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Being Assertive with Foreign Women | International Dating

A photo of a Western man with a foreign woman Learn how to be assertive in the world of international dating.

When it comes to international dating, most foreign women love men who are confident, especially those who are assertive.

Domination and assertiveness are two different sides of a coin. Dominating your lady is a big no-no. Domination means controlling the flow without prior regard for your lady’s point of view, whereas being assertive is establishing your purpose and letting your desires be known.

What are the basic steps of being assertive? Take note of the following simple steps:

1. Invite the lady you’ve been communicating with.

Finding a foreign girlfriend is not difficult. The real challenge is asking your lady out on a date. Be confident enough to show your willingness to move your relationship forward.

According to an old English expression, “Faint heart never won fair lady.” This means you will never win if you won’t take a chance.

2. Suggest a date activity in statement form.

Improve the assertiveness of your communication skills by using a statement form in your sentences. Never use interrogative sentences or questions answerable by yes or no.

Instead of saying, “Will you go out on a date with me?” say, “I remember you said you like spicy foods. There’s a newly opened Mexican restaurant near your area, let’s go check it out.”

Never take no for an answer and take limitations and boundaries into account.

3. Keep your eyes on the prize.

While looking up questions about what to ask a foreign girl, you might want to dial down the questions to what’s really important and ask yourself what you’re looking for.

What is your intention? What is your future goal? Be upfront with your lady. Truthfully, neither of you wants to waste each other’s time and be misled.

Don’t lose sight and keep your eyes on the prize. When the time is right, express yourself and let your voice be heard.

4. Ground your communication with empathy, compassion, and love.

There are many different ways of approaching women, as well as different styles of communication. Try to keep open communication and mutual understanding. Level the communication field with your lady.

Communicate in a way where you treat each other as equals, no more, no less. By holding these intentions in the background, it can bring a whole new dimension to your relationship.

5. Communicate for yourself.

Never try to base your point of view from another perspective. All your answers and everything that you stand up for must be from your own angle. Change your mindset with the goal of discovering something new about yourself.

Don’t try to change the ways and beliefs of your lady, it might be considered rude and offensive. There are a lot of relationships where couples try their best to change each other, supposedly for the better, only to have the opposite result.

6. Take the lead.

If you really want to know how to impress a foreign girl, take your leadership ability into consideration. A lady wants a man who can make decisions, as well as make a clear plan and agreement. Honor your words and follow through on whatever you agree on.

This is an important step because it consolidates all the other steps and gives concrete resolutions. Without this step, you cannot be sure of what should be achieved.

7. Listen and understand her point of view.

Make it a point to understand where she’s coming from and try to visualize your opinions from her point of view. Show her some respect by looking at things from her perspective.

8. Admit your mistakes and apologize.

Think back and reflect if you crossed the line or did something wrong and admit your shortcomings. Taking responsibility is one technique of assertiveness. This includes maintaining eye contact as you apologize to show your sincerity.

You may lose some battles along the way, but you will win the war later on, and that is to create stronger chemistry with your lady and secure more dates with her.

It is human nature to want to be right because we get that sense of righteous pleasure, but if you are fixed on being right all the time, you are guaranteed a bad outcome.

9. Apply the broken record technique.

What is the broken record technique? It’s exactly what it sounds like. It is a simple, yet effective technique in conveying your message to her.

This is done by using the repetition of words to compel her and make her understand which is which and what is what. It is a direct approach that can’t be considered passive or aggressive.

10. Approach and meet women on a regular basis.

Practice being assertive while developing your interpersonal skills, as well as gaining confidence. It is a good idea to talk to different kinds of people every day. Start each day with a simple, “Hello,” and end it with, “It was nice talking to you.”

Assertiveness vs Confidence

When dating foreign women, you should learn the difference between assertiveness and confidence. Confidence plays a big role in achieving assertiveness. Being confident can go a long way, and it takes a sense of self-awareness to take a step forward and claim your desire.

However, confidence doesn’t mean you are being direct or assertive. There has to be an element of finesse to your approach. Keep in mind not to come on too strong with something like, “I like you. What do you think of me?”

So how do you master assertiveness when it comes to dating?

Practice… Practice… Practice makes perfect. Do a lot of assertiveness training and learn to stand for what you believe in and what you want to accomplish. Engage in activities that make you meet and talk to people, and learn something new about yourself every day.

Assertiveness is all about honesty and communication. The whole thing is about self-awareness. Be true to yourself and your needs and reinforce the values you stand up for. Make them a habit until they become part of you.

Come practice your assertiveness through international dating and join us on our singles vacation tours to meet beautiful foreign women.