Do's, Don'ts and Advice for Finding Your Life Mate Internationally

Red Flags of Foreign Women : She May Not Be Relationship Material

 A photo of a beautiful foreign woman in a red dress Be aware of the following red flags when you start dating beautiful foreign women.

When you get involved in romantic relationships with foreign women, it's not always rainbows and butterflies. There are also risk factors that you have to take into account. A relationship has its ups and downs. In order to take, you must also be willing to give.

We must not forget that there are two sides to a relationship. In practicality, men are used to pursuing women, and it's natural to overlook the red flags, especially if the woman you want is incredibly beautiful and you can imagine a perfect life with her.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but by looking from a different perspective, you can do much more and help strengthen the bond you have with your potential partner.

How would you know if you ended up with a foreign woman who is ready for a long term committed relationship?

Well, here are some obvious signs she's not relationship material:

1. The argument is too much.

Arguments are good for the development of your relationship, unless they bring more negativity than positivity.

If you are experiencing endless bickering every now and then, it's time to take action and go straight to the point of how it's going to be.

2. Your visions for the future aren't close.

Your goals for the future don't intertwine with each other. Both of you have different views and angles as to what your future should look like. Without common goals, there's no way for your relationship to get stronger.

You can only do this by taking the same path as you move forward. There should be a general understanding of what each of you want in your life and future. If the pieces don't fit the puzzle, then it's time to move on.

3. You're the only person she's nice to.

One way of knowing if your lady is relationship material is by observing how she treats other people. Does she treat your family members or other people the same way she treats you?

If you're the only one she's nice to, it's time to make decisions and move on to Plan B.

4. She always feels entitled.

"Me… me… me." It's always about her. It's true that some women need to be spoiled with love in order for you to show your sincerity and how much you care. On the other hand, if she keeps expecting a high level of attention all the time, it will only leave you exhausted and unappreciated. Relationships are a two-way street, and if there are no signs of reciprocation, it's time to walk on different paths.

5. She's inconsistent.

The same with men, if the way she treated you at the beginning is different from how she treats you now, it might not always be a good sign. She is bound to make a lot of last-minute cancellations of plans, take forever to reply, or just be generally disinterested in you later on.

6. She doesn't make mistakes.

This is a clear red flag when a woman doesn't take responsibility for her actions or places all the blame on you. To take responsibility is to be open to learning and have the wisdom to use experiences to grow as a better individual. If she's unable to take the first step, moving forward will be an impossible task.

7. She doesn't appreciate anything.

Another way to know if your lady is relationship material is if she shows gratitude. True love means loving even the tiniest gift you receive as long as the thought and effort are there.

Moving forward, observe if she always feels like she lacks something every time you do something for her, or if you don't feel appreciated. There are a lot of men out there who are truly apathetic when it comes to relationships. If you are not one of them, you deserve someone who's grateful to you.

8. She keeps you on a tight leash.

When dating foreign women, you'll come to notice that the way they show their love is one of the most appealing qualities men find attractive. Your lady can get clingy and extremely annoying, but being too uptight is another story.

When you enter the dating scene, it's only natural to have adjustments for your hobbies and interests since relationships are a part of life -- not the entire thing. You had your individual life, or did things that made you happy before settling in a relationship, but if you are having a hard time doing these things when you're in a relationship with her, she may be too possessive and selfish.

Girlfriend Material vs Hookup

When you enter the dating scene, you better pay attention to details and look out for warning signs. Men need to be honest with themselves and know what they really want in life.

Let's say you have done everything to become the perfect partner, and you find that you're with someone who's not ready for a relationship, it's only a waste of time and effort.

"It is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the right way." - Wallace D. Wattles

You have to make sure you know the difference between hookups and long lasting relationships. As the world progresses, one night stands and casual flings become common and normal in our society.

The tricky part is that both of them have the same starting point, then they break off midway. It is best to start asking questions before proceeding. Get to the essential points to give your potential partner subtle clues of what you want to happen.

So what makes a woman girlfriend material?

The technique is simple, if you are in a relationship, and both of your needs are met, that is a good start for both of you, and there should be no room for doubts in your relationship, only genuine feelings.

There's common ground to work on, basic understanding, and compromises to keep the relationship going. Both of you want to move forward, as well as look past any trivial matters that don't affect the progress of your relationship. With all this in mind, finding love among foreign women should be a breeze.