet.

This means that any man who needs a quick boost of morale, especially when he's on a date, can excuse himself for a few minutes and go top up his confidence with a quick motivational video, or even just a quick scroll through a feed before he gets back to his date.

You can also do this when communicating with someone online. After all, they won't know that you're watching a quick video that will help boost your confidence.

2. The Right Clothing

The thing about online dating is that there is a degree of separation involved. There is usually a buffer, and it’s easier to be confident when there’s a buffer involved. When that buffer is gone, however, all the online dating articles in the world may not be enough to prepare you for what could happen.

But there is one bit of preparation that can keep a man in the right mindset when he's about to meet a woman he's been dating or interacting with online. That bit of preparation is the outfit.

Studies show that the right clothing can help you feel good about yourself, which will in turn help you maintain confidence.

Putting together a great outfit and then wearing it out on a date can do wonders for your confidence. With that, it will be easier to reach your goal of making a good and lasting impression.

3. A Bit Of Posturing

One thing that a lot of people do in order to feel more powerful and be able to convey confidence is to stand tall. But the number of men who are considered tall - six feet tall or more - is pretty small, with less than fifteen percent of American men hitting that benchmark.

But simply standing up straight can help make you feel more powerful regardless of how tall you are. Exercising proper posture can help you feel just a little bit more confident in your dating life.

So any man who wants to have more confidence would do well to stand up straight.

4. Eye Contact

Now, dating women can be intimidating for a lot of guys, so much so that many men find that they may not be able to maintain eye contact. However, an inability to maintain eye contact can seriously ruin your chances of achieving a happy and successful love life.

If a man wants to convey confidence when he is on a date, whether online or in person, then he should remember to maintain eye contact. This is simply a way for you to make a connection with someone, so don't ruin your chances by giving off the impression that you're not paying attention to your date, or worse, that you're not all that interested in her.

Men and women who date online usually opt to do video calling, and believe it or not, eye contact is still necessary in such a setup.

5. Just Fake It

The old-fashioned way of imitating confidence or a positive mindset will almost always lead you in the right direction. In most cases, people who do this will eventually realize that whatever confidence they pretended to have is something they could develop on their own after all.

Now, faking it may not be the most effective of strategies for falling in love or attracting someone, but it can help to build confidence. A person who consistently acts confident can become acclimated to it, which will in turn allow them to apply such confidence in real life.

6. Liquid Courage

Something needs to be made clear; getting completely sloshed on a date is not exactly the most attractive thing in the world. It’s not something that is going to appeal to a wide array of women, even if you'll be interacting with them from behind a screen.

If a man gets completely drunk on a date, then he may act in ways that are not exactly appreciated in society, not to mention that such behaviors can be off-putting to people in general, and that generality will include women that may be seen as romantic prospects.

Now that that’s been covered, a drink or two won't be all that bad for people who can handle their liquor. It is called liquid courage for a reason, and it can take off the edge and keep a person from getting too anxious while they are out on a date.

There are a lot of ways to inspire and maintain confidence while dating someone online, and eventually, in person. Some of these strategies will work better than others, but regardless of the method you choose, always remember that confidence can be very helpful in your journey to find love.