Do's, Don'ts and Advice for Finding Your Life Mate Internationally

Make Your Profile Standout on International Dating Sites

Man with a laptop Stand out among the others by creating an eye-catching international dating profile!

Consider your dating profile as your resume and international dating as the place you yearn to work for. To land a job, you have to make your information attractive and detailed. You list down your qualities and strengths and all the necessary information. You have to make sure that once they see the page, they can find out what they want from you. That’s how your profile should be: eye-catching.

But creating an online profile can be daunting as the actual first date. You might be thinking, “What should I write?” or “What do women want?” You sit there, stare at your computer monitor, thinking how to write a dating profile for a man, and then you hit a wall.

Now what?

The Algorithms and Your True Self

This might be your first time to join an online dating site. It is never too late for anyone. Dating sites and apps are where people can introduce themselves to others when they are too shy to walk up to someone or to accommodate career and dating at the same time. This platform helps a lot of people. In fact, one in three singles find their perfect match online.

Thousands of single people are searching for the one online, and it is usually how dating usually works in the digital age. Algorithms paired with your efforts can give you a great chance in finding a match in the online dating world. Yes, you can rely on the site or the app to publish your profile, but everything in it should be done by you.

Women sign up for online dating because they want to find their match, same as you. So you have to make them notice you, just like what million other men are trying to do. Indeed, the international dating world is huge and mysterious. Here are the steps to make your profile stand out:

Choose a more interesting profile photo.

Of course, this is what people would look at first, so make it count. Choose a profile photo that shows you are engaged in an activity—like traveling, volunteering, or sports—while clearly showing your face. Showing some activity in the background of your profile photo is a way of telling your interests, which can increase your chances of getting noticed.

Enumerate hobbies that you can do with others.

Part of getting to know someone is knowing what their hobbies are. Listing some on your profile is good, but only mention those that could involve others, such as outdoor or extreme activities. Letting others imagine themselves in your life is a key to finding a match online.

Clichés are boring.

Almost everyone likes spending time at the beach or making s’mores. There is no judging if you like those things too. But saying them on your profile does not make you stand out.

Say something that would ignite conversation instead. Which superpower would you choose? Or why do you think a certain character in a book is adorable? Maybe throw in some funny unpopular opinion about general topics. Think of something about you and your interests that will make you memorable to others.

Let your sensitive side shine.

Women know that men spend time with their guy friends doing what men with their friends do. That is normal. But while doing guy stuff is attractive, showing your sensitive side is more charming to women.

This might be a surprise for you, but sharing your soft side to women can help you earn attention. In online dating, you do not need to be ashamed of sharing about how much you take care of your pets or watching a chick flick. You may not be able to share these with your guy friends, but to women, these are some of the things they want to hear and see: a manly but also a little softy.

Negativity is a no-no.

Part of getting to know someone is knowing some of their stories. People have good times and bad times, and that is okay. However, if you are sharing mostly or only the bad, your profile will be such a downer. Share the positivity by talking about the interesting people, places, or activities to attract more potential matches.

Update your profile frequently.

Some people think that once they are done with their profile, they are finished and just let technology do its thing. Well, yes, technology can really do that, but you have to do something too for you to get noticed.

Updating your profile is necessary. There will be new good happenings in your life in the next days or weeks. You could be traveling in a place you have never been before or a career bump or maybe you have learned new things. These information can really boost your chances of attracting someone in the online dating world.

Confidence is key, but not too much.

Your awareness of your qualities is very attractive. But just be careful not to appear vain while describing your traits. Since you are creating an online profile, your voice can’t be heard, so your tone in writing is a big deal. Be confident, but avoid being arrogant.

Do not hesitate to ask for help.

Some of our good qualities can be seen only by others, especially by the people close to you. Ask your friends or family for help in building your profile. Let them point out your best qualities that you haven’t recognized before. Getting to know yourself through the eyes of others who know you is key to creating a standout profile.

Be honest.

The abovementioned steps tell you to carefully choose the information you need to share, not make up anything. Honesty should always be kept in mind, especially when creating an online profile. Pick out the most attractive details about you, but never lie about it.

When you decide to create your online profile, start by identifying your purpose of signing up with serious dating sites for marriage. Think of how you want women to see you. Consider the tips listed above as your guide. Doing so can help you come up with strategies on how to make a standout profile. Imagine the great opportunities you will encounter once you step into the world of international dating.