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Will LOVE Be ENOUGH? Dating Foreign Women

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When you date foreign women, can love alone be enough for your relationship to survive? | Photo by Tomer Dahari on Pexels

A great number of people felt that love is the one thing that can make a relationship succeed and keep going forever. This is mostly a result of films that vigorously idealize love as a necessary component for happy endings. Yet, in all actuality, is LOVE on its own enough to keep a relationship going?

Especially with dating foreign women, many men assume that love alone will help them overcome the challenges of cultural differences, opposing viewpoints, and differing beliefs.

However, even experts suggest that love alone may not be sufficient enough to make a relationship work and become long-lasting. Love is just one of the factors that contribute to a relationship’s resilience in the face of adversity. Alongside love, commitment and responsibility are only a few of the other factors that have to be considered.

Hence, when it comes to dating foreign people, the same idea holds true: love isn’t always enough. In reality, you should weigh in on more factors because there are far more differences in the relationship that needs to be addressed. Both of you have a lot of contrasts to work out and, thus, a ton of growing up to do.

The Unrealistic Expectation That Surrounds Love

As peculiar as it may seem, men frequently resort to dating ladies from abroad through an international dating app in the hopes that these women will meet their unreasonable love demands.

They expect that relationships with foreign women are better in many perspectives. They anticipate them being more understanding, comprehensive, and affectionate than normal. They can’t be blamed, however, because several studies have shown that international relationships are more likely to lead to long-term relationships.

These preconceived ideas, though, are often unrealistic since men expect all foreign ladies to act flawlessly and possess the most enviable attributes. They also overlook the fact that to meet people online is somewhat the same as meeting someone in person. They often forget to give these ladies an opportunity to present themselves appropriately.

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Falling in love is easy. But making the love and relationship work is another story. | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

In spite of the given fact that both of you are searching for love, the measure of affection that you both are willing to offer varies. Loving each other doesn’t necessarily imply that both of you will bargain with your disparities. Love may consistently be there yet love alone can’t save the relationship if both of you are not willing to respect, cooperate, or value each other in the relationship.

The unpleasant truth is that you can love someone who comes from a different culture, has different interests, has different opinions, and even someone that lives in a different country. Love can make a relationship much happier and right, but it isn’t the only factor. While it could be the guiding force behind the partnership, there are other things that need to be considered.

The Truths in Love

  • Can love fix incompatibility?

What most people are unaware of is the likelihood of falling in love with someone who is totally different from themselves or from the expectations they built. They often overlook these gaps since they believe that love will help them discover their approach to becoming viable.

But, you can’t anticipate that every person will change their convictions just because of loving you. You can’t anticipate that every person will surrender an interest subsequent to falling in love with you. Also, you can’t anticipate every person to put their dreams on hold because you proclaim your love for them.

And though you’re well conscious that you’re not compatible in many ways, you stuck with the relationship because it felt “good,” aka love. Regardless of whether you have dissimilar viewpoints, interests, or beliefs, you still choose to love them.

Yet, over the long haul, after all the love has worn off, you’ll understand that love alone isn’t enough for the two of you to put your disagreements aside. It is not enough for you to keep up with each other, no matter how much love you bring into the relationship. Only then can you know that love really cannot overcome incompatibility.

  • Is love worth all the pain and sacrifice?
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Love alone can’t make men and women stay in a relationship. | Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels

Most people believe that the depth of your love can be determined by your willingness to sacrifice. For the most part, this is correct; but, how much are you able to give up for the sake of love? Is it really worth giving up yourself, your dreams, and your character?

Even Freddie Mercury’s classic song, “Too Much Love Can Kill You,” explained how love will never be enough to make you willing to give up anything. Over the long haul, you will come to a point where you’ll no longer perceive yourself and will only pine for the person you once were.

They shouldn’t make you feel like they’re claiming you as a human just because they’re falling in love with you. And if being with someone requires you to abandon yourself, then the love isn’t worth it.

  • Does love have the power to conquer everything?

In a relationship, there will always be inevitable complexities. When these issues arise, most couples fall back on the famous old saying that “love conquers all.” They feel that as long as their relationship is based on love, all of their conflicts will be resolved without having to fix them properly in the first place.

Then after, the same issue keeps reappearing. Though love is undeniably present, it is insufficient to keep the relationship going. Love alone isn’t enough to settle all of your relationship’s concerns. You can’t count on that being the only choice. It also needs logic.

On the off chance that distance is an issue in your relationship, can love overcome this? Imagine a scenario where one of you is in profound dependence on liquor and substance, do you think love alone will persuade them to change? Does love truly heal even a scarred relationship that is an aftereffect of ongoing unfaithfulness?

In a relationship, both men and women have their tipping points. To stay away from this, they had to work together to resolve and overcome their problems. To keep the relationship going, you must both adapt, improve, and expand at the same time. They must not depend solely on feelings of love and affection.