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Romantic Ways to Celebrate Couple Appreciation Month with Your Long-Distance Partner

A couple making a heart sign during their virtual date.
Plan a romantic date night with your long distance lover this Couple Appreciation Month.

Sustaining long-distance relationships is easy nowadays.

By tapping an icon on your phone, you can easily call and chat with your lover. There are even websites and applications that let you do things together, such as watching movies and playing games.

So, this Couple Appreciation Month, why don’t you celebrate it together?

Show your long-distance partner how much you appreciate her. Exert more effort in letting her know that you are not just interested in dating her, but you also want to be with her for a very long time.

And what better time to do that than this Couple Appreciation Month, right?

Celebrating Love Despite the Distance

Here’s the thing, one of the greatest long-distance relationship problems LDR couples face is distance. Because of literal distance, you cannot physically meet and celebrate this month together.

However, there are ways for you to celebrate it. We’re talking about using technology to your advantage.

These upcoming national days for couples, spice up your long distance relationship with these interesting date night ideas curated specifically for long distance couples. Pick up long distance relationship tips in between and thank us later.

Plan a virtual date night.

There’s nothing more romantic than having a date with someone you love. As a long distance couple, it’s not always easy planning date nights. You want to see your partner personally and hold her hand, but you can’t because you’re oceans apart.

But despite the distance, you can still make it work. You may not be able to schedule meet-ups for dates as often as you would like, but you can always have virtual date nights.

If you are not able to meet this Couple Appreciation Month, set a virtual date. Pick a specific day and time and make the necessary preparation. If your theme is a virtual dinner date, cook dinner and prepare a bottle of wine or champagne. Place your laptop on your dining table, light a table candle, and play romantic music in the background.

Have a virtual movie date.

Is your partner the type that watches movies all the time? Has she raved about a specific film or series lately?

Then, why don’t you watch those together?

You can set a date or time where you can both watch it while talking on the phone. There are messaging applications that let you share your screens, so take advantage of those if you are watching on the phone.

This may not be as intimate as cuddling on the couch and sharing popcorn and drinks, but having a virtual movie date is a lot more romantic than watching a movie alone.

Play online games together.

Are you the type of couple who likes to play online games? Do you want to try doing it for a change? There are thousands of games on the Internet for you to choose from!

Don’t know where to start? Ask your partner what games she usually plays. If she’s not the gamer type, then pick popular online games people usually play in person, such as crossword puzzles or card games. For sure, you can see a ton of it on the Internet.

Lastly, if you want to make it more fun, you can also have a bet. The person who loses can sing a song, tell a secret, or do a dare. Just remember that you two should have fun.

Take online quizzes together.

How long have you dated your long-distance partner? Do you know what she likes and what she hates? How about her love language?

As a couple, you must have a deep understanding of each other’s personalities. Every day you should strive to know more about each other, even the little and most irrelevant details.

A popular thing nowadays is answering online couple quizzes such as the love language test or taking tests to identify your enneagram personality type.

This may sound like a hoax, but this surely helps you understand your partner. With the personality tests, you will learn if she’s introverted or extroverted. Then, with the love language test, results will show you how your partner answers specific scenarios that you can use in real life for when you finally meet in person.

Don’t forget to discuss your results. This way, you can have a better understanding of how to deal with each other and have a harmonious relationship.

Do a virtual tour of your city or country.

Has your partner ever visited your hometown or country?

If not, take her on a virtual tour this couple’s month.

Take pictures or videos of you navigating your city. Go to your favorite restaurants, malls, and landmarks. Introduce her to your go-to food stalls. Compile all the photos and videos in one drive and send them to her. Lastly, schedule a day where you go through all the files and talk about them in great detail.

Write her a poem.

There’s nothing women find more romantic than receiving a poem written specifically for them. So, if you want to level up your game, write your long-distance partner some poetry, and recite it during your virtual date.

Remember how and when you started dating. What was she like when she said yes? What are the specific details that prompted you to make a move on her?

Go back to the precious moments of your relationship. What are the small things that you love about her? Is it the way she speaks or laughs?

You can also go further by checking your old conversations. Did you take a special picture during your monthsary? Is there a specific phrase that made her laugh out loud?

All of these wonderful details are part of how your long-distance relationship stays strong, so reminisce about it and make a love poem out of it.

Send a care package.

Everyone loves gifts. This Couple Appreciation Month, send your partner a box of surprises.

The contents of the box can be something that you specifically curated, like her favorite food and drink, skincare, or jewelry. These can also be things that you like and want her to have.

Aside from that, you can even order something online and send it to her directly. Just make sure that you have her delivery details so that she will surely receive the order.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be something expensive. It just has to be thoughtful.

Buy plane tickets to meet her.

A woman smiling after seeing her long-distance partner.
Tired of virtual date nights? Buy plane tickets and surprise your partner with a visit.

A lot of long-distance couples want to see each other in person. So, why not visit her this Couple’s Month and surprise her?

Don’t tell her about your whole plan. You can give hints, but make sure that all of your trip details are a secret. This way, you can have her full reaction.

Don’t forget to enjoy your visit and make the most out of your time with her.

Romance Is Not Dead for Long-Distance Couples

Being in a long-distance relationship takes time, effort, and patience. You only see each other through your computer screens. Different time zones are also one of your enemies.

But that doesn’t mean you can just let the romance die.

Even with the distance between you, you can still celebrate Couple Appreciation Month. You just need to be creative. It’s the effort that counts, after all.

Remember that celebrating it does not have to be flashy. It can be simple but still sentimental. As long as you put in the effort, you can make your dates exciting and worth it.